Let me just get this straight. Last night’s episode of Heroes was taking us to a day about three years ago.  Sylar’s face had not been shown yet, they believed Claire was the key to saving everyone, and Noah’s partner was a tall, skinny black man who remained silent most of the time but turned out to be Haitian.

I was telling Nole last night that Hiro should be a cooler character than what he is.  He’s got one of the best powers on the show, just behind Peter and Sylar.  His power can offer us intriguing plot twists or easy exit strategies.  Instead, they use it to block slurpee spills and the copying of naked buttocks.  Last night could have made up for that.  Hiro finally realizes he’s had the ability to save his beloved Charlie all this time, and in spite of the danger it presents for him, he decides to save her.

Samuel showing up was not shocking.  It’s not been made clear to us at all what he’s really wanting from the Heroes gang, other than have them become the most wicked circus this side of Ringling Brothers.  Mr. Mascara also has proven himself to be the only hero that can get the job done, and thus his popularity has increased, at least for me.  But I don’t understand what he’s trying to do.  Why does needing Hiro, Tracey, Sylar, Claire and Peter become so important for a gypsy carnival and especially now?  And, what, does this have to do with Mohinder’s death (please, nobody resurrect him)?

Of course, I digress, last night Samuel needed to come and remind Hiro that there is a butterfly effect and he could very well wind up undoing the work in the past that prevented the previous possible catastrophes.  At this point, I’d almost welcome they blow everybody up and just start over.  But I know they don’t have the balls to do that.

Hiro talking Sylar into saving Charlie’s life seemed too neat.  I knew Hiro didn’t have any special answers for Sylar that would appease him, and even though our favorite little psycho didn’t know what a complete buffoon Hiro was, it was hard to believe he fell for this.  Or even cared.  I would have loved it if Sylar had just walked away from Hiro to go find the cheerleader.

Speaking of which, Claire was in this episode, complete with a new set of bosoms I don’t remember her having 3 seasons ago.  Noah nearly had an affair during this time, with a random “company” coworker named Laura, played by Elizabeth Rohm, better known as Serena “Is it because I’m a lesbian?” Southerlyn on Law and Order.  It was actually hilarious to see her here, she played her character so enthusiastically I felt like it was more out of desperation than skill.  What was the point of this?  I think this part of the episode bothered me way more than the Hiro part.  Though I’ve grown to hate him, Hiro is a part of the show, always has been and Charlie was a real character.  Of course Hiro misses her, she’s the one person who seemed to connect the best with him and they had a certain chemistry (at least back then).  Why the hell did they need to introduce yet another totally new character from the past that has no place now?  She’s a perfect replica to Tracey.  Are we supposed to now believe HRG has a thing for blondes?  Doesn’t every heterosexual man?

I think this was the worst episode of the season.  90% of Hiro + horny HRG does not make me happy.  Not even with a random “Great Scott” shout out to Back to the Future.


4 thoughts on “Hiroes

  1. You forgot to mention the hotel room straight from the 70’s with unmatching walls and horrific bedding. There…just was no point to that whole thing. HRG was tempted but didn’t hook up with her. Yay. So glad we could waste half an episode on that. He seemed to have more interest in Claire’s overly prominent cheerleading bosoms than random co-worker we never knew and will never see again.

    This whole episode was a giant WTF? for me. As we discussed, if Samuel wanted doofus #1 to join the circus, all he had to do was tell him the world was at stake. Period. Hiro would run there with no questions asked because he is a moron like that. Kidnapping Charlie and sending her off into the netherworld was not necessary. Using Sylar at all and making him look dumb at Hiro’s expense was COMPLETELY unnecessary. I wish he had let Charlie die or after Hiro told him nothing, he went back and killed them both. Useless.

    Best part of the episode was the preview to Deadhinder. Dying to see what happened and why Samuel needs Hiro to help resurrect that fool. Sigh.

  2. Elizabeth Röhm as in Kate from Angel? What has happened? I almost feel bad for not suffering through this with you.

  3. I didn’t watch Angel, Rameau so I don’t know who she played on there. But I loathed her on L&O. I loved the DA who replaced her, only to watch with horror as they had her kidnapped and then killed.

    Well, Nole, if Claire is gonna be a lesbian, she’s gonna have to have more bosoms. And I’m sure Hayden paid good money for those breasts so she better show them off.

    I forgot about the horrible looking hotel. It was like they just took walls from different sets and made one room out of them!

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