The State of my TV

So I know it’s been a long time since I’ve updated.  I apologize as I’m falling down on my NY’s resolutions stating I would post one blog per weekend.  (To be fair, recently I met one big resolution of cleaning out my garage.)  But it’s not all my fault, I am not that impressed with TV.  Let me discuss my current TV shows now:

The Office: Caught up to the episodes last night. I love The Office but it’s something I can watch later.  I’m really enjoying Andy and Erin right now and I got worried when they showed their foster brother.  And can I say I’m rooting for Dwight and Isabelle?

Law & Order: Ok, I’m enjoying this one the most, and not just because of my shipping compulsion for the two DAs.  I think it’s quality has vastly improved these last few years: the current cast, the writing, and finally becoming bolder with personal relationships.  Sadly, now that they moved the show, again, on Monday nights along it’s back to struggling in the ratings.  I’m hoping this has more to do with NBC still recovering from the colossal mistake of the Jay Leno show, but only time will tell.  I will state if you haven’t watched the episode, Innocence, you are missing the best episode of the year (and one that strays from the typical format of the show).

Chuck: Also on Monday nights, my interest has been reduced to zero.  The season started off so promising.  Then they introduced Superman as the next Doppelganger in the Chuck/Sarah relationship.  It’s startling that we’ve got to through this AGAIN, the Chuck/Sarah/Brett triangle made much more sense and had a  lot more layers.  Adding in Hannah doesn’t help, though I did like her, but again, it feels like a repeat of the Lou character and this show can do so much better.  I’ve watched few episodes and have no desire to tune in again.

CSI: I don’t know if it was my imagination or I’m a masochist, but for some stupid reason I get excited for Greg/Sara again.  The idea of Sara/Grissom makes me want to vomit for the rest of my life but maybe I could learn to let it go if she dumped his waddling ass for Greg (only for Greg to dump her ass).  I know that won’t happen.  There was this weird moment some time ago between them, thus I’ve been watching expectantly for a long time but nothing new.  Must have been my imagination.

Survivor: So Russell put one over on Rob.  Or one could say, Russell asked Tyson to switch his vote and the nimrod agreed which threw off Rob’s plan.  The only good news is it mainly hurt Tyson who I always hated anyway.  (Maybe even more than Russell except we’ve seen very little of Tyson).

Lost: They had me all the way up to Charlotte/Sawyer.  NO NO NO NO NO.  Must every ship I love have to be reduced to nothing?  ONe of the main reasons I supported the bomb exploding is that it SHOULD allow for both Daniel and Charlotte to be alive now, and they could have gotten together. Seeing Charlotte and Sawyer together was all kinds of wrong.  The good news is the follow up episode featured Richard pretty much the entire time and I can always get back to that.

V: It should start this week, right?

Glee: Can’t wait to April.

In Plain Sight & Criminal Intent: Should both premier on March 31st.  Looking quite forward to it.


A Month In

So we are a month into the new year. I’m already behind on one of my NY’s resolutions as I promised every weekend I would come up with an update.  So sorry, but I did post mid-week with that cute Lost video.  Doesn’t that give me some leeway?

I wasn’t exactly inspired to write about TV shows.  Survivor is coming out soon and I’m really tempted to focus on how Russell is NOT the greatest player the game has ever seen.  But that should be its own topic, not as a footnote in a summary blog.

So where to begin?  Right now Chuck is on and I’m letting Tivo record it.  Now that they have given us Agent Douche, I’m pretty sure I’m gonna have to have the FF button ready.  It’s not that he’s the newest threat to the Chuck/Sarah ship, but it’s just I realized he doesn’t have any flaws.  He’s got a past and obviously was crushed when his fiancée agent got killed on assignment.  And of course that will go hand in hand in Sarah’s wariness about her feelings for Chuck now that they are still part of the spy business.  My problem is he doesn’t have any flaws.  Chuck is insecure and prone to panic, Casey is fairly callous, and Sarah is overprotective of Chuck (Agent Douche is right about that).  While on that note, I do like this new Hannah chick but the show is dangerously close to making her pretty perfect too. I really do hate Mary Sue type characters, no matter, what gender.

