Cynical Hope

So Big Brother is winding down…thank God.  I have to admit this season was decent and for a few short days I actually was riveted.  Now that Michelle is out of the house because Jeff and Jordan proved to be the stupidest partnership since Beavis and Butthead, I’m not sure I even want to watch the finale.  I can live with watching people I dislike wind up in the final two, like Natalie and Kevin.  But their despicable game is only known to be 100% deplorable by the audience.  Some of the HGs have no idea how dirty these two have played it, even if they slightly suspect it’s not enough to think they are that detestable.  (I feel like I should get a reward for using “d” words to describe their derogatory behavior.)

So what’s coming up?  Heroes I’m trying to get excited about.  Rachel Melvin will show up in the season premiere and I’m curious to see her scenes.  I’m mildly interested in the carnival but this show has disappointed almost as often as Days has, and I quit watching that.  Can they take this season and make me enjoy it like I did way back in the first season?  Well, let’s see, Hiro is not done finding his “inner child” while at the carnival, Claire will have a huge storyline, and Tracy is not only still around but probably going to be showing herself to be naked and wet most of the time.  Sylar appears like a ghost of himself and I’m sure Peter will be whining before long.  I’m just not moved to really watch (don’t worry, I will).

The new season of Survivor (19!) is coming along, but I’m more interested in All Stars which is the Spring.  Not sure why I want to see all the returning favorites, most of them are people I’ve seen not once before but at least twice before (Colby, Jerri, James, Rupert, Amanda and more).  How many chances do these people get to play this game?  Oh, let’s not forget Coach will be returning.  Let’s all rave at how excited we are that!  *crickets*  Alrighty then.  We already know one person from S19 will be returning to S20, so we can expect that person to be memorable.

CSI is coming up and I’m still so relieved Grissom is gone.  Now that GSR was no longer around to torture me, I could sit back and watch.  I miss Warrick a bit, but not too much.  I still have Greg on there who does have chemistry with Riley and I’m doing my best not to ship them since I got my first big dose of shipping disappointment which jump started me on this streak of losing ships from Days (Nick/Chelsea) to Lost (Dan/Charlotte, Juliet/Sawyer).  Frankly, I’m scared to like any character now.  Greg is the only real survivor in this, but let’s not forget he’s had the crap beaten out of him and basically set on fire like a flare.  I have heard Jorja Fox is returning which amuses me, I still say she left the show because she didn’t want to continue playing the suffering love interest of William Peterson, and now that he’s left, she longs to return.

Lastly, there’s The Office.  I don’t know any spoilers.  We know Pam and Jim are pregnant which should be hilarious once Michael finds out, as well as Dwight.  It would certainly behoove them not to mention it to anyone until the kid graduates from college.


Long Live the Wizard

Can you believe I forgot that last night was the last time the infamous coup d’etat could be used?  I got home after BB ran so I was able to skip directly to the part where Julie asked for the person with the special power to stand up, and it was Jeff.  Jordan’s jaw was all over that floor!  If Jordan didn’t know, nobody else did (no matter what Chima may think).

Jeff used the power to take Lydia and Russell off, and put Jessie and Natalie off.  It wasn’t a surprise after that who was going home, it was Jessie.  He walked out and told Julie that America voted him out and how unfair that was!  Well, it wasn’t exactly fair he came back into the game for a second time and got HoH that first week without doing anything.  So learn to accept!

People who aren’t accepting are Chima, Natalie and Lydia.  It seems they were so heartbroken over Jessie leaving this way they had to be bribed  to stay in the house with lotion (?).  Seriously, if I had been the producer I would have let them out but NOT put them on the jury (which is what they want).  Chima especially is bitter, she made so many threats before the ceremony that she would not accept it if her nominees were taken off, so producers taped the show early so of course news leaked out ahead of time what Jeff did.  Which was ok, we celebrated anyway.

