Merry Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas to all of you!  And in honor of the awesome gift my friends got me this year for Christmas (a Golden Girls long sleeved T-shirt), I hope you got everything you wanted, or at the very least give as graciously as Blanche did here:


Going back to what a Geek knows

So after having my heart ripped out over the loss of Blake Berris on Days (and Dena’s plot to give him the cruelest exit)…I think it’s time I just went back to original shipping and my first loves:  namely starships and sci-fi.

So it’s November 22nd and a Special Day

Many of you that know me personally know I make a big deal of my birthday. I really have no TV related story for my blog but I thought I’d share a birthday from a few years ago.  It’s not exciting or historical, just what would probably be seen as a typical moment in atypical family.

Before I go into the story, I do need to preface that

1) The people in the household were Mom, Dad, my grandmother Nana and Nora (her sister)

2) My mom’s mental state is way to complex to go into here, but she had lots of health issues, both mental and physical. That never stopped her for wanting her to get her own way in everything. She was far from the ordinary Mom and my grandmother, Nana, was the person who performed the traditional role of cooking, cleaning, running the household.

3) Nana was usually the poster child of manners and etiquette. She was also a Methodist minister’s widow and took great pride in being “Christiany” (as she would put it).

This was several years ago but I had definitely moved into my own place by that point. Naturally on my birthday I would go to my family house as Nana would make us all dinner and cake to celebrate the occasion. For birthdays and holidays, we ate in the fancy dining room which was in the front of the house. Mom sometimes would sit and eat dinner with us, and normally she expected Nana to make a particular cake only for her (no matter who’s birthday it was) but that year she had decided to go on a strict diet. So when Nana asked her what kind of cake she wanted, Mom told her it wasn’t necessary to make one for her.  Nana was already in her eighties by that point, and didn’t feel that well so she chose to take what my Mom said at face value.  When my birthday arrived, Mom’s back was hurting so instead of sitting and eating dinner with us she would go into the den (rear of house) and watch TV until we got done. She would like to have some cake later though was the last thing she said as she left the room.

At the mention of her wanting cake, Nana began fretting. Apparently, she hadn’t felt good and decided to make a rather small cake for just the four of us. “I don’t have enough cake for Alice!” She eventually decided to give up her piece. I told Nana she shouldn’t have to do that and Mom could have mine. But it was my birthday and I should have cake.

So we are sitting there and someone knocks on the door (in the back). Dad happened to be up then (probably getting mom an iced tea) and went to answer it. It was our next door neighbor Mrs. Wong. She had this bad habit of locking herself out of her house and needed to use our phone. She made a phone call to her husband and then she went back outside to wait. Well, it was NOVEMBER and cold. You could see her out there just freezing. I told Dad I couldn’t believe he let her go back outside and he needed to ask her back in and Nana was like, “Wait!”

We looked at her. “What?”

She said, “I don’t have enough cake!” Nana was of the old school regime that you offered guests in the house dessert. I told her technically Mrs. Wong wasn’t a guest but before she could help herself, Nana offered her a piece. There went Nora’s piece. Mrs. Wong sat with my Mom in the den. Knowing Mrs. Wong couldn’t speak much English I can imagine how the conversation went. But they were eating cake.

So we sat down (we still were working on dinner) and the door knocks and we remain in the dining room. We assume it’s Mr. Wong but then we hear this deep BOOMING voice and I was like, “Who is that?”

Dad’s eyes got big, “Ugh, it’s Mr. Hopper.” Mr. Hopper was a new neighbor on the other side and he had been driving Dad nuts borrowing stuff over and over. Dad didn’t complain much of other people, but he had of this man.

We all sit there in silence as we hear Mom invite him in. I heard Mom introduce Mrs. Wong and Mr. Hopper. They laughed a bit (I found out later he joked thinking he got the wrong house as Mrs. Wong assumed it was her husband and answered the door). I looked at Dad and asked him if he was going to speak to him. Dad shook his head. “He only wants to borrow something.” I then looked at Nana, “I don’t have enough cake!” Incredibly shy Nora was always petrified to speak to strangers.

Sighing I got up to speak to him and before you knew it, Mom offered him a piece of cake. So, I had to give him Dad’s. I was amused to watch them sitting down in the den together as Mr. Hopper didn’t offer why he came by and I didn’t ask. Mom just rattled on about the weather or something. Mrs. Wong nodded like she knew what she was saying. Mr. Hopper really liked his cake.

I went back to the table and joked we could split the last piece four ways. Then another knock at the door. Finally Mr. Wong was here. I told Nana she better get in there before Mom offered him some cake. Well, wouldn’t you know….it was too late! Mom, Mrs. Wong, Mr. Wong and Mr. Hopper sat in our den chowing down on cake after Nana gave him the last piece. Dad reluctantly got up to see what Mr. Hopper wanted, (he wanted to see if we had an extra phone as theirs had gone out) and Nora and I did the dishes. Nana vowed to never be low on cake again. I think the next year she made 3 for us.

Stupid Agent Man

Okay, I am done with bitching about Jett Carver on DOOL.  Okay, maybe not really. Still, when forced to watch him in the scenes, especially “investigating” think of this diddy I made up to be sung to the tune, Secret Agent Man.

