Return of Stephen Nichols

So the news has made it that Stephen Nichols will be returning to soaps.  Young and the Restless has hired him to replace William Russ, for a character that has yet to air.

I’m so happy for him, given the horrific way he and Mary Beth Evans were treated when they were let go.  I think I read MBE is doing a play in LA right now, what I would give to see her on a soap again, being used with her talents.

I remember SN and MBE were the reason I RETURNED to soaps.  The reason I came back to Days of our Lives.  And the reason I became this saddened, dejected, and cursed individual.  Ok, that’s an overstatement but sometimes I regret ever returning.  The thrills I got from Steve/Kayla and Chick were outnumbered by the disappointments that their storylines and treatment the actors received.  When Darin Brooks became an Emmy winner, I psychologically closed the door on soaps.  It’s one thing when Ken and Dena reward that butterball of an actor with horrific written storylines that he hammed his way through, but it’s another issue when the entire industry gives him an award for it.

See?  SEE what that show has done for me?  I can’t even be happy that SN has found a job where I just pray he gets treated better.  All I can do is focus on the past tragedies.  Oh how my ditterness has not left me!


10 thoughts on “Return of Stephen Nichols

  1. That butterball of an actor? LOL!

    I know, the ditterness is powerful–at least you’re not watching so you’re not tortured by Alison Sweeney front and center despite being, um, let’s just say, not as well qualified as others. I know we’ve discussed before how the way you feel about DB is strikingly similar to the way I feel about AS, but at least he’s gone, and we can totally make vicious fun of him in his new football “comedy.” I can’t wait!

    I’m glad for SN though. I never have liked Y & R–I try to watch it now and again and in five minutes I’ve given it up as being incredibly boring, like too boring to even try to pay attention to–but it’s the #1 soap and hopefully it’s a nice juicy role. Maybe I’ll even tune in to see him now and again.

  2. I thought you might appreciate the “butterball” comment. If anything how timely it is with the holidays.

    I’ve always thought Y&R was boring. My friends love it. I’m just not sure SN is a big enough draw for me, not anymore. Especially after what happeend at Days.

  3. I’m glad for Nichols and hope he gets the respect and the storylines he deserves.

    Paxton, I hate to agree with you, but even I am wishing for less Sami Brady and more anyone who isn’t named Hernandez. Vivian coming back to Days (though I’ve never seen her before in the show) is a good start.

    Tripp, ever since Deacon Sharpe in the form of Sean Kanan entered Genoa City I’ve been vaguely aware of what is happening in Y&R, but you are right, most times it’s boring.

  4. I don’t watch Y&R and I won’t start for SN but good for him. As for the rest…haha…you know I have nothing to say to that. I still “watch” Days and GH but it’s with half an eye and half an ear. I stopped caring, so much easier that way.

  5. I’m very happy for Stephen. I’ll probably check out some clips when he appears, then we’ll see—maybe I’ll get inspired to watch.

    Sorry about your lingering ditterness! Maybe when Blake gets a job that will help …

  6. rameau, I’m glad to see I’m not the only one thinking the show is boring!

    Nolebucgrl, I guess that’s my problem. For some stupid reason I still care and thus I can’t watch.

    Marypickford, Blake I think is working, but nothing we can see yet and probably the parts are small. I don’t think he is interested in joining another soap (and after Days, can you blame him?)

  7. I will definitely be tuning in. I was hoping this would happen. Y & R treats people a lot different than the horrible way both Stephen and Mary Beth were treated at Days. I`m sure its a meaty role and he will do a fantastic job — he is an outstanding actor and deserves the best. I hope MBE will go back to soaps too but, I definately would not want her back on Days. Look at what they have done to Bo and Hope. Thank you but, no thanks.

  8. Yes, PT, I am sure SN will throw himself into the role and since Hogan writes for Y&R and seems to like working with SN, he’ll get meatier roles.

    As awful as the exit for them, it could have been worse. I’m no John/Marlena fan but that was a terrible way to write them out and there is not enough swear words out there to fully describe my disappointment in the utter humiliating exit my sweet Nick got.

  9. Paxton your hate (maybe the word is too strong i don’t know) for Alison Sweeney is mostly due to the way she is written ?! Because i saw some of your old post on TWOP and you loved her back in the day, you even loved Ejami ! I don’t know if it was near the worshipping you have now for AZ/Nicole but it seemed it was closed.
    p.s: personally i still like her because i loved so much Sami Brady when she was herself that i can’t kiss her goodbye even if she is now a pathetic, boring Marlena wannabee.
    I know i am a little masochist, lol.

  10. Paxton and his/her over-the-top in pathetic territory ‘hate’ of the Sami Brady’s character and even her portrayer Alison Sweeney (‘hate’ for actors..ridiculous..eyeroll) is just disturbing to witness..don’t bother Charlotte.

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