Allow me to take a break and be Geeky

i.TV has been working on TiVo scheduling. Their updated i.TV iPhone app now links to your TiVo web account to schedule recordings. And i.TV’s television guide sure beats TiVo’s own mobile site.

This new feature joins Netflix queue management and various video previews.

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Tivo Auto Delete Flag Returning?

I love Tivo and I was using it way before many people “discovered it”.  I had the first generation of Tivo…made under Sony which even the remote was different then.  That first unit I made a very forward thinking decision in purchasing the lifetime subscription plan.  Since then I’ve been able to purchase later models but the monthly fee has been at a lower price.

That said, one thing that makes me nervous is Tivo giving into broadcasters and placing restrictions on the content we record.  Two years ago an “Auto Delete” flag showed up on some Tivo models nation wide, giving the viewer only a limited time to watch their recording.  It went away as quickly as it showed up, Tivo insisting it was a “glitch!”

Now reports are coming in that the auto delete flag is returning on episodes of Star Trek.  Sure, make jokes all you want but if this isn’t a glitch and it’s another test…chances are we are going to be seeing this a lot more often.

And Now a Word from Our Sponsers.

Anyone looking to join some random Message Board, I happen to run one on my main site.  I have just spent all afternoon upgrading the board and working on a brand new template which has rejuvenated me to push people to join.  It’s really a board designed to discuss anything and everything though there is a review section for books/movies/TV.   If you join, a couple of hidden forums open up with links to various sites as well as flash games.

So, anyway, my followers, feel free to come and post!

Lost Ad Placement or Dharma Conspiracy?

While watching Lost this week, it seemed they did a shoutout to Apple’s marketing campaign by showing a prop to look like a certain new phone that will be coming on the market soon. The phone on the show was a “satellite” phone but viewers caught a quick glimpse before the device went dead.

The funny thing is that Lost viewers know that the show is actually set back in the first year it premiered way back in the archaic age of 2004. Is this a sign that we are to find out that the Dharma Initiative is funded by Apple?

Ok, now I really changed my site

Not that anyone has to comment but now I have REALLY changed my website:

Anyway, for those of you that run your own WordPress blog….you might be interested in seeing what you can do when you have full control of WordPress. I’m rather proud of it, looks a bit busy but it certainly captures who I am minus my TV obsessions.  I just wish that rose could have been yellow.  😉

A word from our sponsors

Let me interrupt our regularly scheduled programming to bring you something unrelated to TV or entertainment.

I changed my main website. I get excited about this and must announce it everywhere. My main site is tech driven (as it’s supposed to be my main love in life BEFORE TV but sadly my job is sucking that love away) but there are a few splashes of personal touches like pics and a forum. I changed to a silver polished look that hopefully makes it seem more sci-fi-ish (all good things in life are).

And now…this banner that I love from a wonderful fellow DOOL fan who runs a great history site:

TWoP down again…

No real reason to post this except I’m starting a collection of such notices.  😀

I will go on the record that being in IT if I took my work’s website down as often as TWoP has been down, I so would have been fired a long time ago.  (Hey, that’s an idea!)