Law and Order anyone?

Yes, I’m talking about the original flavor series here.  It’s been around now for twenty years.  I didn’t start watching in year one, but by the time Kincaid appeared I was devoted to the series.  I knew the premise of the show and loved the format.  You went from enforcement to prosecution in one hour.  There were a number of characters (in the beginning, all men) and I loved it.  One of the reasons I continued watching is because the show managed to keep that original spirit even when we’ve had character(s) changing out all the time.

That said, as a shipper type person, it’s not like this was a show I could get into in such a way.  I think it’s first entry was with Jack McCoy and Claire Kincaid, a coupling I felt was so wrong and rather icky.  I love Sam Waterson and I realize this is 10-15 years ago but I didn’t get this whole “Woman magnat” thing they had for him.  When he was hired, they made sure to let us know he was famous for sleeping with his assistants and thus getting with Claire (though thankfully offscreen) just reaked to me.  Of course, as much as I loathed the pairing, I hated they killed her off.  Of course, taht’s not the most horrific character killing (Alex Borgia won that prize.)

So why am I dedicating a blog to shipping and this show now?  Well if you caught last night’s episode, you would know why.  It was super heavy on shipping potential with Mike (the Exec DA) and his assistant, Connie.  I’ve always liked them.  When Jack McCoy got promoted, I thought I would be mad they didn’t find a female DA to take his place but Mike was always a breath of fresh air.  And he’s had natural chemistry with Connie.  I usually don’t care for boss/employees falling for each other, but this time, it’s more equal.  We even had Lupo refer to Connie as Mike’s “partner”.

Anyway, I think another reason I like it so much, is while he probably had a small crush on her, she’s had a definite hate on for him.  I think the interesting aspect is, there is no wide eyed crushing daddy replacement issues here.  A few weeks ago, Connie stated Mike had no soul.  Usually the character is much more sympathetic and fair minded, but there is no denying Mike pushes her buttons and he’s a big ass a lot of the time.  Connie also sees him doing his job which can get cutthroat fast and is turned off by many of his methods he uses to win a case.  So I have no idea how she feels about him in return.  I believe there is an attraction on her side but she obviously knows it’s too risky to go there (as we learned, she has had an affair with another DA who wound up being last night’s villain.  I presume it makes her even more skittish in allowing Mike to get too close).  Now that Mike’s feelings for her are like a giant flashing sign while they have been ordered by McCoy to work long and late hours, she’s probably wishing now Cutter would stick to being a typical jerk so she can ignore those strange new feelings bubbling up inside her.

Meanwhile, Cutter coming to terms with his feelings was an awesome but unusual (for this show) moment.  Having him talk it out with Jack McCoy was actually awesome, simply because Sam Waterson’s facial expressions while listening to Mike were priceless. And now suddenly I’m happy to have a remindor to McCoy/Kincaid as well as other indescretions Jack had.  A few weeks ago, when Mike had really pushed Connie’s buttons, she requested to be transferred to another department away from Mike.  Jack refused quite vocally that they were both having to get along together and now he reminds them again but with different underlying implications.  Some aren’t happy with Jack being a glorified babysitter for his staff but I found it refreshing and reminded me how charming Waterson can be while still bring that firm stand he’s known for.

So bottom line, I may have finally found a new ship to join, assuming the show doesn’t go too long without revisiting it again, something they’ve done before.  I’m not suggesting we make this a show all about Cutter getting it on with Connie, but I do think if they are serious on this, they should at least throw a remindor here and there in the next episode or two so it can be clear the sexual tension is still there.


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