I’m still watching CSI and I go about my life watching and enjoying the few times I see Greg on the show.  But my eyes did not deceive me that they gave us a freaking “Sandle” moment.  OMG, yes they did!  Sara and Greg actually shared a little bit about her *cough*disgusting*cough* marriage and how she seems happier in LV without her husband. I’m trying not to let me get sucked in.  But if Slynn begins writing a new FF, we will know the cold weather is because hell hath frozen over!

Heroes will be coming on soon.  I’m sure my girl Nolebucgrl is waiting patiently for me to log in so we can shake our heads and cringe at the dialogue/plot/character/non-twists we are forced to endure.  It really is quite extraordinary how this show has at least half a dozen chances to make something interesting, and they take the path of most boring every single time.  Tonight should feature Sylar and Peter locked in Sylar’s mind, no thanks to Matt who is supposed to be walking on the dark side this season, but only comes across like a teddy bear trying to convince kids baby aspirin is a narcotic.  If only he would turn against his wife Janice with the bad hair, she looks eerily like Kurt from Glee and it’s driving me insane as I do not want to see break into the numerous songs about Superman.

I’m also trying to wait patiently for Law & Order.  I thought there would be a new episode last week but alas, they broke my heart by giving me a rerun.  It’s Jay Leno’s fault I’m sure.

Lastly I know there is something I should be excited about.  What could that be?  I’m thinking up 8 different choices, but instead I get 15 answers which turns into 16 more questions that in 23 hours might happen.  What could it be?

Cynical Hope

So Big Brother is winding down…thank God.  I have to admit this season was decent and for a few short days I actually was riveted.  Now that Michelle is out of the house because Jeff and Jordan proved to be the stupidest partnership since Beavis and Butthead, I’m not sure I even want to watch the finale.  I can live with watching people I dislike wind up in the final two, like Natalie and Kevin.  But their despicable game is only known to be 100% deplorable by the audience.  Some of the HGs have no idea how dirty these two have played it, even if they slightly suspect it’s not enough to think they are that detestable.  (I feel like I should get a reward for using “d” words to describe their derogatory behavior.)

So what’s coming up?  Heroes I’m trying to get excited about.  Rachel Melvin will show up in the season premiere and I’m curious to see her scenes.  I’m mildly interested in the carnival but this show has disappointed almost as often as Days has, and I quit watching that.  Can they take this season and make me enjoy it like I did way back in the first season?  Well, let’s see, Hiro is not done finding his “inner child” while at the carnival, Claire will have a huge storyline, and Tracy is not only still around but probably going to be showing herself to be naked and wet most of the time.  Sylar appears like a ghost of himself and I’m sure Peter will be whining before long.  I’m just not moved to really watch (don’t worry, I will).

The new season of Survivor (19!) is coming along, but I’m more interested in All Stars which is the Spring.  Not sure why I want to see all the returning favorites, most of them are people I’ve seen not once before but at least twice before (Colby, Jerri, James, Rupert, Amanda and more).  How many chances do these people get to play this game?  Oh, let’s not forget Coach will be returning.  Let’s all rave at how excited we are that!  *crickets*  Alrighty then.  We already know one person from S19 will be returning to S20, so we can expect that person to be memorable.

CSI is coming up and I’m still so relieved Grissom is gone.  Now that GSR was no longer around to torture me, I could sit back and watch.  I miss Warrick a bit, but not too much.  I still have Greg on there who does have chemistry with Riley and I’m doing my best not to ship them since I got my first big dose of shipping disappointment which jump started me on this streak of losing ships from Days (Nick/Chelsea) to Lost (Dan/Charlotte, Juliet/Sawyer).  Frankly, I’m scared to like any character now.  Greg is the only real survivor in this, but let’s not forget he’s had the crap beaten out of him and basically set on fire like a flare.  I have heard Jorja Fox is returning which amuses me, I still say she left the show because she didn’t want to continue playing the suffering love interest of William Peterson, and now that he’s left, she longs to return.

