Big Brother Recap

So I’ve grown lax in my recent blogs about Big Brother.  I could explain how busy I have been or how I was without power or sick (all true).  But honestly, BB11 was sucking.  I would like to reiterate to all of you I only watch this show due to it being summer and there is so very little left to watch.  If they tried to air it during a regular TV season, I’d never watch at all.  I’m not a reality TV fan (other then HGTV and Survivor) and usually Big Brother represents the very worst society has to offer, all cooped up in one big house.  It would be fine if this was all a lesson in humanity where we could laugh/point and then allow them back to obscurity, but unfortunately one of these losers get handed $500,000 and usually they move on to “E list” of celebrities and it’s so infuriating.  Even people I like/love will wind up losing my respect in some way before the season ends.

Now I’ll get down off my soapbox so I can say the last two episodes of this show have been really good.  Especially the live episode last week.  Sure, I hated to see Casey go, (though I do like Jordan) but his farewell speech was priceless and should go down in BB infamy.  Julie Chen, who must be about to harvest some big time hormones with that baby she’s carrying, was decent in her line of questioning, actually not accepting the fluff answers they usually give.  And who cannot appreciate the game designers for forcing all the contestants to be slung directly into a giant diploma.  I know I cheered.

DirecTV recently “thanked” my usage of their service all these years by giving me three months free of Showtime, so now I can watch Big Brother After Dark.  I’m not looking for Lydia’s notorious blow jobs of Jessie or any other sexual encounters, but just to see if unedited conversations would allow my opinion to improve of certain contestants.  I found out before tonight’s episode that Russell won HoH and he was having a chat with Chima who was desperately trying to get him to save Ronnie.  I have to say my opinion of him has certainly improved, and he didn’t take any of her bull that Ronnie made some self-sacrificing decision when he didn’t put Russell up (we all remember that Jessie talked him into it).  Good boy.  Like Laura, you’re smarter then you look.

Tonight’s episode wasn’t as good as Thursday’s, but seeing Ronnie go up was wonderful.  I didn’t have to be told by the feed they obviously edited out Jessie’s pouting at being put on slop (which I do have to say gross to the squid) and I wasn’t aware that Russell and Jeff are now BFF (which is hilarious given a few weeks ago).  On the opposite end of likability but nonetheless just as hilarious was watching Ronnie make a direct plea to America to award him the “power”.  Yea, like that will happen.  Meanwhile, Lydia apparently will not say the word ‘hell’ but will initiate sexual encouters with a stranger on television?


3 thoughts on “Big Brother Recap

  1. Yay, a Big Brother post! Agree with everything you’re saying. I do like Russell, and I liked his conversation with Jeff in the HoH suite that they showed tonight. I think those two are the type who could be friends outside of the BB house. I just hope Russell remains true to his word.

    And as for Ronnie – UGH. Fine, I get that he likes the whole ‘dork’ image, but he’s making it look like dorks are also lying backstabbing weasels. LOVED Russell’s calling him out on that tonight.

    My dream would be for Jeff to win and stay together with Jordan afterwards, and for Ronnie to go home this week, followed by Jessie and then Lydia. (ROFL about the H-e-l-l thing… ridiculous, isn’t it?)

    I’m not watching the feeds but I’m keeping up with them via message boards… I can’t wait for Tuesday’s show, though! And, hopefully, your next blog post! 🙂

  2. Well, as of last night, Russell was very adamant to leave Ronnie on the chopping block. He even told Lydia she was safe and he was gunning for Ronnie (or moRON as I like to call him). But things go fast in the household and for all I know he’s changed his mind and wants to backdoor Jeff (I hope not).

  3. Haha MoRON – love it. I know, that’s one thing I’m having a hard time getting used to on the show: the fact that everything can change so quickly, and the fact that the HG’s are so quick to believe the garbage they’re fed by others. I really REALLY hope Russell can stand his ground.

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