Will Lost answer all it’s questions?

The last season of Lost and there are so many questions to get through.  The producers have already gone on record to state not ALL QUESTIONS will be answered, but since the show has usually met or exceeded expectations, I’m going to see how things fall into place before I call them out on that.

Meanwhile, a hilarious parody has shown up on youtube and I must say, having to endure Petula Clark on my parent’s record player and 8 track, it’s about time someone took “Downtown” and put it to better use:

Honestly in watching the video, I had forgotten a lot of these questions and I suppose it’s worth nothing some I really don’t care about (like if the bird said Hurley’s name or not).


One thought on “Will Lost answer all it’s questions?

  1. Very cute. I liked Hi Miles, Hi Skeleton. hehe Hell they didn’t ask half the shit that I am most concerned about. Why does Jacob/monster/whatever take the shape of Jack’s dad? What are Locke & Jack’s significance to the island (they are the two main players as far as that place is concerned, I am sure of it). Where the hell was Claire for the year o time travel? Why can Walt communicate with animals and is that remotely important? There’s more but that’s all I got at the moment. I loved their little mouths. hehe

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