Long Live the Wizard

Can you believe I forgot that last night was the last time the infamous coup d’etat could be used?  I got home after BB ran so I was able to skip directly to the part where Julie asked for the person with the special power to stand up, and it was Jeff.  Jordan’s jaw was all over that floor!  If Jordan didn’t know, nobody else did (no matter what Chima may think).

Jeff used the power to take Lydia and Russell off, and put Jessie and Natalie off.  It wasn’t a surprise after that who was going home, it was Jessie.  He walked out and told Julie that America voted him out and how unfair that was!  Well, it wasn’t exactly fair he came back into the game for a second time and got HoH that first week without doing anything.  So learn to accept!

People who aren’t accepting are Chima, Natalie and Lydia.  It seems they were so heartbroken over Jessie leaving this way they had to be bribed  to stay in the house with lotion (?).  Seriously, if I had been the producer I would have let them out but NOT put them on the jury (which is what they want).  Chima especially is bitter, she made so many threats before the ceremony that she would not accept it if her nominees were taken off, so producers taped the show early so of course news leaked out ahead of time what Jeff did.  Which was ok, we celebrated anyway.


One thought on “Long Live the Wizard

  1. Loved last night’s show. The best moment was when Jeff stood up and the camera went on Jessie. Jordan’s jaw-dropping moment was cute too, though.

    If I were the producer, I don’t think I would let those three women leave. I think the producers are coming from the perspective that it really messes up evictiona and production schedules to have three fewer houseguests than originally intended. I just can’t get over the fact that the women want to leave in the first place. I mean, what were they expecting? A luxury vacation? Didn’t these people audition to be on the show??

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