Big Brother 11

So it’s a new season.  My feelings on Big Brother might surprise you.  When I first started watching it was probably season 3 or so.  It was summer and there was nothing else on.  Also, all my friends watched it and I felt left out.  I admit that though it wasn’t immediate, I would eventually get hooked on the current season and enjoy the show.

That is until the season that Dick and Danielle came on.  It was entertaining, but something about watching made me feel…well, rather highly moral.  And also, where do they find these people?  I learned later that CBS chose to edit in a way to hide the houseguests fairly bad habits.  It might surprise you to know Dick would talk of raping the women while another contestant had anti-Semitic remarks.  Of course, people knew of this if you watched the live feed so I’m not sure why CBS thought they could just hide it. That said, after the controversial contestants were evicted, the press weren’t allowed to interview them anything related that wasn’t shown during the main show.  It really set a whole bad taste in my mouth.  I continued to watch however, again, mainly because it’s summer and there isn’t anything else to watch.

So last season I watched again.  I wasn’t very religious about it, missing several episodes at times.  No one in the house seemed rootable to be me.  It felt more like a group of the lowest common denominator and I didn’t want to root for anyone, especially Jesse.  (Which we’ll get to him later of course).  This season they have done something different.  They have gone back to high school (which makes sense, the fights have always had a HS mentality to them).  We have the brains, the athletes (is jock not PC anymore?), the popular crowd and the off-beat.  I think someone BTS on this show is a Breakfast Club fan!

The groups aren’t a bad idea and make things a little more interesting, but I worry for the brains (of course would be my category).  The challenge last night was probably the one they had the best chance of winning and they were the first group eliminated. (Yes, puzzles would be something they should rule on, but BB tends to always put some physical exercise to them all).  Not surprisingly, off beat were gone next, so that left Popular and Athletes. (And I had some flashbacks to my own high school experience).  By then of course I had stopped enjoying.

Part of the this year’s twists is a former contestant could return and they would be decided by whichever group would win.  I couldn’t believe the competition came down to either Jessica with the annoying voice or Jesse with the annoying ego.  Who would I not want the most?  Well Jesse of course, so he won.  And he’s safe from this week’s eviction.  Since he’s also part of the athlete group, his group has the best chances of winning the competitions.  I’m not sure how far I can get into this show.

As of now, we don’t know enough about the other contestants other then the categories they represent.  Kevin seems like fun, but it’s the first week and his directness can get old really quick.  The brains could wind up being brainless if they have no social skills (which Big Brother is all about), while some people have already spent their winnings on breasts (Laura) and lips (Chima).  It’s never a good idea to root for anyone just yet, people change over the course of this show.  I guess time will only tell.


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