There’s a man who believes life is in danger
everyone he meets they wish he’d stay a stranger
With few shirts he does wear
his investigation doesn’t fair
Odds are we won’t see him act tomorrow

Stupid agent man, stupid agent man
They’ve given him a job but he’s dumber than corn of cob

Jett’s face was pretty but we find
A pretty face can hide a dumbass mind
Ah, be careful what you ask
cause he will tell the secret task
His secret job is known by all tomorrow

Stupid agent man, Stupid agent man
They’ve given him a job but he’s dumber than corn of cob

Hangin in a Vegas hot tub one day
then whining on the pier the very next day
Oh no, he misses Jeremy to nab
cause he’s showing Chelsea his abs
His job won’t be safe to see tomorrow

Stupid agent man, stupid agent man
They’ve given him a job but he’s dumber than corn of cob

My Hopes on Days

After being gone on vacation for almost a week, I have caught up to Days way faster than I should if I had a life…but I’ll let that go. After watching the show this week, these are my hopes of where I think they are going. I am spoiled but I will try to keep from using my knowledge of future episodes and just go with my gut instinct (which is usually as wrong as Chelsea’s apparently):

Dimera war-Bo and Hope are on their way to Ireland with a key that they hope will open a tabernacle. You just know only good things can come from this. </sarcasm> Since the Brady’s are incapable of keeping anything to themselves and Stefano is aware they have the key, I’m sure it will only be a matter of time before they are greeted with danger while there. My Hope-The tabernacle will find the true cause of the Brady/Dimera fued. Apparently all seasons of The Brady Bunch on DVD. It was Santos great wish that the TV show would be named The Dimera Clan but it was not meant to be…and he has embittered about it ever since. (Before any of you insist the timeline is wrong, give it a few months and I’m sure the storyline will be moved up to the 1970s).

Touch the Sky Storyline-So now we know that Stephanie knows nothing about Jeremy’s activities but still didn’t waste time informing her boyfriend he was being investigated. Max has been MIA and last seen in Las Vegas and I actually miss him and his niece dating ways actually. It’s a bit sad no one seems to notice he isn’t around but then this generation of Salemnites show less concern and consideration than Stefano did when Bart died. That said, we got some cute Chelsea/Nick moments that I shall spin to be positive rather than negative in regards to her using Nick for the umpteenth time and clueless where the money her grandmother really came from. My Hope is that when this is over the ISA will hire Nick as a trainer…one who can teach their agents (Jett, Danielle) how to come up with reasonable excuses to avoid suspicion when caught in awkward situations.

Phimi baby-Here we go again, I might care about Shawn and Belle because they are on one side of a storyline that now directly involves my favorite couple, Steve and Kayla. Obviously this baby Kayla has found is Phillip’s and Mimi’s. Phillip and Billie in Indianapolis were awesome too and proved that Billie can be written properly with a brain once you take her out of Salem (and men who are unrelated to her.) My Hope is that we get some great material for Kayla is all. I have felt a short changed by this show on what MBE can do and I think this can be a really meaty story as well as helping put Phillip into their orbit *cough* to meet Stephanie *cough* and it can be fairly angsty all the way around. When the truth comes out, I would also love to see Victor’s reaction finding out Steve Johnson is raising his grandson.

Cause I saw this pic and couldn’t resist…

“I see you are putting on your running shoes. Oh, are we going for a run? Whoopee!  Haven’t done that in awhile…wait, what is this thing? Is this a new harness? It feels a bit restrictive, I can hardly run around the park while in this…”


Saved by the Beach

So, anyone see any real chemistry between Chelsea and Jett or Chelsea and Jeremy? No? I didn’t think so either.

Watching the beach scenes, I was struck by how it reminded me of a more extreme Saved by the Bell episode. I mean, even the actors look like their counterparts.

Jeremy=Zack: Okay, so he’s definitely a jerk. But remember, Zack was never supposed to be a nice guy. And in terms of looks, Jeremy really has the preppy blond hunk who has had his life served to him on a silver platter!

Jett=Slater: Both are muscle hunks, both have had military backgrounds (Slater was an army brat) and both even have ethnicity. He does appear nicer than Slater though (so far).

Stephanie=Kelly: In looks at least. Kelly was always a nice girl, so bitchyness that Stephanie is betraying really reminds me more of Brenda but I’ll save that if I start getting more of a 90210 vibe.

Chelsea=Jessi: Big no on the looks department, Chelsea represents Jessi because I always remember the snark the tall girl had (though that was with Slater rather than Zack) and Chelsea certainly acted like “the brain” with being suspicious of this company they were planning. I’m so proud of her, especially for talking about her guy, Nick and standing up to Jeremy!

Max=Screech: Okay, this might sound mean but this is the most obvious one to me. First, Max cutting out of work and showing up IMMEDIATELY is just something Screech would do. He’d drop anything whenever Zack called him. Then, and this is the part I feel slightly guilty, Max looked so scrawny next to the other guys, bless Darrin’s heart, I bet it hurt to wait weeks to be in an episode only to have to stand next to the latest eye candy. Lastly, Max investing just shows he is guillible, like Screech was always willing to do whatever Zack and Slater put him up to.

Why does no one notice Jeremy is a Horton?  And seriously, Stephanie heads off to Dayton, hooks up with a guy who winds up being related to the OTHER core family in Salem?  Meanwhile his best friend, in turn, is related to the only black minority family in Salem?  :eyeroll:  I mean, I normally agree with Hogan that bringing in new character they must show some connection to the current cast, but here was an excellent opportunity to bring in new characters who wouldn’t require them to check family histories to see if they could hook up!