Hereos Premiere

First, I want to personally thank Nolebucgrl.  Without her, I would have missed the first hour of the show. Yes, I have it tivo’d, but it’s not high definition, and I would want to watch all the hot guys episode in the best video quality as possible.

So after waiting a whole summer, we finally get to see how the show is going to confront the issue of having Sylar pretending to be dead Nathan.  Since they have Zachary Quinto on contract, I knew they were going to have to come up with something to have his form on the show (and what a pretty pretty form that is).  I’m not that much of a Sylar fan.  Nole hates me to say it.  I feel his character has been overexposed and they have no idea what to do with him.  That said, he pretty much saved the first half of S3, and there is good potential there if the show would get their heads out of their butts and figure it out.  He is by far much more interesting to watch then loads of other “good guy” characters like Hiro, Tracey (well, not sure if she’s a good guy), Claire, and Mohinder, the latter being thankfully missing from this episode.  However, I’m not looking forward to watching him pop up in Parkman’s guilty mind and argue with him.  It’s really a disservice to the memory of Sylar who for now, is considered dead, and I hope this doesn’t last too long.  That said, I’m all for Parkman to act a little more evil, sort of a Luke Skywalker destiny for him considering the gap between him and his father.  (Yes, Heroes and a SW reference!)

That said, did anyone see Rachel Melvin last night?  Wasn’t she cute?  Playing slightly different then the Chelsea Brady for Days, she was an overachiever but still sporting that bitchface which she used on Claire’s annoying new possible lesbian love interest.  MZ is from The Nanny and while she isn’t acting bad, her character is creepy and homely, and I have no doubts she played a part in Annie’s demise.  She’s obviously got a crush on Claire (which sadly so does every other person who meets her) and though I appreciate the forensic geeky perception, I really am not that curious about her.

Speaking of new characters, so far the carnival people don’t bother me.  There are a lot of them, Zorro, Samuel, and a couple of others.  I’m not sure what to think of them, Samuel has the most freakish power and I give the show lots of credit for coming up with something so outside the box.  He also time traveled as well, but that may have more to do with the carnival itself and I’m sure we will learn more about that and the magic compass.

Speaking of which, did anyone get a deja vu from Pirates of the Caribbean when they brought out a compass that doesn’t work?  And Samuel seems to be summoning Jack Sparrow to some degree given how much eye liner he has on.  I’m glad to see Peter had something to do, he wasn’t whining like he did so much last year.  Of course, he could take his shirt off a bit more but we can’t have everything.  I liked watching him with HRG.  I don’t like seeing HRG with Tracey who appears just as lost and directionless as she’s always been. How can a woman as hot as her have no chemistry with any male actor?  Weird.

Finally, there is Hiro.  As Nolebucgrl says, he’s dying and we all rooting for him to kick the bucket, but I’m sure that won’t happen.  I don’t get why Hiro blocking the icee spill that would have ruined her dress, now his sister is madly in love with Ando.  What a bitch.  I’m not against romances, this show probably needs them in the worst way, but instead of having Ando and Hiro’s sister (Whatever her name is) reluctantly work together to save Hiro’s life (and thus fall in love) now they are instantly in love.  Why would I get invested in this?

So overall not a bad episode.  We’ve had much worse.  Just too bad it’s the premiere and sets the tone for the whole season.  Hopefully it will improve.  We all know it can much worse.

6 thoughts on “Hereos Premiere

  1. You and Nole are going to get me through yet another season of Heroes without me actually having to torture myself and watch it. You know that don’t you?

    Nole posted a picture of MZ and I don’t know why they had to do that to her unless it was to emphasize the point that her character is actually a creepy stalker-come-killer. I remember her from Nanny too and I think I’ve seen her in one or two nondescript teen movies where she proved her acting skills as an adult.

  2. Maybe Hayden insisted she can’t look prettier then her? Actually after Annie’s death (RM), she wound up looking a bit better. Her hair was still awful but she was clearly wearing make up and Nole pointed out she had a boob shirt on.

  3. That’s true, I forgot when they slapped Creepy in the tank top and had her wearing makeup, clearly in her hit on Claire mode. hehe She did look marginally better then, but still pretty plain and such. You could be dead right on the nobody prettier than Hayden thing though, wouldn’t surprise me in the least.

    Sigh, Tripp, you know that Sylar was the only watchable thing about last season and you’re doubting him now? I think it’s only right that he appear as Matt’s psychosis since he’s being eaten alive by what he did. Maybe they could have Nathan appear now and then to balance it out but right now it makes perfect sense to me.

    I’m glad you’re on board the get Peter nekkid train with me. I feel that will be our mantra all season. Of course, they’ll probably bring on some annoying whore to do it and ruin it for us all.

    Samuel does intrigue me, I still don’t understand what the hell his power really is, but I am curious as to what he’s up to. He wants the Petrelli’s, we know that much. And since Sylar is Nathan right now, I’m quite excited for a carnival massacre down the line. You know you are too! hehe

    You’re welcome, I’m glad you were able to join me for the rest of the show. hehe Next week it should be back to normal so don’t be late, no excuses!

    RM was fine as Annie and I was sorry she met her demise so quickly. I would have preferred her for the lesbian love but alas, not so much. Maybe she’ll appear again in a death flashback though. Who knows?

    I still haven’t found out if Roy the Water Boy (hehe Sylar) was Wes Ramsey from Days. Sure looked like him.

  4. I looked up at IMDB and WR doesn’t show up for that episode. I don’t think it’s him. I saw WR on another movie while flipping through channels and his features were a little darker.

    You just want to see Sylar open a can of whoopass on, well, everyone. While nekkid.

  5. And what would be so wrong with this, I ask you? Nekkid whoopass would be awesome. Along with Naked Ninja Peter. Really, this show needs to figure out these things and just go with them. They give us naked Ali Larter every other episode, why not give the boys some equal treatment!

    I looked on IMDB either but it really looked like him. I will continue to assess. hehe

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