Goodbye Law & Order

The news is out. L&O is canceled. My heart is broken.  Not just because my Connie/Cutter obsession will never be truly resolved, but because something that has always been faithful to viewers for 20 years is not going to get a chance to say one last “ripped from the headlines” episode.  This news came too late as the season finale has already done.  To think of what could have been the last great episode, (I foresee certain network executives being killed over canceling a long running series that will actually hurt a city’s economy), with probably Sam Waterson turning the lights off of his office alone, and walking to the door, holding either his fedora or motorcycle helmet.

Twenty years is probably never going be achieved again by another show. And with all the stories and cast that have come and gone on this show, why not give it a true send off that is properly promoted this time, and not buried in a SVU episode?

Finally, your opinion on it being formulaic, actually the show had been playing with that. It had opened up to character driven plots and changed the format in a few episodes. I feel it’s been the strongest quality wise in years, and its a shame the current cast and crew who made it such can’t get the respect of having a real goodbye for the show they put so much effort into.

In a way L&O had always come through for NBC, even when it suffered in writing and casting, because it was always used as the show to plug a hole in the line up. With the snafu that NBC had on the Leno nonsense, I’m shocked they getting rid of their #1 substitute when they really have nothing to replace it. Idiots.

Finally, maybe NBC doesn’t deserve all the blame. Dick Wolf probably spent too much time negotiating instead of realizing the writing on the wall for his show, focusing too much on “the record” versus giving the show a proper goodbye. It just breaks my heart we won’t get a chance to say really goodbye to my favorite cast who renewed my love for this show in the last few years.

Chuck Versus the Role Models iPad recap

Tonight I’m trying out a new experiment to try to blog live on TV shows. If this works, I will obviously be right on time getting blogs out. The bad news is I have to type it up on my iPad. OK, that’s not really a problem.

Swoosie Kutz and Fred Willard guest star in this weeks episode of Chuck. Apparently the characters are legendary in the history of the CIA, and because they have been married for most of that time, the general believes Chuck and Sarah can learn a great deal from them.

Of course, we realize from the start that this couple hardly qualifies as role models for anyone. The tension is thick from Chuck’s apartment all the way to the bad guy’s house. And though our favorite couple were supposed to just observe, after Mrs Turner falls down in a drunken stupor, and her leering husband hurts his back to try to help her, it’s up to Chuck and Sarah to retrieve the software.

I really liked the sequence comparing Chuck and Morgan’s different stealth moments, naturally Morgan fails but the taller man has had a little more spy training and experience and succeeds without needing to shoot the tiger.

But alas, all is not what it seems. The Turners stop Chuck and Sarah, and taking the collar. You know what I love about Chuck is he acts like the female part of the relationship. Wanting to clean when he’s nervous is so very cute. I really hope the couple remains together at least for these last few episodes.

But if the signature couple is happy, we have to have angst elsewhere. I smell a triangle coming with Ellie and Awesome. Justin appears to be his own version of awesome. On this show looks are so deceiving. I bet we find out he’s a double agent later.

Wow, Swoosie does not look good in HD. I have a question, how did Otto know where Chuck lived? Oh the good ol’ tracking device. Hee, and they have no weapons. Had to know that was a bad idea. There sure are a lot of doors in Chuck’s place.

I swear that tiger looks small. Fully grown, my ass. Awwww, Morgan gets a slow-mo sequence. I do think the Turners coming back is a little too easy but the writers had to come up with these episodes quickly. And after all the angst from agent Superspy, I’m all fine with the rather cheesy but feel good ending of this episode. Next week’s looks like a doozy.

The V List

Last night Lost was a repeat, so I was able to finally watch Glee live. I thought I would write about it, but instead my motivation is to list out how I feel about V, a show that has quite the ability to kick ass but is losing momentum quickly and making poor character decisions.  I do not want to see it go down the same road as Heroes did, especially since this is it’s first season.


Trying to keep a positive spin on everything, I will start off with characters that for right now, I am enjoying. I may not have enjoyed them always or may dislike them as soon as next week.  But I can see the development for the character/story can really be revved up, provided the show sees it my way, of course.

Ryan/Pregnancy: If you had asked me two weeks ago, heck maybe even last week, I would have told you I had no interest in this storyline.  While the show has certainly allowed us to really know Ryan, his girlfriend Val is another matter.  With a very short moment in meeting Tyler as his therapist (something he needs very much), she’s been segmented off on her own, any interaction with Ryan or maybe Georgie.  No family, little job performance and a pregnancy that has a big secret that she is not aware of. I was really only paying attention to see if carrying a giant lizard in your belly would allow her to finally step over the line and eat a raw mouse.