Lastly, there’s The Office.  I don’t know any spoilers.  We know Pam and Jim are pregnant which should be hilarious once Michael finds out, as well as Dwight.  It would certainly behoove them not to mention it to anyone until the kid graduates from college.

In My Mind…

I know it’s been a long time since I’ve written anything, much less a blog on soaps.  This isn’t exactly a Days post since I’ve pretty much quit watching the show, but upon the news that Darin Brooks is leaving so closely behind Rachel Melvin, of course now the show is going to dare to give the most unnecessary couple in Salem a “happy ending” where departing veteran couples didn’t qualify.  Today, I’ve decided to just go ahead and attempt to write what I’ve been meaning to write, my history with past couples that were given ungraceful and usually damaging endings to their story.  I’ve watched soap operas on and off for twenty years, and when it comes to remembering couples that didn’t get their happy ending (much like Nick and Chelsea), I can think of three:

Joey/Kelly OLTL (Nathan Fillion/Gina Tognoni)

I started with them because, overall, I hold the least bitterness for their outcome.  kellyjoeylWhat is tough about them, honestly, is no clips of media or caps exists to document their history. This is possibly due to the fact Joey/Kelly never overcame the earlier relationship Joey had with Dorian (Kelly’s aunt).  I want to make it clear, I was never EVER a Joey/Dorian fan and while now that I’m older and can appreciate older women/younger men pairings, I still think Robin Strasser looks outrageously older than Joey and the jokes of Grandma sex we had for Chan could almost come into reality here.  I’m also upset that while I can find numerous pictures of Nathan out there, I was quite limited to find anything of this particular couple except for the attached.  I suppose it means no extremist fans exist that saved their tapes since the late 90s and would digitize them for us and place them online and thus I’ll have to learn to live my life not being able to download clips of Joey/Kelly.  I shall persevere but if anyone would like to direct me to an archive, I would appreciate it.

The Story

Many of you know my fetish for geeky guys/bad girl pairings, and this could be seen as the initial foray into that category. Technically, Joey was never seen as any “geek”, however, he was a literal boy scout and though being burned after Dorian dumped  him, he refused to let that change his overall Pollyanna outlook on life.  He was more on guard though and when Kelly Cramer showed up as Dorian’s bratty niece who had plenty of attitude, they were more like reluctant friends at first.  Kelly had a vision on what she wanted in life.  An older man who was sophisticated, hot and hopefully rich.  She found that in local con man David Vickers but she needed to be more experienced in “getting her secret guy”.  She talked Joey into helping her with that, and soon they were both crushing on each other.  Kelly kept screwing up and getting herself into trouble but Joey would do his best not to just help her but try to teach her about life and learn a lesson (moral compass anyone?).

The Ending

So basically the story was actually fine.  I’m not saying there wasn’t moments I cringed nor was I ever happy to see Dorian reintroduced to make a type of sick triangle, however for Joey to move on, he had to close the book on that relationship and luckily that aspect was short-lived.  My problem is that NF actually decided to leave the show and they were pretending to write Joey/Kelly off for a happy ending.   But they didn’t really do that.  Joey and Kelly did have a love scene and he was taking her to Paris but he went ahead of her but since GT was staying, they had Joey’s character write her a Dear Jane letter, which of course sent Kelly into a tailspin (literally) when she went and drove her car getting into a car crash.

In My Mind

Since GT left OLTL fairly soon, and other actors have played the characters of Joey and Kelly, it’s easy for me to pretend they did get their happy ending after all.  Joey never sent that letter and Kelly met him in Paris where they lived happily ever after.  I occasionally tune into OLTL but with all the recasts sometimes I feel like I’m watching a different show, which is probably why I never really cared to go full time with the soap no matter how much good press it gets.