Big Brother Recap

So I’ve grown lax in my recent blogs about Big Brother.  I could explain how busy I have been or how I was without power or sick (all true).  But honestly, BB11 was sucking.  I would like to reiterate to all of you I only watch this show due to it being summer and there is so very little left to watch.  If they tried to air it during a regular TV season, I’d never watch at all.  I’m not a reality TV fan (other then HGTV and Survivor) and usually Big Brother represents the very worst society has to offer, all cooped up in one big house.  It would be fine if this was all a lesson in humanity where we could laugh/point and then allow them back to obscurity, but unfortunately one of these losers get handed $500,000 and usually they move on to “E list” of celebrities and it’s so infuriating.  Even people I like/love will wind up losing my respect in some way before the season ends.

Now I’ll get down off my soapbox so I can say the last two episodes of this show have been really good.  Especially the live episode last week.  Sure, I hated to see Casey go, (though I do like Jordan) but his farewell speech was priceless and should go down in BB infamy.  Julie Chen, who must be about to harvest some big time hormones with that baby she’s carrying, was decent in her line of questioning, actually not accepting the fluff answers they usually give.  And who cannot appreciate the game designers for forcing all the contestants to be slung directly into a giant diploma.  I know I cheered.

DirecTV recently “thanked” my usage of their service all these years by giving me three months free of Showtime, so now I can watch Big Brother After Dark.  I’m not looking for Lydia’s notorious blow jobs of Jessie or any other sexual encounters, but just to see if unedited conversations would allow my opinion to improve of certain contestants.  I found out before tonight’s episode that Russell won HoH and he was having a chat with Chima who was desperately trying to get him to save Ronnie.  I have to say my opinion of him has certainly improved, and he didn’t take any of her bull that Ronnie made some self-sacrificing decision when he didn’t put Russell up (we all remember that Jessie talked him into it).  Good boy.  Like Laura, you’re smarter then you look.

Tonight’s episode wasn’t as good as Thursday’s, but seeing Ronnie go up was wonderful.  I didn’t have to be told by the feed they obviously edited out Jessie’s pouting at being put on slop (which I do have to say gross to the squid) and I wasn’t aware that Russell and Jeff are now BFF (which is hilarious given a few weeks ago).  On the opposite end of likability but nonetheless just as hilarious was watching Ronnie make a direct plea to America to award him the “power”.  Yea, like that will happen.  Meanwhile, Lydia apparently will not say the word ‘hell’ but will initiate sexual encouters with a stranger on television?

Spell this!

Just some random thoughts in tonight’s episode.

I don’t know what’s worse, the fact that Russell won a word challenge or Natalie spelling “LAST” came in second.

I don’t know what to think of Jeff, he hasn’t DRed very much so I don’t know his motivations, but wouldn’t it be awesome if it turned out he was taking advantage of being on the most annoying clique and making it clear he’s not really their group?  At least for now, they cannot put him on the block so he can show integrity with everyone else by going head to head with people everyone probably hates anyway.  And they can’t retaliate.  (Unless BB tosses this rule aside in a few days, to which case he’s screwed).

Ronnie proves himself even dumber then originally thought.  What was the point in telling Braden they were thinking about putting him up and then say “You can’t let anyone know you know!”?  This reminds me of when Survivor decided to put the sexes against each other and they picked the most useless group of girls ever.  I was never so embarrassed these girls were used to represent my sex when it showed them spending hours trying to start a fire into the night while holding a kerosene lamp so they could see.  Ronnie extends that same embarrassment.

I don’t watch the feeds but people who do insist they are editing Lydia way too nicely.  That said, I tend to feel sorry for people who are getting targeted so early on, but since she’s been rubbing on Jessie when he was HoH and then rubbing on Rus when he PoV, it makes her look unimaginative and a huge ass kisser.  She did get saved though.

I don’t know much about Braden but the fact he was targeted simply because he was likable and now has very little chance of saving himself. I especially would prefer him to stay over Chima.  If I were him, I would let everyone know Ronnie playing both sides and to send Chima home would teach the brains a lesson.

To give credit where it’s due, Jessie came awfully close to spelling his word.  That’s probably going to be the nicest thing I ever say about him.

What kind of crazy screwed up world do I live in where the most likable people are…the popular crowd?  We’re supposed to hate them just because!

Insane Asylum

I am going to try to do a better job of keeping up with my blog starting now, sadly this means I will have to blog on Big Brother.  So here is an entry based on tonight’s episode.  Sadly it’s only the second episode.  It’s going to be a long summer I think.