But this week she finally knows the truth.  And is rightfully pissed.  I think we were supposed to feel sorry for Ryan last night, risking his life to keep her (and Kermit) alive.  But as a woman myself,  keeping what was going on with her body a secret from her was really wrong on so many levels.  It’s her body, it’s her life, and she had every right to understand what carrying his child really meant.  That said, for the first time I am interested in seeing them try to overcome this and be a couple again, if only because of the challenges that it all supports.

However, what worries me is she is once again, sent away from not just Ryan but everyone. Will we even see her?  I know it’s dangerous but I’d have rather she be in hiding IN TOWN, and Val coming into contact with Erica, Father Jack and even Kyle.   I have no idea if it’s possible to fall back in love with a man after he kept the secret he’s not really a man from you, but it would make an interesting story.

Father Jack: I love Father Jack.  He’s sweet, super cute, great smile, and has empathy for everyone.  As a Christian myself, I get nervous when characters dedicated to religion are introduced into the cast, as Hollywood always seems to do a poor job in understanding their motivations.  So far, I really like Father Jack.  I don’t think I ship him with Erica, I like the friendship and at this time would prefer it to stay that way.

Joshua: I also adore Joshua and am dying to know his backstory.  How did he “turn” yet remain in Ana’s good graces?  It’s fascinating to me and what I loved from the week before is while he seemed to decide to spare Lisa’s life with her mother because she could help them in the future, I really think it came more down to the fact he has the human emotion and since he’s known her as a baby, he doesn’t want to rid the world of a “V” who might possess the ability to love.

Erica:  Yes, I still like her, though she seems to have worn on many out there in cyberspace’s nerves.   She’s a terrible mother but we’ve only seen her mothering skills after her husband spontaneously left her.  Also, I’m very interested in understanding why it seemed Tyler’s dad (do we know his name?) did not appear to be Tyler’s dad.  Does this have to do with the V’s arrival?  Erica is sincere in maintaining the results where wrong and if she is lying, you have to ask yourself, why would a FBI agent whose ability to put criminals behind bars on the same type of tests now think she can convince her family to ignore such things?

Horrible horrible horrible needs to go immediately or major rewrite

Tyler: OMG, how can I make it clear that this character is THE WORST PERSON ON THE SHOW.  I could blame the actor, I do in some ways, but honestly, the writers and director chose to have him act like a whiny, selfish, bratty, naive, self-centered emo.  What is even more frustrating, is why does Ana give a wit about this child?  What about him is so damn important that it takes pimping her daughter out to get him “to their side”?  On the flip side, how can Lisa lose her emotional “V” with this guy who has all the charm and personality of maybe Screech from Saved by the Bell.  Ok, he’s prettier than Screech but he’s just as annoying, but without the nerdy brains.  The only reason I don’t want him to die is because it may send Erica down a path I don’t need her to go down right now.

Growing their numbers: Last night’s episode in particular, I was really disappointed they didn’t try to use the human assassin more in convincing him the truth about the Vs. I realize they don’t have any direct proof, at least when Ryan isn’t there.  But surely they realize that they will eventually exhaust their remaining list of 5th Column (they drop like flies every time they find one) and will have to begin recruiting new people. By that time, it’s very possible the Vs will have infiltrated so many of the hearts and minds of the general public into believing they are ANGELS, can’t they see it’s going to be problematic to force people to see the truth?  Why not attempt to see how this guy reacts when he does sees the lizard skin or discover they have been living among everyone for YEARS?

Soldier: That was pretty disappointing.  Couldn’t they find a more physical type to play THE V SOLDIER?


Ana-Though I don’t hate her, but I find I have to roll my eyes at how omniscient she is.  While she is incapable of emotion which I’m sure will be her ultimate downfall, she has no apparent disadvantages.  She spots opportunities for the Vs to be saviors, she always knows the course of action. She is so logical in everything.  The only episode of her I liked was the one where she was suffering from the pregnancy because FINALLY she had a real weakness.  We need more of those.

Chad-I can’t make up my mind about Chad.  I do not want him to be a simple puppet for Ana at all so I’m hoping he’s going to wind up turning on her.  But last night’s episode really just made him look wishy washy as he went back to Father Jack and Ana.  Is he playing Ana? Or is he on her side?  Just PICK ONE!

L&O news + spoiler

So I’ve not posted in awhile.  But here I am now! And it’s news!  Alana de la Garza is pregnant and they are writing the pregnancy into the storyline.

*“Will they write the pregnancy into Law & Order or try to hide it?

They’re going to write it in, which is really exciting especially since Law & Order isn’t really a character-driven show.