Stefan/Katherine GH (Stephen Nichols/Mary Beth Evans)

Ok first, I want to make something very clear.  Anytime this couple is brought up, you will inevitably hear that the failure to make a successmbesn5 is because soaps shouldn’t attempt to repeat the same pairings on other soaps.  That is not true.  Stefan and Katherine were hot.  The problem (other then the revolving door of HWs kept changing their minds about whether to go forward) is that another soap shouldn’t attempt to COPY the story from another soap.  Especially if these new characters are established to be something completely different.  So many reasons Stefan and Katherine failed but it wasn’t because there was no chemistry.  If I dare say it, I think to some extent Stefan and Katherine were hotter than Steve and Kayla. Why?  Because the dynamic of this couple allowed for them to interact early on in ways Steve and Kayla could not.  On Days, it would be have been out of character for Kayla to even consider sleeping with Steve in the beginning and Steve had such self loathing he wouldn’t have allowed it.  Granted, once Kayla realized Steve was the one for her, she did try to move things along faster, but by then it was about love, not sex, and that was the primary difference with them on GH.  This was a perfect coupling to showcase two hot people getting it on, who have used seduction to get what they want but have never met their match…until now.  But did the show go that way?  Noooo.

The Story

It’s really difficult for me to recap this because it’s screwed up from the beginning.  Stefan meets Katherine by accidentally shooting her.  Yes, I said he shot her.  Of course she gets that soap opera amnesia where she can’t remember who the shooter was and in the typical melodramatic way, Stefan keeps visiting Katherine out of guilt.  I probably could have accepted this if they hadn’t decided to Kaylafy the woman all of a sudden.  When Katherine Bell came to town, she was all gold-digging to scheme and seduce to get her hands on any man with money.  That didn’t mean she didn’t have the capacity to love but a woman like her getting burned once was enough for her to not attempt it again.  (Which already happened with Ned).  That said, Stefan was not exactly evil incarnate himself, but close.  Cassadines are Port Charles’ version of the Dimeras, so you just know everything he does has some sinister intentions behind it.  But that drive disappeared too and while he was married to Bobbie Jones, he began having a hot affair with Katherine.  At this point I sort of lost interest, I do know at one time Alex was thwarting them by tricking Stefan into believing Katherine was his real life missing sister.  I don’t know why soaps think incest is something you should attempt to bring into a story because nothing turns me more off.  And I tuned out.

The Ending

Ultimately their story ended with Stefan doing a type of “Rebecca” trick on her and trying to remake Katherine into the image of his beloved Laura, you know, the one that got away and became infamously connected to a guy named Luke.  Once Katherine found out, she first set out, no wait.  She first fell off a balcony or something similar and was presumed dead.  She then returned from the dead and set out to seduce Stefan’s nephew who then was believed to be his son.  (And she did).  If this wasn’t enough to make you wonder if the show had a “screw the fans” policy, they even added in a good line from Stefan to Laura stating how he never believed he actually loved Katherine.  Ever.  Nice.

In My Mind

Well, let’s just say I take this whole thing and throw it away to start over.  If there was any couple perfect to do a “marriage of convenience” story, this would be it.  Katherine certainly would see the formal Stefan as stiff and someone she could easily target for that money.  Stefan would no doubt go down the inevitable “I need an heir” road and would want Katherine for that.  They decide to get married where both are believing they are screwing the other one.  What neither suspects is the sex isn’t just hot, it’s molten and Stefan’s spying on Katherine (you know he would) would allow him to see something in her he didn’t expect, vulnerability, which then allows him to show different sides to her.  Of course, you get the next estrangement coming up once they found out about what the other is doing, but then I would write them both out to live on that Cassadine island and live happily ever after.  By trying to make everyone else miserable.

