Survivor’s Puppet Master

A new season of Survivor has started.  Low and behold, just when we think you can’t get more OOT than Coach from last season, they bring us Russell the Rat.  (Not to be confused with Leader Russell on Galu’s tribe).  My cynical self always loves to hate on people in these shows, but I was quite taken aback by this guy.  It’s not so much his pretending to being a Katrina victim (but let me say, that’s ten times worse than Johnny’s dead grandmother story), but the fact he’s emptying water and burning socks.  How does this really benefit him?  He says he wants to weed out the weak, which means he wants to lose?  The idea of sabotaging your own tribe at the very beginning of the game is either someone who is truly evil or has been told by the producers to stop at nothing to be hated by the audience.

Back to Galu, other than losing their first challenge, things seem to be fine for the most part.  The only person who has a real problem is Shambo who contradicts herself by loving Leader Russell when he took charge but then being angry when he agreed to a “5 minute break” and get out into the water. Now, chances are, this break lasted more than five minutes, but I don’t seem the harm in taking one as long as they were able to get back to work and complete everything in a reasonable time.  Since the show never went back to them, I guess that’s just what they did.

I see we have another “Rocket Scientist” on this show.  Haven’t we had one before?  Is that really a job that is so available we are able to fulfill the profession twice before we ever have a garbage collector, receptionist, and web site designer?  I admit I’m not 100% sure we haven’t had these other occupations represented on the show but my point is I know there are numerous jobs you would expect to see more often than rocket scientist and now we’ve had two?


6 thoughts on “Survivor’s Puppet Master

  1. I thought last night was a good start, but Russell (Evil Russell as Jeff Probst is calling him on his blog) was way, *way* too much. I really don’t have a problem with people lying on the show. You’re going to have to do some lying to win. But, the big problem with big lies is that they come back and haunt you. And I hope his Katrina lies do. That’s just too awful to lie about, especially for a game. And the mind games… I get, I do… but emptying out the water? Burning socks? Someone is going to catch this rat, and it’s not going to be pretty. Okay, for us it will be. And it will likely be great television when he finally gets his.

  2. I realize it is just a game, but human decency should draw limits. The lying that I think would be typical in this game, is what we usually get; where you lie saying some one is not going and they are… or you lie to get someone to make a stupid move. You have to use people, to an extent, to get ahead… but oh man, it was just too much.

  3. My hatred for Russell knows no bounds. It’s just unfortunate that there’s another Russell who seems to be pretty decent. He really shouldn’t have to share a name with that creep.

    I believe there’s been a rocket scientist before, and Amber of “Romber” fame was an administrative assistant. And there’ve been a couple of web designers, I believe. What I find amusing is that Ben, the idiot of this season and clearly Russell the Rat’s BFF, is a “mixologist”. You’re a bartender, dude. There’s no shame in that.

  4. Slynn: I absolutely agree Ratssell has done the “forbidden lie”. But I wouldn’t be surprised if this evil guy was created via CBS themselves. There is casting to these things.

    Feline: I hate to tell you this but All Stars for S20 shows only one person from this season. And his name is Russell. And for some reason, I doubt it’s the one we like.

  5. Feline: I hate to tell you this but All Stars for S20 shows only one person from this season. And his name is Russell. And for some reason, I doubt it’s the one we like.

    Oh, I know. I’ve seen those spoilers too. Hopefully he’ll be one of the first to go.

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