Heroes-making all the wrong moves

I’ve been seriously lapsed in my postings on my blog lately.  I’ve certainly not given up on TV as I’ve been adding shows.  So I’m going to try to make a NY’s resolution to at least get one post on a weekend (unless it’s a holiday).

TV shows that have been added includes Bones, but I’m not really ready to blog about it yet, as I’ve only seen maybe one full season of episodes.  I’m worried as TV getting added, one show might have to go away, and the show most likely for me to cut out?  Heroes.

Every week, I tune into Heroes live (to see some of the pretty boys in HD makes it the sole reason to watch at all).  Nolebucgrl, tunes in at that time as well, and we chat during the program.  lately I’ve been severly distracted.  Every week it’s something new that grabs my attention, but the fault isn’t with what’s on my mind at the time, but the fact that Heroes can’t hold my attention, even when Peter is on.

I have a friend who now wants to tune into the show but would like to start with S1.  I so hesitate lending her my DVD seasons.  That season was by far the best year.  But since then, the show has progressively worsened.  I’ve made excuses for it.  S2 obviously suffered because of the writer’s strike. Then S3 began with what was a promising storyline, Fugitives, but it crashed into a pile of garbage (figuratively and literally).  The end of S3 began to pick up with it’s new volume but overall the season was a great disappoitment.

Now we are winding down S4 and it’s mind boggling Heroes has bottomed out.  It’s not so much the carnival theme, I kind of dig Samuel and his crazy eye make up.  That “dirt” power can be pretty effective when he wants it to be.  But I don’t dig his cloudy motivations that have changed almost from episode to episode and now have resulted in being all about his long lost love, Vanessa.

Meanwhile, we’ve got Hiro who I detest as strongly as a supernova.  Then comes Mohinder who couldn’t remain gone forever I suppose.  I would have ranked Tracy next, but Lauren is a pointless character who seems to replace HRG’s love interest in Tracy but w/o any ties to anyone whatsoever.  Then comes Tracy who we’ve not seen in ages but I’m sure is lurking around, probably naked, ready to pop up.

Also, there is Claire who will get a twisted kiss from Sylar Monday night while she appears unconcious.  Some posters online have insisted that Sylar “raped” Claire when he opened up her brain and took her power.  I don’t know how I feel about that, I do think he violated her and I certainly do NOT want to see the two of them together in platonic or romantic form.  But a bigger problem for me is I don’t know what the show is doing with Claire.  First she’s a college student.  Then she’s a lesbian college student.  Then she just wants to belong.  Then she finds a carnival to belong.  Then she sees Samuel with “papers” and now he’s no longer trustworthy so she goes back to college (making that “drop college to join circus-leave circus to have normal life” cycle complete).

Who I do like is Peter but he’s a dimbulb like Mohinder (though at least he isn’t proclaiming himself to be a scientific genius).  Peter’s mysterious sponge power has altered to a point where it makes no sense to either me or Nolebucgrl.  He’s mourning the loss of his beloved brother who he was always too attached to, and now finding a connection to colorful Emma who plays a mean cello (emphasis on mean).  I wanted to like them, but their story is just as disjointed and pushed as everything else in this show.  While Peter has connections to so many other characters, Emma does not, and you ostracize him when you put them together.

I also love HRG but most of the time they partner him with already mentioned Lauren and I get irritated again.  Why does he need to talk to her?  It’s not like he’s had to have a person to bounce ideas off before.  I realize he might want to meet his physical needs, but he’s insisting on bringing her into his WORLD SAVING MISSIONS.  He has connections with EVERYONE, why bring in a totally useless character?

Finally, we have the never ending Sylar, hopefully Nolebucgrl will forgive me for this, but should have never been allowed to remain a psychopath for so long nor should have been given such a high place on this show.  Zackary Quinto is an awesome talent, and his charisma is what made Sylar so popular in shirtless and shirted forms.  But you can only do so much with an unrepentant psycho.  The show is about HEROES and when you keep an antihero around, he either becomes a shell of a cartoon villain (Cobra Commander, Skeletor comes to mind) or we wind up giving him a new personality.  The show didn’t quite do either, but now Sylar is on his fifth identy crises (I think, let’s count).  The first was who he always felt he could be by obtaining powers, then there was trying to get back who he had become (after he lost his powers), then he wanted a real family.  The beginning of this season he lost his memory so he had to remember who the hell he was.  And finally, now he’s apparently looking for love (or something).Again, please don’t hate on me you Sylar worshippers, I still think ZT is awesome and hot.  Plus, I think sadly for how wrong it is to make him the main part of the show, he’s the most interesting character ON THE SHOW right now.