Jake/Paulina AW (Tom Eplin/Judi Evans)

So, this couple, ending the way it did, taught me all about how shows can screw their fans.  It’s probably more disheartening because I was with this couple from beginning to end, never giving ujp19p.  I was always drawn to love/hate relationships and they perfectly embodied that.  He blackmailed her because of her heritage which pushed her to shoot him which pushed him to blackmail her again into marriage so she could pay him out of her trustfund.  Perfectly soap opery.  Initially, Cali Timmons  was the first Paulina, but once Judi Evans took over the role, I was 100% there.  I loved her as Adrienne on Days, but her character usually was a complete pushover and constant victim.  JE now got to play a character who could at least stand up for herself.

The Story

Jake and Paulina’s marriage was a complete con but the show did a fairly good job of figuring ways to force them into confined quarters (Rachel insisting they live in the Cory Mansion).  They had already been lovers (under CT) but Jake was never himself around her, he was conning her to get her secrets, still holding a torch for his estranged wife Marley Hudson who he did wind up raping.  Of course, redeeming rapists is nothing new on daytime, but I do think AW did a really good job of never letting us forget his past.  Years later Jake still discussed how he went to therapy sessions and how it had to come up with he dated women which I thought was a nice touch the show could have chosen not to do.  Anyway though, what he had on Paulina before the shooting, was he knew there was a possibility that she wasn’t deceased Mac Cory’s illegitimate daughter.  Of course she really was, but it was too late since now he had the goods she had shot him and was letting Marley go to prison for it.  By the time Jake awakened, Paulina had fallen in love with Senator Grant Harrison but Jake forced her to break that up.

Eventually, Paulina could no longer live a lie and by this time Jake was in love with her and didn’t want her to suffer so after she admitted the truth to ever one, he refused to press charges and took the blame to her family.  Paulina wasn’t aware how much she did care for Jake and thought she wanted the Senator back which she got, it wasn’t long before they realized they were meant for each other (as corny as that sounds).

The Ending

Jake and Paulina went on for years.  It followed a pattern for awhile, Jake would do something underhanded to upset Paulina so she would break up with him.  If it even looked like Jake was going to move on with someone else, suddenly there was Paulina jealous.  Eventually, Tom Eplin decided to leave the show.  Jake and Paulina at the time were in the middle of some dangerous jewel/diamond smuggling ring or something.  They pledged their love for each other (and meant it) but Jake had to do this ONE LAST THING of returning the diamonds before they could be together. On the way to the car, a smuggler put his gun on Jake and forced him to drive away from Bay City.  Jake purposely crashed the car and was thrown.  It engulfed in flames and Jake with amnesia walked away.  He was presumed dead as no one checked the body but everyone kept telling Paulina that he was stealing the diamonds and running away.  She didn’t believe it. Enter her next new love interest, “Joe” who was close to Jett from Days in muscles and brains.  He was a private eye who she hired to prove what she knew, that Jake wasn’t trying to leave her.  Now, I didn’t like the pairing but I figured since it was clear he was madly in love with her from the getgo, Joe would be torn upon telling her the truth about this guy she still carries a torch for, or lie and pretend he was leaving town so she could fall into his arms.

Instead, they made Joe just stupid, and he honestly believed Jake was leaving her.  They wound up in love, but shortly thereafter, Tom Eplin returned to the show.  I was ecstatic as I was sure this would end the horrific Joe/Paulina pairing but AW was never known for reuniting signature couples  (such as Cass and Katherine).  Paulina was tempted to go back to Jake, but she chose Joe and no more triangle ever.  The show closed the book forever on that and there was no discussion.  At all.

In My Mind

Sadly, I never rewrote their story.  I kept watching AW and liked Jake and Vicki enough to hope he got his happy ending there.  The soap in general was going downhill fast and Paulina might have remained on the show, but we barely saw her.  I suppose when I think of them, I concentrate on their early years and try to forget about the rest, the endless breakups, his amnesia and Joe.  But that doesn’t work too well.   There are some episodes of them on Hulu which is interesting and much further then Soapnet go.  I need to go back and watch.

So…that’s the blog I’ve been wanting to write for over a year now.  I was hoping it would help dispel my continuing disappointment that any ship I attach myself to lately (Nick/Chelsea, Nick/Melanie, Daniel/Charlotte on Lost) is bound for ultimate ruin.  I still like Hodges and Wendy on CSI, and since Dena isn’t writing them there is hope.  But they also wrote Grissom/Sara, and the contempt I hold for Dena, I doubt even she’s THAT sick.

