Goodbye Law & Order

The news is out. L&O is canceled. My heart is broken.  Not just because my Connie/Cutter obsession will never be truly resolved, but because something that has always been faithful to viewers for 20 years is not going to get a chance to say one last “ripped from the headlines” episode.  This news came too late as the season finale has already done.  To think of what could have been the last great episode, (I foresee certain network executives being killed over canceling a long running series that will actually hurt a city’s economy), with probably Sam Waterson turning the lights off of his office alone, and walking to the door, holding either his fedora or motorcycle helmet.

Twenty years is probably never going be achieved again by another show. And with all the stories and cast that have come and gone on this show, why not give it a true send off that is properly promoted this time, and not buried in a SVU episode?

Finally, your opinion on it being formulaic, actually the show had been playing with that. It had opened up to character driven plots and changed the format in a few episodes. I feel it’s been the strongest quality wise in years, and its a shame the current cast and crew who made it such can’t get the respect of having a real goodbye for the show they put so much effort into.

In a way L&O had always come through for NBC, even when it suffered in writing and casting, because it was always used as the show to plug a hole in the line up. With the snafu that NBC had on the Leno nonsense, I’m shocked they getting rid of their #1 substitute when they really have nothing to replace it. Idiots.

Finally, maybe NBC doesn’t deserve all the blame. Dick Wolf probably spent too much time negotiating instead of realizing the writing on the wall for his show, focusing too much on “the record” versus giving the show a proper goodbye. It just breaks my heart we won’t get a chance to say really goodbye to my favorite cast who renewed my love for this show in the last few years.


Chuck Versus the Role Models iPad recap

Tonight I’m trying out a new experiment to try to blog live on TV shows. If this works, I will obviously be right on time getting blogs out. The bad news is I have to type it up on my iPad. OK, that’s not really a problem.

Swoosie Kutz and Fred Willard guest star in this weeks episode of Chuck. Apparently the characters are legendary in the history of the CIA, and because they have been married for most of that time, the general believes Chuck and Sarah can learn a great deal from them.

Of course, we realize from the start that this couple hardly qualifies as role models for anyone. The tension is thick from Chuck’s apartment all the way to the bad guy’s house. And though our favorite couple were supposed to just observe, after Mrs Turner falls down in a drunken stupor, and her leering husband hurts his back to try to help her, it’s up to Chuck and Sarah to retrieve the software.

I really liked the sequence comparing Chuck and Morgan’s different stealth moments, naturally Morgan fails but the taller man has had a little more spy training and experience and succeeds without needing to shoot the tiger.

But alas, all is not what it seems. The Turners stop Chuck and Sarah, and taking the collar. You know what I love about Chuck is he acts like the female part of the relationship. Wanting to clean when he’s nervous is so very cute. I really hope the couple remains together at least for these last few episodes.

But if the signature couple is happy, we have to have angst elsewhere. I smell a triangle coming with Ellie and Awesome. Justin appears to be his own version of awesome. On this show looks are so deceiving. I bet we find out he’s a double agent later.

Wow, Swoosie does not look good in HD. I have a question, how did Otto know where Chuck lived? Oh the good ol’ tracking device. Hee, and they have no weapons. Had to know that was a bad idea. There sure are a lot of doors in Chuck’s place.

I swear that tiger looks small. Fully grown, my ass. Awwww, Morgan gets a slow-mo sequence. I do think the Turners coming back is a little too easy but the writers had to come up with these episodes quickly. And after all the angst from agent Superspy, I’m all fine with the rather cheesy but feel good ending of this episode. Next week’s looks like a doozy.