So what now?  I just am trying and I’ll tune in on Monday night but the show’s leapfrog storylines, the evolving/non evolving superpowers, and the unconnected new characters who can only fit into one story have hurt the show far more than all the Mayas, Janices, bugged Mohinders and Gretchens in the world.  I’m almost scared to see where we go with it now.


4 thoughts on “Heroes-making all the wrong moves

  1. It must be really bad if you are thinking about giving up. Is it at the point where they’ve lost the original idea of the show or has it just become a private joke for Kring?

  2. It’s hard to say Rameau. I can understand making some wrong decisions from time to time. But they must have truly remained out of their mind this year. And some fans are upset it’s become the Sylar + Claire show. No matter how much you like/love these characters, you can’t build a show strictly around them.

    That’s probably why S1 was so good. It had a well balanced cast along with awesome progress in the story. Things moved along and they didn’t suspend a storyline to tell another one as often. Of course, it did benefit by being new and fresh and original (at least on TV, it’s always been an XMen rip off).

    But you have to wonder how they thought the special power of COLORS would be a good one to introduce. Or have Claire have a near lesbian experience with a charmless stalker with one eyebrow. Or think rewriting history and shoehorn a Tracy look alike but no personality (and no power) to be HRG’s sudden new love interest was a good idea. Hiro now dying from a tumor has resulted in him acting like he’s stuck in a limitless superhero universe where he mixes up our world with those of fictional names.

  3. Firstly, you are not giving up Heroes. We are riding out the suck together. Period. I will hear no more about it.

    Secondly, I have to disagree about Sylar (shocker). This show can and should revolve around him and Peter, evil vs. good. The problem is that instead of letting it do so, the show keeps changing what Sylar wants and who he is. I could have happily watched him go season to season trying to acquire new powers. Maybe the powers are harder to take, maybe there’s a way to inhibit him in some way. The problem is they keep changing his motivation. Let him be the unrepentant serial killer who just covets and kills for it. Let Peter be the good but not so very bright hero that wants to protect his fellow heroes. Let them be brothers (the one switch with Sylar they should have kept) and let that be their push/pull draw to one another. Let Pete be conflicted about the idea of killing his brother and let Sylar actually want some kind of relationship with his would-be family but not be willing or capable to give up who he is.

    Imagine if you will, Peter teaming up with HRG to try to take down his dear brother while Sylar and Elle (yes) fall in love and work their psychotic ways across the country. What could be wrong with this?

    Sylars ever changing is a huge distraction this season as well as Peter’s power that we don’t remotely understand. Either he can have more than one power or he can’t. And what about Mohinder? He’s supposed to be powerless again but he’s still apparently super strong. And I cannot talk about Hiro as I will have a rage headache in no time.

    I actually don’t mind Claire’s changing. She’s in college, she should be questioning who she is and what she wants in life. What I do mind is the dip into lesbianism that never got readdressed. That was just lame.

    I hate Lauren and I really don’t like the idea of Emma/Peter at this point. They’ve had them so separated for the most part that any interest I may have had went away.

    You can stick it out for however many few episodes of the show are left. We know Peter is again after Sylar thanks to Nathan’s death, so at least that track has been restored. I don’t care about Claire/Sylar unless it results in the real Sylar coming out and killin again.

  4. Oh that reminds me. That was a problem with Heroes from S1 actually and it just got worse and worse. You can have your heroes make mistakes without being stupid. For instance, when HRG got caught up in his worries over his impeding divorce from his wife and allowed himself to fall into Sylar’s trap, that I can totally buy. It does not make me disrespect HRG.

    But Mohinder drinking his hero juice after countless Frankenstein movies have been made, or Peter never seeming to catch a clue or Parkman for that matter as well. And of course, Hiro being just Hiro. How can you root for these guys?

    The one identity crises with Sylar that I liked was the brother thing as it offered up so much potential for several characters, NOT JUST SYLAR. And I think that’s the issue this show has, they don’t let things progress to other characters. Even Hiro, God help me to say it, but his impeding death, how does that affect Ando? Or his sister? Why isn’t Ando doing everything he can to try to get the heroes to find a way to cure Hiro?

    But of course, I shall continue to watch along side you. It’s the least I can do since I left Days for you to follow alone. Your poor soul.

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