Smokey Lockeson

Now that we are in the last season of Lost, I have am reflecting on moments involving the smoke monster (forgive me if these make no sense, it’s very early):

Perhaps NuLocke has always done favors for Ben, as Ben “called” him after Wydmore’s men killed Alex.

Smokey attempted to pull Locke down the hole back in the first season.

Smokey staring down Eko and appearing to back off, only to return and kill him later.  Did Eko disappoint him?

Dharma (or the others) actually did a heck of a better job keeping Smokey out with their “fence” versus the stupid ash/powder the templers would pour on the ground.

Grabbing and changing the French party into crazies like Rousseau?

I’m also curious to know what other forms NuLocke was able to take.  Claire sat with Christian very similarly to the way she welcomed NuLocke, though she hadn’t been hit too hard with the crazy stick.  Is Christian another being?  Or are there two representations of him?  Does the name Christian Shepard mean what it sounds like?  Does this mean the shack that Ben and Locke never had anything to do with Jacob in the first place and was all part of NuLocke, tricking Ben all along?


One thought on “Smokey Lockeson

  1. It’s hard to ascertain the deal with Eko, since his death was an actual request from the actor instead of part of the original plan. My explanation for the change could be that Smokey initially judged Eko to be a potential ally but Eko no longer had the drive to be the badass that he was in his former life. Sayid, for instance, slipped easily back into his assassin role despite the fact that he seemed to have wanted peace. Maybe Eko was not going to do that and thus he needed to die, as he was far too powerful to leave in Jacob’s hands. Sob…I love Eko.

    I assume that Ben has always had the potential to be the “bad” leader of the island and this is why he never actually heard Jacob like Locke did.

    NuLocke seems to only be able to take the appearance of dead people. Christian, Locke, Alex…am I missing anyone? Probably. He doesn’t take their bodies where it seems like Jacob needs to actually inhabit the body he takes, hence whey they tried to kill Sayid. I dunno, just theorizing!

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