Nanny star joins Heroes

Slow summer huh?  Summer is my least liked season and for so many reasons:  Bugs, having to cut grass, the heat and most of all, because all my favorite shows are on hiatus.  (Well maybe I hate insects more).   News about our new shows are starting to trickle in and now we have one of the child stars from The Nanny joining the cast of Heroes.  Madeline Zima who played the youngest child (that show was about children?  I thought it was just about Niles the butler).  She’ll be on several episodes and be linked to Claire.  If she winds up making trouble for the cheerleader, I know who I’ll be cheering for.

Meanwhile the only other two shows right now  showing new episodes are Criminal Intent and In Plain Sight.  I really like In Plain Sight since it premiered last season but I wonder what the heck is going on where we aren’t seeing anymore from Marshall Marshall?  And what is up with having Joshua Malina join to only play a male Mary Sue?  He might have great chemistry with Mary’s sister, Brandi, if only he wasn’t so busy playing his harp and knitting clothes for blind kids. Oh, sure he’s an alcoholic (recovering) but given the way they have lived with Jinx, I’m sure it didn’t phase them one bit.

Meanwhile CI is just not the same anymore. What has happened to Vincent D’onofrio?  He used to be so engaging and delightful.  Even though Goren sometimes was a bit too omniscient, now he is just an overflated shell of the man his character was.  I realize VD has had health problems but must they take Goren’s character down with him?  I want him back to his old way.  I’m still angry about the horrific way they disposed of Nicole Wallace which was just unforgivable, so making Robert Goren B-O-R-I-N-G is even worse.  I can’t believe I’m saying this but thank God for Jeff Goldblum and Julianne Nicholson.  I’ve always liked JN since I have seen her on Convictions, but I have never liked JG that I can recall.  Maybe in Earth Girls are Easy but his character was mute so that explains it.  My only worry is I’m afraid they are gearing up for a Nichols/Wheeler romance and I’m not buying it.  It might have worked with Logan if Chris Noth had remained on the show, but for a series which tries to tiptoe coyly around the character’s personal lives, they spend way too much time expecting us to buy that every female/male partnership will wind up in romance which is annoying.

5 thoughts on “Nanny star joins Heroes

  1. I am prefering the JG episodes as well, although I can’t say I hate Goldbloom. He’s not a favorite by any stretch of the imagination but he did a very very short mid season replacement on NBC a couple of years ago called Raines (playing a similar detective, I’m sure it’s why he got this role) and he was a delight in that. The show wasn’t great but he was. Plus I kind of like The Fly… yeah, I know… and enjoyed him particularly in Igby Goes Down.

    Julianne Nicholson is somebody I’d known mostly for being in terrible things where I found her compelling but not compelling enough to keep watching the terrible.

    All of the law and orders for me are what to watch if nothing else is on… but I find myself looking forward to the Nichols/Wheeler eps.

  2. I can’t say I’ve ever watched The Nanny, I avoid Fran Drescher and anybody who sounds like her like the plague. But like you said, if she causes trouble for our least favorite cheerleader, I’ll deal.

    I absolutely hate this time of year, TV wise. I watched I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here last night and I was horrified by it. I was traumatized that Lou Diamond Phillips was on there, he should know better than that, plus I got my first exposure to Spencer and Heidi from The Hills and I’m not a better person for knowing who they are now. Terrifying.

  3. The Fly was not something I could ever stomach watching. I hate flies. Can’t stand them. And would probably kill it eveni I thought it was my mad scientist husband.

    I hated Fran Drescher and only watched the series thanks to Tivo so I could FF through her voice. I thought I could watch for ex Shane but nope. I just watched cause I loved Niles and CC sniping at each other.

  4. Oh Niles, how I miss thee… *sigh* happy memories. Maybe it’s the language barrier, because I can’t remember Dreschers voice bothering me that much. As for Madeline Zima, she was adorable as a child and I can only hope she’ll make Claire’s life living hell. Even if she couldn’t act, which I believe she can though I haven’t seen her working as an adult that much, I would be rooting for MZ.

  5. Drescher’s voice most of the time bothered me if she actually WHINED for real. Then I wanted someone to just slap her.

    of course there was a funny moment where she sniffed something that would clear up your sinuses and for one minute she spoke normal.

    I keep reading MZ’s name as Madame Zima.

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