Chuck So Far

So I believe we’ve had four episodes now of S3’s Chuck.  The finale last spring had Chuck uploaded with the Intersect 2.0.  An improved upgrade for sure, as he would be able to access skill sets loaded into it’s vast database.  I was worried this would turn Chuck away from the endearing yet nervous geek who’s ordinariness made him stand out as a unique yet reluctant hero.  I needn’t have worried, they have managed to keep Chuck’s low self confidence and typical tendency to panic which affects the Intersect’s ability to flash when he needs it most.  So while he can certainly be awesome, the inability to depend on him to use his newfound skills makes him a dangerous asset to have.  Finally, a small hint to an unknown danger was brought to us in the premier.  The new Intersect  might be unstable itself, especially given that Chuck was never meant to host it.  What could this mean?  I have no idea.  I would like to express my thoughts on the season thus far and the rest of the standard cast.

Casey-He hasn’t had a lot to do.  I adore Adam Baldwin and love it when he is used either as the straight man with Chuck or any of the other OTT Buy More employees.  Playing Carina’s “young” uncle was one of my favorite Casey moments.  Baldwin’s got great facial reactions and it’s been fun to watch his constant surprise when seeing Chuck being taken over by the Intersect.  He hasn’t had an episode about him yet this season, and I hope they don’t forget about him given all the other stuff evolving with the show.

Sarah-I was worried about how they would put distance between she and Chuck.  Since we weren’t sure if Chuck would get renewed, the show made sure to at least try to give some small closure to the couple, and let them admit their feelings for each other. I wasn’t really happy with that, I think Sarah’s feelings for Chuck were rushed in S1.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve wanted the geeky guy with the spy girl and love the concept, but find if Sarah can get her head turned by Chuck so quickly, her heart was never really in the spy business to begin with.  That said, if the show had been canceled, I’d have wanted to see Sarah go ahead and admit those feelings to Chuck because we would never get to see them after all.

Now that established, the show returns and now we’ve got to deal with Sarah and Chuck as a couple.  But it’s too early to deal with them as a couple so the show has to separate them.  Chuck breaking up with her is not something I would have thought they could pull off, but they did it well, and made it believable for us to believe his real intentions (saving the world for Sarah) while hurting her enough so now she’s going to try to keep that distance permanent.  Now that Bryce is out of the way, this is probably the only way they could introduce the new interloper.  I’m not sure what I think of using Superman to be the new Superspy.  He’s hot, but almost too pretty.  Is it just me or does his face not look real?  It’s what bugged me about Superman Returns.

Ellie/Awesome– Well, Ellie hasn’t been featured much at all this season except to be shown worried about her husband, Devon.  I didn’t expect to get so much into Awesome’s story, I remember how one note he was at the beginning.  But I’ve really enjoyed him being put into the one type of job you almost expect he could excel at, but wind up sucking.  He isn’t of spy material, and forgive me for saying how awesome it is for Devon to be in awe of Chuck for a change.  I even have to laugh that Chuck flashing to protect Devon triggered him to break out of his typical adjective usage, and call Chuck, “incredible.”  How awesome is that?

Morgan-He has been always my least favorite character.  Spare me the irritating, moronic and usually pathetic sidekick of the main hero of a show.  I think we were to ship he and Ellie together but, of course, no way would I wish him on any likeable female character so his relationship with Anna Wu was just fine, as she was the next character in line I detested.  All that said, THIS SEASON, I find myself really liking Morgan.  I don’t know what’s happened.  Maybe it’s because they have allowed him actually to grow a backbone.  Sure it’s a comedic one, but he not only stood up to Carina and told her “no”, but standing up to Lester who was being truly awful was pretty courageous for him.  I could get behind this Morgan, one who is out to do the right thing , even it means people really hate him for it.  I also liked (I can’t believe it) the scene between he and Carina after they had sex.  Telling him she had better but not many was kind of tender.  I might actually possibly ship them.

Buy More-I know, I’m supped to love this side story.  The geek part of me does, any technical references to gadgets or computers makes me smile.  But I used to work in retail, and I should be able to get into this sidestory, but it usually just irritates me.  Yes, I can let reality take a seat to the “spy” business or even the fact Sarah would give a damn about Chuck in the first place.  But I can’t enjoy the Buy More because it’s too over the top.  But watching Morgan finally set the law and get Lester in trouble was a step in the right direction.

I am not sure about the new superspy guy, or how long they can make Morgan likable and Awesome notawesome.  But I think this season so far has definitely been worth the long wait.


2 thoughts on “Chuck So Far

  1. I agree with you on most of this, including Morgan much to my surprise, but I am more than bracing for him to go back to being an utter annoyance again. He’s acting less like a child, for now, we’ll see if they stick with it.

    Casey as the MUCH younger uncle just killed me. He is such a scene stealer. He hasn’t had enough time yet but I know he has a couple of episodes coming up so I’m content enough.

    I’m not that fond of the Chuck/Sarah breakup because it doesn’t really ring true to me that he would choose spying over her, but it’s not a big deal to me either because it is too early.

    I’ve always loved Awesome and will continue to do so, it’s great that he’s not automatically good at the spy thing. I like that someone in Chuck’s family knows what he is and appreciates him and can help him with his sister now.

    I’m not fond of the new spy at all. I like our little 3some and I don’t want an interloper, particularly one who may spark with Sarah. Not a fan.

    I still enjoy the Buy More. Jeffster make me laugh, always, no matter now ridiculous they are.

  2. I didn’t buy the breakup until Chuck said his REAL reason for doing it, which is rather cheesy but works much better than the character.

    Good point in someone in Chuck’s family being able to help Chuck when it comes to his cover.

    I do like Jeffster. Lester has not always been my favorite but I’ve liked him with Jeffster and much more than Morgan. But this season I can’t help but root for Morgan. I am hoping that they continue with the new positive role for him.

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