Spell this!

Just some random thoughts in tonight’s episode.

I don’t know what’s worse, the fact that Russell won a word challenge or Natalie spelling “LAST” came in second.

I don’t know what to think of Jeff, he hasn’t DRed very much so I don’t know his motivations, but wouldn’t it be awesome if it turned out he was taking advantage of being on the most annoying clique and making it clear he’s not really their group?  At least for now, they cannot put him on the block so he can show integrity with everyone else by going head to head with people everyone probably hates anyway.  And they can’t retaliate.  (Unless BB tosses this rule aside in a few days, to which case he’s screwed).

Ronnie proves himself even dumber then originally thought.  What was the point in telling Braden they were thinking about putting him up and then say “You can’t let anyone know you know!”?  This reminds me of when Survivor decided to put the sexes against each other and they picked the most useless group of girls ever.  I was never so embarrassed these girls were used to represent my sex when it showed them spending hours trying to start a fire into the night while holding a kerosene lamp so they could see.  Ronnie extends that same embarrassment.

I don’t watch the feeds but people who do insist they are editing Lydia way too nicely.  That said, I tend to feel sorry for people who are getting targeted so early on, but since she’s been rubbing on Jessie when he was HoH and then rubbing on Rus when he PoV, it makes her look unimaginative and a huge ass kisser.  She did get saved though.

I don’t know much about Braden but the fact he was targeted simply because he was likable and now has very little chance of saving himself. I especially would prefer him to stay over Chima.  If I were him, I would let everyone know Ronnie playing both sides and to send Chima home would teach the brains a lesson.

To give credit where it’s due, Jessie came awfully close to spelling his word.  That’s probably going to be the nicest thing I ever say about him.

What kind of crazy screwed up world do I live in where the most likable people are…the popular crowd?  We’re supposed to hate them just because!


2 thoughts on “Spell this!

  1. I know exactly what you mean…back in school I disliked the popular kids because they were so perky you just wanted to drive nails in their eyes, but I find this group of popular people to be pleasantly nice.

    I hope that Chima goes home just because her know it all attitude is really grating my nerves…and those lips are killing me. She reminds me of Camille from America’s Next Top Model cycle 2 and everyone who knows me knows how I felt about that girl. Just sayin!

    Well like you I am convinced that the athletic clique could be the most annoying group in BB history and trust me there have been some annoying people on this show. Their annoying behavior really surpasses Hardy and Nicole from season 2. Those two drove me nuts and I wanted someone to literally smack the crap out of them on a daily basis.

  2. Welcome Heather. And yes, I could see Jordan being one of those popular kids. But now they seem to be fitting into the popular group simply because they are nicer then the rest of the house.

    I can’t stand Chima’s lips. When she wondered if the zitted face was hers, I knew it couldn’t be because the lips were too small.

    I don’t think I started watching until Season 3 so I missed out on Hardy and Nicole (sounds like a good thing).

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