My character doesn’t have a boyfriend, she’s not married, no love interest … in the season finale there’s a scene in a bar and I was joking around with everyone as we were filming, saying, “Oh, I think tonight’s the night Connie gets knocked up!” “

How do I feel about that?  I have no idea.  I want to be excited (though honestly I’m never happy with pregnancy stories, especially when the couple has yet to be officially together).  There are numerous ways for this could be good for my ship, Connie/Mike.

But this is a ship I like, so thus my curse is always there yet so there are numerous ways the ship can disintegrate or simply cease to be anything.  Does anyone have any thoughts? Any positive remarks as I can certainly come up with enough negative ones I would rather not keep reading hem.

*Thank you to These are their Stories for the information.

iPad it is then!

So I got an iPad today and am currently trying out the wordpress iPad app. Much easier to use than the iPhone version.

Still trying everything out. Tried to attach a picture, not sure if it worked.

The State of my TV

So I know it’s been a long time since I’ve updated.  I apologize as I’m falling down on my NY’s resolutions stating I would post one blog per weekend.  (To be fair, recently I met one big resolution of cleaning out my garage.)  But it’s not all my fault, I am not that impressed with TV.  Let me discuss my current TV shows now:

The Office: Caught up to the episodes last night. I love The Office but it’s something I can watch later.  I’m really enjoying Andy and Erin right now and I got worried when they showed their foster brother.  And can I say I’m rooting for Dwight and Isabelle?

Law & Order: Ok, I’m enjoying this one the most, and not just because of my shipping compulsion for the two DAs.  I think it’s quality has vastly improved these last few years: the current cast, the writing, and finally becoming bolder with personal relationships.  Sadly, now that they moved the show, again, on Monday nights along it’s back to struggling in the ratings.  I’m hoping this has more to do with NBC still recovering from the colossal mistake of the Jay Leno show, but only time will tell.  I will state if you haven’t watched the episode, Innocence, you are missing the best episode of the year (and one that strays from the typical format of the show).

Chuck: Also on Monday nights, my interest has been reduced to zero.  The season started off so promising.  Then they introduced Superman as the next Doppelganger in the Chuck/Sarah relationship.  It’s startling that we’ve got to through this AGAIN, the Chuck/Sarah/Brett triangle made much more sense and had a  lot more layers.  Adding in Hannah doesn’t help, though I did like her, but again, it feels like a repeat of the Lou character and this show can do so much better.  I’ve watched few episodes and have no desire to tune in again.

CSI: I don’t know if it was my imagination or I’m a masochist, but for some stupid reason I get excited for Greg/Sara again.  The idea of Sara/Grissom makes me want to vomit for the rest of my life but maybe I could learn to let it go if she dumped his waddling ass for Greg (only for Greg to dump her ass).  I know that won’t happen.  There was this weird moment some time ago between them, thus I’ve been watching expectantly for a long time but nothing new.  Must have been my imagination.

Survivor: So Russell put one over on Rob.  Or one could say, Russell asked Tyson to switch his vote and the nimrod agreed which threw off Rob’s plan.  The only good news is it mainly hurt Tyson who I always hated anyway.  (Maybe even more than Russell except we’ve seen very little of Tyson).

Lost: They had me all the way up to Charlotte/Sawyer.  NO NO NO NO NO.  Must every ship I love have to be reduced to nothing?  ONe of the main reasons I supported the bomb exploding is that it SHOULD allow for both Daniel and Charlotte to be alive now, and they could have gotten together. Seeing Charlotte and Sawyer together was all kinds of wrong.  The good news is the follow up episode featured Richard pretty much the entire time and I can always get back to that.

V: It should start this week, right?

Glee: Can’t wait to April.

In Plain Sight & Criminal Intent: Should both premier on March 31st.  Looking quite forward to it.

Smokey Lockeson

Now that we are in the last season of Lost, I have am reflecting on moments involving the smoke monster (forgive me if these make no sense, it’s very early):

Perhaps NuLocke has always done favors for Ben, as Ben “called” him after Wydmore’s men killed Alex.

Smokey attempted to pull Locke down the hole back in the first season.

Smokey staring down Eko and appearing to back off, only to return and kill him later.  Did Eko disappoint him?

Dharma (or the others) actually did a heck of a better job keeping Smokey out with their “fence” versus the stupid ash/powder the templers would pour on the ground.

Grabbing and changing the French party into crazies like Rousseau?

I’m also curious to know what other forms NuLocke was able to take.  Claire sat with Christian very similarly to the way she welcomed NuLocke, though she hadn’t been hit too hard with the crazy stick.  Is Christian another being?  Or are there two representations of him?  Does the name Christian Shepard mean what it sounds like?  Does this mean the shack that Ben and Locke never had anything to do with Jacob in the first place and was all part of NuLocke, tricking Ben all along?