Tonight’s episode started off with Jessie entering the house and their reaction.  I realized now how helpful this would be, because it gave me an idea of who I will probably like this season, and who I won’t.  Immediately Russell makes it clear he will be in the dislike column since he feels he and Jessie are going to get along just fine.  Kevin’s stock goes up in relation, since he immediately loathes Jessie.  Ronnie explains how he isn’t intimidated by Jessie and thinks he can control him.  That worries me because Ronnie proves himself to be, not  deserving of the brains clique.

Jessie spent most of the early part of the episode raising his voice (probably more of a symptom of the steroids) and act like an idiot.  His strategizing doesn’t kick until later in the episode when he talks to Jeff (who wins points by seeing through Jessie’s ploy of letting Jeff call the shots), then to Ronnie (who foolishly offers a brain member up as a pawn) and then the rest of his team (where Russell hilariously insists he’s pulling the strings).

We see a heart to heart in the pool bedroom, between Lydia, Jordan, Ronnie and Michele.  I don’t know what I’m more amused by, Ronnie admitting he never enjoyed HS while wearing a dork shirt or Jordan who’s own popularity then and now makes it inconceivable that other kids didn’t enjoy the experience like she did.  I noticed Lydia sat there especially quiet while Ronnie and Michele lamented their experiences.  I don’t know if I like her or not, the Jessie massage sickened me and it was a safe bet before they decided to divide everyone up that she would have a hard time fitting in.

The challenge was hand made for the brains.  Who lost badly.  Super badly.  Intergalactically badly.  Ronnie should never be allowed in charge again, and I was hoping we would get to see Michele just take one of the neon pipes down and begin bashing him in the head with it.  But alas, that didn’t happen.  At least when they did lose, Ronnie took it well unlike Chima who bitched, cried, complained and whined.  The room they were assigned is not that bad actually, and it could be worse.  Chima’s attitude is one of the things that really drives me crazy on reality TV shows: when you are on a team and that team loses, don’t whine and bitch like it’s all about you!  Everyone on the team is suffering right besides you and your suffering isn’t any worse, unless of course Chima was once in an insane asylum, which I wouldn’t throw out the possibility that’s where CBS begins the recruitment process.

When it came down eviction, Jessie targeted Lydia and Chima for the block.  I didn’t listen to his speech, I didn’t want to start my week off with “Jessie’s wisdom” in my mind.  Lydia cried which surprised me, I thought she was tougher then that.  I really do hope it’s Chima who goes home.  Sadly that makes it one less for the brains, but they are not deserving of the title.

Big Brother 11

So it’s a new season.  My feelings on Big Brother might surprise you.  When I first started watching it was probably season 3 or so.  It was summer and there was nothing else on.  Also, all my friends watched it and I felt left out.  I admit that though it wasn’t immediate, I would eventually get hooked on the current season and enjoy the show.

That is until the season that Dick and Danielle came on.  It was entertaining, but something about watching made me feel…well, rather highly moral.  And also, where do they find these people?  I learned later that CBS chose to edit in a way to hide the houseguests fairly bad habits.  It might surprise you to know Dick would talk of raping the women while another contestant had anti-Semitic remarks.  Of course, people knew of this if you watched the live feed so I’m not sure why CBS thought they could just hide it. That said, after the controversial contestants were evicted, the press weren’t allowed to interview them anything related that wasn’t shown during the main show.  It really set a whole bad taste in my mouth.  I continued to watch however, again, mainly because it’s summer and there isn’t anything else to watch.

So last season I watched again.  I wasn’t very religious about it, missing several episodes at times.  No one in the house seemed rootable to be me.  It felt more like a group of the lowest common denominator and I didn’t want to root for anyone, especially Jesse.  (Which we’ll get to him later of course).  This season they have done something different.  They have gone back to high school (which makes sense, the fights have always had a HS mentality to them).  We have the brains, the athletes (is jock not PC anymore?), the popular crowd and the off-beat.  I think someone BTS on this show is a Breakfast Club fan!