2008 Year in Review

Technically we are still in 2008 but I believe it’s safe to do a year in review today with no feelings any major news will get announced.  Most of these programs I plan to continue blogging for 2009 but that doesn’t mean I’ve been happy with their latest episodes.

Days of Our Lives: This is no shock to anyone this is probably the worst year I’ve ever seen on the soap.  I refrained from doing a Best/Worst list with the show because everyone should know me well enough to guess as who will get what and since I’m no longer interested, it’s too painful to list anything good.  Oddly, the year started out strong with Fordgate and the airplane crash, however those stories were wrapping up from the leaving head-writer and since none of them featured age inappropriate pairings, forced couplings, and musical chairs between couples, we have to probably thank Hogan for that.

Of course my primary problem with the show was that my favorite character’s story was reduced to little screentime for most of the year, and once Nick was given something significant to do, it wound up being his exit story.  On the other hand, my next favorite characters proved to be the reverse, Steve and Kayla had a big story the beginning of the year but stalled in the worst possible place which then basically dropped until we barely saw them.  This trend continuing presently.  If you add in the horrific couples forced down our throats such as Chelsea/Dan, Dan/Chloe, Chloe/Lucas and Chelsea/Max, I have to decide that in 2009 I’m going to just take better care of myself and turn them off.  Blake Berris has one episode for January which is his last airdate and hopefully if the show manages to not show Max on the screen, I may be able to watch it, forcing me to revert to clips.

Lost: This has been my favorite show for this year.  I’ve always been extremely fond of it, but once they introduced geeky Daniel, (though that name was nearly ruined forever thanks to Days) I once again had a new ship: Daniel/Charlotte. Unfortunately, the writer’s strike affected that particular storyline, but the rest of the show was solid.  The triangle from hell still got on my nerves but I have to admit they still kept me a Skate fan at the end with that kiss.  Also surprisingly, I became a huge Ben Linus fan, I think it’s safe to say an extremely smart man gets my attention everytime. I also was quite satisfied with the Desmond/Penny ending, though I’m sure it’s not really an ending as they appear in promos for S5.  I also have to state that after three seasons of flashbacks including three a year for Jack (my least favorite character), the flash forwards were a unique and compelling twist that I really did enjoy.  Each little take into Oceanic Six’s future while trying to guess how they got off yet  leaving others behind not just interested me, it really worried me.  It needn’t have, I was more then happy with the finale.

As for the coming season,  I’m especially happy that Desmond shaves the Barry Gibb look while reports are in that Sawyer remains shirtless for the entire S5 premier.  Now that Jack and Ben are working together to get back to the island, I don’t want that much time devoted to convincing everyone else.  The story now is the return of the island and that’s what I want to see.

The Office: I feel like this show is my friend.  I’ve grown to care for almost all the characters, yes even Dwight, and their return after the writer’s strike was like going home again.  I’m not sure if this is common knowledge, but many of the actors are the actual writers of the show, so they were interviewed often in the picket line broadcast on youtube.  I kept telling myself they never really left, but once I saw them finally in character, I knew I was mistaken.  Maybe that’s why that first episode, the dinner party, was my favorite of this year though I think it has more to do with featuring my favorite, Pam, throughout.

Of course, the rest of the season was pretty action packed.  Toby jumped a fence, Jim and Darryl in ping pong, Ryan being arrested in scandal, Jan and Michael’s huge fight, Phyllis walking in on Angela and Dwight and of course, Jim asking Pam to marry him.  That said, I really did not care for Pam being in NY for so long.  That grew old real fast but it looks like she is back to stay, and their stand off over chairs and a copier proved they were not getting stale.

