2008 Year in Review

Technically we are still in 2008 but I believe it’s safe to do a year in review today with no feelings any major news will get announced.  Most of these programs I plan to continue blogging for 2009 but that doesn’t mean I’ve been happy with their latest episodes.

Days of Our Lives: This is no shock to anyone this is probably the worst year I’ve ever seen on the soap.  I refrained from doing a Best/Worst list with the show because everyone should know me well enough to guess as who will get what and since I’m no longer interested, it’s too painful to list anything good.  Oddly, the year started out strong with Fordgate and the airplane crash, however those stories were wrapping up from the leaving head-writer and since none of them featured age inappropriate pairings, forced couplings, and musical chairs between couples, we have to probably thank Hogan for that.

Of course my primary problem with the show was that my favorite character’s story was reduced to little screentime for most of the year, and once Nick was given something significant to do, it wound up being his exit story.  On the other hand, my next favorite characters proved to be the reverse, Steve and Kayla had a big story the beginning of the year but stalled in the worst possible place which then basically dropped until we barely saw them.  This trend continuing presently.  If you add in the horrific couples forced down our throats such as Chelsea/Dan, Dan/Chloe, Chloe/Lucas and Chelsea/Max, I have to decide that in 2009 I’m going to just take better care of myself and turn them off.  Blake Berris has one episode for January which is his last airdate and hopefully if the show manages to not show Max on the screen, I may be able to watch it, forcing me to revert to clips.

Lost: This has been my favorite show for this year.  I’ve always been extremely fond of it, but once they introduced geeky Daniel, (though that name was nearly ruined forever thanks to Days) I once again had a new ship: Daniel/Charlotte. Unfortunately, the writer’s strike affected that particular storyline, but the rest of the show was solid.  The triangle from hell still got on my nerves but I have to admit they still kept me a Skate fan at the end with that kiss.  Also surprisingly, I became a huge Ben Linus fan, I think it’s safe to say an extremely smart man gets my attention everytime. I also was quite satisfied with the Desmond/Penny ending, though I’m sure it’s not really an ending as they appear in promos for S5.  I also have to state that after three seasons of flashbacks including three a year for Jack (my least favorite character), the flash forwards were a unique and compelling twist that I really did enjoy.  Each little take into Oceanic Six’s future while trying to guess how they got off yet  leaving others behind not just interested me, it really worried me.  It needn’t have, I was more then happy with the finale.

As for the coming season,  I’m especially happy that Desmond shaves the Barry Gibb look while reports are in that Sawyer remains shirtless for the entire S5 premier.  Now that Jack and Ben are working together to get back to the island, I don’t want that much time devoted to convincing everyone else.  The story now is the return of the island and that’s what I want to see.

The Office: I feel like this show is my friend.  I’ve grown to care for almost all the characters, yes even Dwight, and their return after the writer’s strike was like going home again.  I’m not sure if this is common knowledge, but many of the actors are the actual writers of the show, so they were interviewed often in the picket line broadcast on youtube.  I kept telling myself they never really left, but once I saw them finally in character, I knew I was mistaken.  Maybe that’s why that first episode, the dinner party, was my favorite of this year though I think it has more to do with featuring my favorite, Pam, throughout.

Of course, the rest of the season was pretty action packed.  Toby jumped a fence, Jim and Darryl in ping pong, Ryan being arrested in scandal, Jan and Michael’s huge fight, Phyllis walking in on Angela and Dwight and of course, Jim asking Pam to marry him.  That said, I really did not care for Pam being in NY for so long.  That grew old real fast but it looks like she is back to stay, and their stand off over chairs and a copier proved they were not getting stale.

Heroes: This one hurts to blog about.  The show has been on hiatus for most of the year so maybe it was expecting too much to expect Villains to be any good.  Ok, it did have it’s bright spots. Sylar being a Pettrelli, oh wait, they retconned that. Ok, well, the fact that Mohinder would have super powers, no that was horrific.  Well at least Maya left, but actually, she’s still there.  Last but not least we have Tracy boring up Nathan which is going a step too far.

Really the thing that kept me glued to this show consistently was Sylar.  Zachary Quinto is mesmerizing playing this sick bastard.  If you had told me I would be on the edge of my seat rooting on the guy who likes to literally crack open heads, bloodying himself up while yelling “cake”, I’d think you were nuts.  I even let go of those eyebrows (which I realize now are so thick to cover up he’s sporting the Vulcan look) which used to irritate me so.