The groups aren’t a bad idea and make things a little more interesting, but I worry for the brains (of course would be my category).  The challenge last night was probably the one they had the best chance of winning and they were the first group eliminated. (Yes, puzzles would be something they should rule on, but BB tends to always put some physical exercise to them all).  Not surprisingly, off beat were gone next, so that left Popular and Athletes. (And I had some flashbacks to my own high school experience).  By then of course I had stopped enjoying.

Part of the this year’s twists is a former contestant could return and they would be decided by whichever group would win.  I couldn’t believe the competition came down to either Jessica with the annoying voice or Jesse with the annoying ego.  Who would I not want the most?  Well Jesse of course, so he won.  And he’s safe from this week’s eviction.  Since he’s also part of the athlete group, his group has the best chances of winning the competitions.  I’m not sure how far I can get into this show.

As of now, we don’t know enough about the other contestants other then the categories they represent.  Kevin seems like fun, but it’s the first week and his directness can get old really quick.  The brains could wind up being brainless if they have no social skills (which Big Brother is all about), while some people have already spent their winnings on breasts (Laura) and lips (Chima).  It’s never a good idea to root for anyone just yet, people change over the course of this show.  I guess time will only tell.

2008 Year in Review

Technically we are still in 2008 but I believe it’s safe to do a year in review today with no feelings any major news will get announced.  Most of these programs I plan to continue blogging for 2009 but that doesn’t mean I’ve been happy with their latest episodes.

Days of Our Lives: This is no shock to anyone this is probably the worst year I’ve ever seen on the soap.  I refrained from doing a Best/Worst list with the show because everyone should know me well enough to guess as who will get what and since I’m no longer interested, it’s too painful to list anything good.  Oddly, the year started out strong with Fordgate and the airplane crash, however those stories were wrapping up from the leaving head-writer and since none of them featured age inappropriate pairings, forced couplings, and musical chairs between couples, we have to probably thank Hogan for that.

Of course my primary problem with the show was that my favorite character’s story was reduced to little screentime for most of the year, and once Nick was given something significant to do, it wound up being his exit story.  On the other hand, my next favorite characters proved to be the reverse, Steve and Kayla had a big story the beginning of the year but stalled in the worst possible place which then basically dropped until we barely saw them.  This trend continuing presently.  If you add in the horrific couples forced down our throats such as Chelsea/Dan, Dan/Chloe, Chloe/Lucas and Chelsea/Max, I have to decide that in 2009 I’m going to just take better care of myself and turn them off.  Blake Berris has one episode for January which is his last airdate and hopefully if the show manages to not show Max on the screen, I may be able to watch it, forcing me to revert to clips.

Lost: This has been my favorite show for this year.  I’ve always been extremely fond of it, but once they introduced geeky Daniel, (though that name was nearly ruined forever thanks to Days) I once again had a new ship: Daniel/Charlotte. Unfortunately, the writer’s strike affected that particular storyline, but the rest of the show was solid.  The triangle from hell still got on my nerves but I have to admit they still kept me a Skate fan at the end with that kiss.  Also surprisingly, I became a huge Ben Linus fan, I think it’s safe to say an extremely smart man gets my attention everytime. I also was quite satisfied with the Desmond/Penny ending, though I’m sure it’s not really an ending as they appear in promos for S5.  I also have to state that after three seasons of flashbacks including three a year for Jack (my least favorite character), the flash forwards were a unique and compelling twist that I really did enjoy.  Each little take into Oceanic Six’s future while trying to guess how they got off yet  leaving others behind not just interested me, it really worried me.  It needn’t have, I was more then happy with the finale.

As for the coming season,  I’m especially happy that Desmond shaves the Barry Gibb look while reports are in that Sawyer remains shirtless for the entire S5 premier.  Now that Jack and Ben are working together to get back to the island, I don’t want that much time devoted to convincing everyone else.  The story now is the return of the island and that’s what I want to see.

The Office: I feel like this show is my friend.  I’ve grown to care for almost all the characters, yes even Dwight, and their return after the writer’s strike was like going home again.  I’m not sure if this is common knowledge, but many of the actors are the actual writers of the show, so they were interviewed often in the picket line broadcast on youtube.  I kept telling myself they never really left, but once I saw them finally in character, I knew I was mistaken.  Maybe that’s why that first episode, the dinner party, was my favorite of this year though I think it has more to do with featuring my favorite, Pam, throughout.