Heroes: This one hurts to blog about.  The show has been on hiatus for most of the year so maybe it was expecting too much to expect Villains to be any good.  Ok, it did have it’s bright spots. Sylar being a Pettrelli, oh wait, they retconned that. Ok, well, the fact that Mohinder would have super powers, no that was horrific.  Well at least Maya left, but actually, she’s still there.  Last but not least we have Tracy boring up Nathan which is going a step too far.

Really the thing that kept me glued to this show consistently was Sylar.  Zachary Quinto is mesmerizing playing this sick bastard.  If you had told me I would be on the edge of my seat rooting on the guy who likes to literally crack open heads, bloodying himself up while yelling “cake”, I’d think you were nuts.  I even let go of those eyebrows (which I realize now are so thick to cover up he’s sporting the Vulcan look) which used to irritate me so.

Survivor: I’ve forgotten what season we are on but this year was awesome.  Last spring we featured fans vs the favorites and though I am upset on the ultimate winner, there were some awesome blind sided moments in tribal council and nothing will ever let me forget the “It’s a stick” scene.  This autumn started off rather lame but like my shocking support of  Sylar on Heroes, I wound up assigning allegiance to Sugar who sadly did not get credit in the end.    I liked Bob though, bow tie and all, and it’s nice seeing a man with brains over brawn winning this show.

90210: Sucked.  Badly.  Enough said.

Big Brother: Every year I’m embarrassed to begin watching this show but every year I’m usually riveted by the time the finale comes along.  This year was different. I didn’t care who won.  I liked Dan (can I not get away from that name?) and am kind of happy for him, but over all I think the season was boring.  But of course, it’s summer TV so what else are ya gonna watch?

CSI: Grissom is leaving!  YAY!  Of course, it’s technically not happened yet.  And it means GSR will continue off screen (the pain).  But maybe I can devote more of my blogs to it now.  I had no issues with them killing off Warrick last spring, but the way they picked up from it was really underwhelming.  It took no time at all for the characters to suspect the UnderSheriff and once Grissom deduced there was no way for their boss’s boss to hear the gun shots over the loud music, it was only a matter of time before they arrested him.  Of course, nobody brought up that perhaps someone without a history of hearing loss be the one to make that decision, but nobody questions the great Gil Grissom.

Law & Order: I don’t post much on L&O here.  I should.  Criminal Intent is the favorite of the series but I’m not liking the depression Robert Goren is spiraling into.  And don’t get me started on that Nicole Wallace episode!

Meanwhile the original series is really getting my attenion. I love the new assistant DA Michael Cutter who has excellent chemistry with Connie.  I hated to see Ed Greene leave but now that I’m finally focusing on the Order side, I am happy watching Cutter and Connie bicker about how to prosecute a case.  I do think they are white washing Cutter too much with recent episodes, notably the last one where a potential girlfriend who clerked for a senile judge was pulling strings for him in an important case.  This guy was willing to basically subject Connie to a stalker in the jury to win the case but he’s suddenly too upstanding to look the other way in a case that was still managing to uphold the law?  Of course I wanted Cutter to wind up turning her in, but let’s let him agonize about it for awhile, and maybe it would be Connie who would push him to do the right thing.

So there is how I see the year as a whole for TV. Clearly, things are not looking so good right now for too many shows.  I think it’s safe to say that with everyone trying to get through the daily grind, the least networks could do is give us quality entertainment.  After all, the title of my blog is: Live May Suck but TV Shouldn’t and I really really mean  that.

Happy New Year everybody!!

My New Year’s Resolutions (for the spring TV season)

So it’s that time of year. I chose to make a list of what I plan to do for my TV viewing pleasure.  Whether I keep to it, well, that’s another story.

To not allow myself to get disappointed by ships-Of course Days of Our Lives is the biggest tormentor for me, but I must say Heroes, Lost and certainly CSI have done their share of breaking my heart on couples I really liked or even loved.  (Seriously, was it really necessary for Sylar to set Ellie on fire?  Really?) This year, it’s gonna be different!

