Rachel Melvin Joins Heroes

So the news is out, RM will be joining the cast of Heroes.  So many people bashed the actress for leaving Days of Our Lives instead of staying with the show and continue dating her on screen uncle AGAIN.  Yea, hard to imagine she would want to leave.  Of course Heroes doesn’t have a great track record writing for their female characters either so this might not go like one would think.

And of course I couldn't add a pic of her without Blake!

And of course I couldn't add a pic of her without Blake!

That said, she’s playing the part of Claire’s roommate.  Dare I wish she would run the blond over with her car?  Oh wait, Claire would just get right back up again, drat.

13 thoughts on “Rachel Melvin Joins Heroes

  1. If only I were watching the next season… But regardless, good for her, or at least I hope it will be.

  2. I hope I can like her again too Nole. And Slynn, either Claire or Tracy’s death would bring joy to me.

    rameau, it’s hit or miss with heroes. I have to admit their ending has me concerned but because it could so easily go either way.

  3. Well, I certainly thought leaving Days was a good move. Not sure I would be anxious in this economy to make a move but I certainly thought it would work out for her. But I can’t imagine her making Claire watchable. Sigh.

  4. I just don’t think “tough economy” equals problems for actors/actresses, especially the talented ones. Are soaps struggling right now? Sure, but they have been due to dropped ratings for years now. And I just think that even though people are losing jobs and struggling with finances, that means they will want to escape all the more in TV and movies.

  5. Congrats to Rachel! I don’t watch Heroes but might start just to see her. I’m very glad for her that she broke out of the soap mold and was able to show versatility to whomever she was auditioning in front of. I look forward to seeing her play a different character, as I think she’s such a talented actress.

  6. All I’m concerned about is what kind of odd hairdo she’ll show up with.

  7. Ellie, please watch Heroes. It will give us something else to talk about other then feeling out ditterness from Days.

    And I too am quite concerned on her hairdo. However, the hair department isn’t that bad on this show, except for whoever forced Hayden to wear that wig.

  8. I have never watched Heroes, but I will give it a try to see Rachel. What day and time is it on? She won’t be on until the fall, right?

  9. Hey Daysfan! Long time no hear!

    Yes we’ll see RM coming on Heroes, though I worry they will write her as badly as they do with other women on the show. It airs Monday nights on NBC at 8 pm Central.

  10. Yes, Claire will be having two roommates. Possibly RM (who’s character’s name is Annie) will be on just for the season premier and will die (this is speculation). The other roommate seems to be a bigger part.

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