Of course, the rest of the season was pretty action packed.  Toby jumped a fence, Jim and Darryl in ping pong, Ryan being arrested in scandal, Jan and Michael’s huge fight, Phyllis walking in on Angela and Dwight and of course, Jim asking Pam to marry him.  That said, I really did not care for Pam being in NY for so long.  That grew old real fast but it looks like she is back to stay, and their stand off over chairs and a copier proved they were not getting stale.

Heroes: This one hurts to blog about.  The show has been on hiatus for most of the year so maybe it was expecting too much to expect Villains to be any good.  Ok, it did have it’s bright spots. Sylar being a Pettrelli, oh wait, they retconned that. Ok, well, the fact that Mohinder would have super powers, no that was horrific.  Well at least Maya left, but actually, she’s still there.  Last but not least we have Tracy boring up Nathan which is going a step too far.

Really the thing that kept me glued to this show consistently was Sylar.  Zachary Quinto is mesmerizing playing this sick bastard.  If you had told me I would be on the edge of my seat rooting on the guy who likes to literally crack open heads, bloodying himself up while yelling “cake”, I’d think you were nuts.  I even let go of those eyebrows (which I realize now are so thick to cover up he’s sporting the Vulcan look) which used to irritate me so.

Survivor: I’ve forgotten what season we are on but this year was awesome.  Last spring we featured fans vs the favorites and though I am upset on the ultimate winner, there were some awesome blind sided moments in tribal council and nothing will ever let me forget the “It’s a stick” scene.  This autumn started off rather lame but like my shocking support of  Sylar on Heroes, I wound up assigning allegiance to Sugar who sadly did not get credit in the end.    I liked Bob though, bow tie and all, and it’s nice seeing a man with brains over brawn winning this show.

90210: Sucked.  Badly.  Enough said.

Big Brother: Every year I’m embarrassed to begin watching this show but every year I’m usually riveted by the time the finale comes along.  This year was different. I didn’t care who won.  I liked Dan (can I not get away from that name?) and am kind of happy for him, but over all I think the season was boring.  But of course, it’s summer TV so what else are ya gonna watch?

CSI: Grissom is leaving!  YAY!  Of course, it’s technically not happened yet.  And it means GSR will continue off screen (the pain).  But maybe I can devote more of my blogs to it now.  I had no issues with them killing off Warrick last spring, but the way they picked up from it was really underwhelming.  It took no time at all for the characters to suspect the UnderSheriff and once Grissom deduced there was no way for their boss’s boss to hear the gun shots over the loud music, it was only a matter of time before they arrested him.  Of course, nobody brought up that perhaps someone without a history of hearing loss be the one to make that decision, but nobody questions the great Gil Grissom.

Law & Order: I don’t post much on L&O here.  I should.  Criminal Intent is the favorite of the series but I’m not liking the depression Robert Goren is spiraling into.  And don’t get me started on that Nicole Wallace episode!

Meanwhile the original series is really getting my attenion. I love the new assistant DA Michael Cutter who has excellent chemistry with Connie.  I hated to see Ed Greene leave but now that I’m finally focusing on the Order side, I am happy watching Cutter and Connie bicker about how to prosecute a case.  I do think they are white washing Cutter too much with recent episodes, notably the last one where a potential girlfriend who clerked for a senile judge was pulling strings for him in an important case.  This guy was willing to basically subject Connie to a stalker in the jury to win the case but he’s suddenly too upstanding to look the other way in a case that was still managing to uphold the law?  Of course I wanted Cutter to wind up turning her in, but let’s let him agonize about it for awhile, and maybe it would be Connie who would push him to do the right thing.

So there is how I see the year as a whole for TV. Clearly, things are not looking so good right now for too many shows.  I think it’s safe to say that with everyone trying to get through the daily grind, the least networks could do is give us quality entertainment.  After all, the title of my blog is: Live May Suck but TV Shouldn’t and I really really mean  that.

Happy New Year everybody!!