To try to keep my expectations low-Seriously how hard was it to watch Heroes when I compare it to the first season?  I need to stop imaging how the storylines should play out and go in with a indifferent mind, just expecting to be entertained.  I mean, so I’ve been waiting for Maya to die for almost 2 years now, but I shouldn’t allow myself to get my hopes up.

To not bitch about commercials-Since my Tivo is not HD, I have to watch the shows live which I have really gotten out of the habit.  I must remember that commercials are not evil devices invented by corporations to manipulate my mind into doing whatever they say, they simply are a means to pay for the TV show.  And looking on the bright side, I am more aware to what new movies are coming out.

Keep up with recaps on TWoP-It’s funny, when I was employed by a company, I usually always had time to keep track of all the recaps of my favorite shows.  But now that I’m self-employed and working from home, the temptation to read isn’t as great.

To be better in my TV blogging-now that my writing on Days will be cut back significantly, I’m going to have to really roll up my sleeves and devote more time to other shows.  Of course, it’s quite possible that if a certain actor winds up on another soap, I could wind up jumping ship. Now, won’t that be weird?

CSI Premiere

As many of you know, I have sworn off CSI from time to time.  I embarrassingly admit it’s due to the horror of the Grissom/Sara (GSR) relationship, as well as the severe propping of Gil Grissom, played by William Peterson, executive producer.

I won’t rehash why I hate the GSR relationship.  Let’s just say I think it basically is a poorly matched couple, who would never work out in real life and in order for them to come about, the woman’s dignity was crushed, slayed and destroyed under the onslaught of a million bugs of Grissom’s choosing.  Ok, maybe that’s an exaggeration.  But the moral of the story here is that no matter how much a guy insists he doesn’t want to date you, make sure you stay true to him forever and ever, because eventually he’ll come around, and you should be there waiting!

So I knew Sara would return for Warrick’s funeral.  I knew there would be some GSR moments.  I managed to skip those.  What I had forgotten about, was how the show loves to push Gil Grissom who usually cowers at the idea of talking about his feelings or talk to people in general, up and over as the ultimate boss, friend (and I guess lover).  I can’t believe the show’s stunt that showed us Warrick on tape talking about how much he wants to be a father to a contrived, out of left field, child but that his model basically is Grissom who has been his inspiration and helped him be the man he is today.

I also was annoyed that Grissom gave Warrick’s Euology.  Shouldn’t that have been NIck?  Ok, how about all the CSI’s pitch in and talk about what Warrick meant to them?  We didn’t get much out of anyone.  Nick had a little bit of time to consider killing the Undersheriff which we knew he would never do and Brass whipped his officers into a frenzy to head out and investigate!  We had Greg and Sara (sigh) going into Warrick’s house, which of course led to the finding of the GrissomVideo, but they kept it light.

I was wondering if we would get monologues from each CSI.  Maybe skipping Sara, I can’t think of one Warrick/Sara scene actually, and maybe Greg too.  But the others, specifically Nick and Catherine should have given large sized scenes to lament on, but instead it was told for Grissom’s perspective.  Grissom was semi close to Warrick, but compared to the other friendships, it was more of a boss/employee relationship and I just didn’t care to watch it how Warrick’s death effected Grissom.

So why did I watch?  Easy.  I watched because I have a new HD TV.  Yes, I am willing to watch many things in HD now.  So pretty.  And CSI was fun to see, my beloved Greg in all his pretty (but brief) glory.  I also wanted to see how far they would take the Undersheriff’s involvement.  I wondered if they would stretch it out?  But as soon as he claimed he saw a man running away and even gave a (false) partial plate reading, it was obvious that once the CSI’s ruled out the main suspect, then it would make their boss’s boss look suspicious.

Before I sign off, one finally irritation. When they were trying to prove/disprove the UnderSheriff’s witness account, they used Grissom to be the Sheriff.  Hilariously, they made the nearby club turn up it’s music which drowned out the sound of the shooting.  My head shaking at that is, I don’t care if Grissom did have surgery, perhaps using a test subject without a history of hearing loss would make the case seem stronger.