Survivor: I’ve forgotten what season we are on but this year was awesome.  Last spring we featured fans vs the favorites and though I am upset on the ultimate winner, there were some awesome blind sided moments in tribal council and nothing will ever let me forget the “It’s a stick” scene.  This autumn started off rather lame but like my shocking support of  Sylar on Heroes, I wound up assigning allegiance to Sugar who sadly did not get credit in the end.    I liked Bob though, bow tie and all, and it’s nice seeing a man with brains over brawn winning this show.

90210: Sucked.  Badly.  Enough said.

Big Brother: Every year I’m embarrassed to begin watching this show but every year I’m usually riveted by the time the finale comes along.  This year was different. I didn’t care who won.  I liked Dan (can I not get away from that name?) and am kind of happy for him, but over all I think the season was boring.  But of course, it’s summer TV so what else are ya gonna watch?

CSI: Grissom is leaving!  YAY!  Of course, it’s technically not happened yet.  And it means GSR will continue off screen (the pain).  But maybe I can devote more of my blogs to it now.  I had no issues with them killing off Warrick last spring, but the way they picked up from it was really underwhelming.  It took no time at all for the characters to suspect the UnderSheriff and once Grissom deduced there was no way for their boss’s boss to hear the gun shots over the loud music, it was only a matter of time before they arrested him.  Of course, nobody brought up that perhaps someone without a history of hearing loss be the one to make that decision, but nobody questions the great Gil Grissom.

Law & Order: I don’t post much on L&O here.  I should.  Criminal Intent is the favorite of the series but I’m not liking the depression Robert Goren is spiraling into.  And don’t get me started on that Nicole Wallace episode!

Meanwhile the original series is really getting my attenion. I love the new assistant DA Michael Cutter who has excellent chemistry with Connie.  I hated to see Ed Greene leave but now that I’m finally focusing on the Order side, I am happy watching Cutter and Connie bicker about how to prosecute a case.  I do think they are white washing Cutter too much with recent episodes, notably the last one where a potential girlfriend who clerked for a senile judge was pulling strings for him in an important case.  This guy was willing to basically subject Connie to a stalker in the jury to win the case but he’s suddenly too upstanding to look the other way in a case that was still managing to uphold the law?  Of course I wanted Cutter to wind up turning her in, but let’s let him agonize about it for awhile, and maybe it would be Connie who would push him to do the right thing.

So there is how I see the year as a whole for TV. Clearly, things are not looking so good right now for too many shows.  I think it’s safe to say that with everyone trying to get through the daily grind, the least networks could do is give us quality entertainment.  After all, the title of my blog is: Live May Suck but TV Shouldn’t and I really really mean  that.

Happy New Year everybody!!

Fashion shows

The thing that’s neat about watching 90210 is how it reminds me of my days in high school.  Growing up in high school, I would rush home quickly to turn on the TV and watch 90210!

That said I think this week’s show was pretty good.  I didn’t mind Dixon, probably because they dared to let him act up properly.  I’m not really sure there is chemistry between he and Silver, I was really shocked that Kelly didn’t suggest Silver go live with the Wilson’s while she went out of town to visit Dylan.  I’d have liked to watch

I’m still liking Naomi, though I’m constantly amazed at how bad her hair looks.  Though I would have preferred that she had not been channeling Hayley Mills with wanting to keep her parents together, it’s been fairly interesting ot watch the evolution of how she has pulled more and more stunts to get their attention which will climax to next week’s attempt at drug use (or at least pretend to be).

I also, surprisingly, like Adrianna.  Sure, she’s a mega bitch and drug addict, but I find her fascinating and would love to see more of her dysfunctional relationship with her mom. I would like to warn her though about making cracks at Brenda, Shannen Doherty will whoop her ass easily.

As for Annie, you know, she’s boring to some extent but for some reason I find her quite likable.  I’m also wishing to tell the casting director great job matching her up to her on screen mom Lori Loughlin who STILL doesn’t have a lot to do on this show.  I have this bad feeling if she got fired from her job last night, she’d be satisfied to suddenly turn into housewife/mom shutting the twins back and forth to school.

I saved the best for last.  The Dylan phone call that created turmoil between Kelly and Brenda like old times.  Not that Brenda and Kelly were fighting over Dylan when they were in high school.  Seems to be Kelly and Dylan didn’t hook up until after HS.  I am wondering though if Ryan knew what he was doing when he put the bug in Kelly’s mind?