Ben is gone, and I’m sure not going to miss him.  Though Russell is clearly the evil person, I know his time will last longer then just a mere three weeks, given that the show has decided to promote him as “The worst villain in Survivor history”.

It was funny to watch the girl between Jaison and Ben last night while they argued (there are so many girls on this season I’ve not learned their names).  It’s highly possible that Ben is a racist, but he is certainly an egoist, and he appears to look down upon EVERYONE (hilariously except Russell). Whatever high esteem he has for himself, Ben is a gigantic jerk, and I can’t believe he was telling that one girl she shouldn’t try to do the fire because her hands weren’t big enough or whatever.  However, I want to give Jaison props for going immediately to calling Ben out by name, instead of coyly dodging any type of direct accusation like they usually do.  That was awesome.

Now onto Shambo, her issues with them all doing Yoga might have gone over a lot better if the show hadn’t featured her goofing off while trying to find food and hanging out in a swamp (which really, I’d rather do yoga then get in that filthy water she looked like she was swimming while hiding from her tribe).  That said, I’m glad to see she made friends with Fao Fao.

Russell is still surviving (does anyone else think he look like a giant toad?)  When Ben confronted Ashley, I had to laugh when she asked who told him and he said, “Well it wasn’t Russell” which should have been a clear sign it was, but of course she fell for it because so far Russell has been right and everybody on this tribe are idiots.  Then in Ben’s closing remarks, he made a point to say he thought little of everyone on his tribe EXCEPT Russell who was a hard worker.  Please don’t tell me this is going to be a repeat of Big Brother where you have especially evil people manipulating extremely moronic people?


2 thoughts on “Survivoga

  1. I find that Russell looks like an evil hobbit. That gut…jeez!

    Fare thee well, Ben. You suck. Sadly, I think we won’t be seeing much more of Jaison, and I’d rather see more of him than Shambo.

  2. Yea, I’d rather Shambo go too but she’s on the other tribe and that would require them LOSING (which frankly I’m ready for).

    However, Ashley might still be the next target with Fao Fao.

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