Random Heroes Thoughts

Did anyone like the doomed ex-girlfriend of Nathan’s better than half of the cast?

I never thought they could make Hiro more annoying than the time he thought he was 7 years old, but watching him try to save random extra actor over and over again was the worst episode for him ever.

HRG and Claire having what I suppose was a bonding “heart to heart” was pointless and boring.  It’s a waste of HRG and even more than Claire (though thankfully Wretchen Gretchen wasn’t anywhere around.)

I don’t know what to make of the carnies, but there is no way in hell I’m going to check out the extra online feature to find out how Lydia’s phone conversation went.

I think Peter needs to verify the compass is really gone by stripping butt naked.  We have to be sure.

Why are they dressing Hiro’s sister in blouses that were once worn by Heidi?

Answer this question, would it be better to take a pointless bombshell who has occasional psycho tendencies and learn A) Self Esteem or B) Murder obnoxious former political lovers?  I think this answer is obvious but Heroes chose the wrong one.

Are the writers having fun with Tracy constantly saying phrases like “I can’t be late” or “In my position”?

And I see Emma is back next week. I want her to be likable.  She can have potential and it could be interesting to have a handicapped character with a power no matter how useless that power.

Can the relationship between Tracy and HRG be anymore forced?  I know many of us, including me, have insisted HRG is one of the hotter guys on the show, but I’m worried they are going to give us a huge love scene with the two of them.  I need to prepare myself.

Angela’s hair is going from Audrey Hepburn inspired to soda can twist off.  Can they  find something new for her please?

I realize now that Nathan is probably gone for good, but I would love for Sylar to morph back into Nathan and show himself to Swoosie Kurtz so she can be shocked enough that maybe she can start using her entire mouth instead of just the right side of it.

5 thoughts on “Random Heroes Thoughts

  1. All sad but true. I have nothing much to say about tonight’s show, it was made of suck. All Hiro, Tracy and Claire. Never smart. The Nathan stuff was alright but that was about it.

    You’re right, this Hiro storyline is even worse than last year’s, I don’t know how they keep managing to bottom themselves (instead of top, get it?) when it comes to that character.

    I have already submitted my application to search for Peter’s tattoo..you may observe but not touch!

  2. I have a very dirty thought of where it is. Hee. If the real Nathan was around he could help Peter look for it.

    What’s sad on Hiro is I did like him in S1. His childlike innocence made sense then. Plus, we got to see a cooler version of Hiro in the future. It makes you wish that Peter did explode in NY doesn’t it?

  3. Nothing good, I take it. You poor girls, how do you motivate yourselves to watch this… show? Peter and his tattoo? Let’s just say that it’s a good thing I’m a busy, because I just had an idea.

  4. I watch for the pretty, which is usually quite prevalent. Sadly last night it was mostly missing, besides a short Peter cameo and Nathan, who I generally don’t like as much as Tripp does.

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