Insane Asylum

I am going to try to do a better job of keeping up with my blog starting now, sadly this means I will have to blog on Big Brother.  So here is an entry based on tonight’s episode.  Sadly it’s only the second episode.  It’s going to be a long summer I think.

Tonight’s episode started off with Jessie entering the house and their reaction.  I realized now how helpful this would be, because it gave me an idea of who I will probably like this season, and who I won’t.  Immediately Russell makes it clear he will be in the dislike column since he feels he and Jessie are going to get along just fine.  Kevin’s stock goes up in relation, since he immediately loathes Jessie.  Ronnie explains how he isn’t intimidated by Jessie and thinks he can control him.  That worries me because Ronnie proves himself to be, not  deserving of the brains clique.

Jessie spent most of the early part of the episode raising his voice (probably more of a symptom of the steroids) and act like an idiot.  His strategizing doesn’t kick until later in the episode when he talks to Jeff (who wins points by seeing through Jessie’s ploy of letting Jeff call the shots), then to Ronnie (who foolishly offers a brain member up as a pawn) and then the rest of his team (where Russell hilariously insists he’s pulling the strings).

We see a heart to heart in the pool bedroom, between Lydia, Jordan, Ronnie and Michele.  I don’t know what I’m more amused by, Ronnie admitting he never enjoyed HS while wearing a dork shirt or Jordan who’s own popularity then and now makes it inconceivable that other kids didn’t enjoy the experience like she did.  I noticed Lydia sat there especially quiet while Ronnie and Michele lamented their experiences.  I don’t know if I like her or not, the Jessie massage sickened me and it was a safe bet before they decided to divide everyone up that she would have a hard time fitting in.

The challenge was hand made for the brains.  Who lost badly.  Super badly.  Intergalactically badly.  Ronnie should never be allowed in charge again, and I was hoping we would get to see Michele just take one of the neon pipes down and begin bashing him in the head with it.  But alas, that didn’t happen.  At least when they did lose, Ronnie took it well unlike Chima who bitched, cried, complained and whined.  The room they were assigned is not that bad actually, and it could be worse.  Chima’s attitude is one of the things that really drives me crazy on reality TV shows: when you are on a team and that team loses, don’t whine and bitch like it’s all about you!  Everyone on the team is suffering right besides you and your suffering isn’t any worse, unless of course Chima was once in an insane asylum, which I wouldn’t throw out the possibility that’s where CBS begins the recruitment process.

When it came down eviction, Jessie targeted Lydia and Chima for the block.  I didn’t listen to his speech, I didn’t want to start my week off with “Jessie’s wisdom” in my mind.  Lydia cried which surprised me, I thought she was tougher then that.  I really do hope it’s Chima who goes home.  Sadly that makes it one less for the brains, but they are not deserving of the title.


3 thoughts on “Insane Asylum

  1. ROFL I love this blog post! The insane asylum thing is too funny. She did keep saying that, didn’t she? (But is she a psychologist? I forget. Maybe that’s why she’s familiar, lol.)

    You should listen to Jessie’s “speech” – it was about two sentences long, and trust me, there was no wisdom involved.

    Yeah, between the dork shirt and the mohawk, Ronnie’s chances of rising to BB social stardom are pretty much nonexistent.

  2. I agree that it is going to be a long summer. I was super disappointed when they announced the “twist”. Really, is that all CBS could come up with. Then I started thinking that maybe it means I am too old for BB now.

    Alas, I will continue to watch. I like Lydia and hope she does not go home. I think Chima will get on everyone’s nerves and seal her fate.

    I had soooo hoped Jessica would make it on the show instead of Jesse!

  3. Well if she’s a shrink that makes what she said even worse because I really doubt it does resemble an asylum. But even if it does, her adverse reaction to it doesn’t sound like she’s all that helpful to her patients.

    I might like Lydia, the verdict is still out for her but I definitely like her better then Chima and Jessie.

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