Law and Order is my latest so it’s at the top.

Law & Order

Getting What You Want-After Cutter must remove himself from a case due to conflict of interest, Connie gets the chance she’s waited for, first chair on a big case. It’s what she’s been waiting for, but something is missing. Mike/Connie


Can’t Deny the Heart-Alternate version to the original story. Takes place morning after Kayla nurses Steve after Victor’s goons beat him up.

Celebrating in More Ways than One-Steve and Kayla take Max and Frankie out to celebrate their new home.

The Awakening-While in search of a kidnapped Marlena, John and Bo happen upon someone they thought dead.

Favorite Nurse (Missing Scene)-The show didn’t give us this scene back in 1986, but this is what I think happened between Steve and Kayla after he escorts her home.

If He Had His Way-I tried something different with this story so I’ve left out the actual summary. It is based on the Classic Steve/Kayla.

Before She Could Stop Herself– This takes place the night after Steve rescues Kayla from Orpheus and she watches him sleep on the couch.


The Monster Within-Chelsea drops everything when she hears Nick has been shot in France.

Inspire Me (Missing Scene) -A scene to explain why Chelsea went from being nasty and self-centered to Nick and Abby to suddenly wanting to change and turning over a new leaf.

She Needs Him-Upon hearing the details of John’s accident, Chelsea heads to see Nick.


Unlikely-Two unlikely people confide with each other (Steve and Nick).

Introductions-Oh how I wish they would try for Nick and Nicole.

When You Least Expect It-Ok, fully committed to a Nick and Nicole Fanfic, no matter how unlikely it is.

Untitled-My attempt at a Nick/Stephanie piece.


ClosureYou can never really heal without saying goodbye.

CSI (Greg/Sara)

Regrets-What motivated Sara to ask Greg out?

Anywhere But HereGreg overhears a conversation between Sara and Grissom about him.


Storybook Story– A father tries to console his little girl.

8 thoughts on “Fanfiction

  1. Stalk stalk stalk…you don’t know what you just did giving me the honor of stalking you over here…You’ll find when I’m at work I try my best NOT to work hehe soo I have plenty of time during the day for stalking….

    So…a duck? cats? puppies?

  2. OK well, its been a couple hours…I figured I’d stalk you again

    but first…let me just say:

    HOLY!, you’re the one who wrote can’t deny the heart! OMG I think that is like my FAV old school S&K fic EV-A! And I mean EV-A!


    back to my regularly scheduled stalking….
    stalk stalk stalk

    Me tinks we need an update of celebrating and quick I have jury duty tomorrow PLEASE I need a tripp/shannon fic fix TODAY!

    that is all 🙂

  3. Thanks Janae! You know you really made it when you get a stalker. 🙂

    I do love puppies so if you are offering me puppies I would probably take them.

  4. OK just tell me where to ship the puppies and they are yours. 🙂

    I’m stalking again by the way…I sent you a hug on your LJ and now I’m over here stalking stalking stalking I need MORE FIC FROM YOU MORE MORE MORE I just can’t seem to get enough…you fics are kinda like a bag of popcorn or M&Ms once you start eating them you just can’t stop 🙂

  5. Stalk stalk stalk for an update to Awakening 🙂

    You know I don’t give up easily 😉 hehe I think I’ll go read Can’t Deny the Heart for like the 1,112th time while I await an Awakening update

  6. Morning Tripp! 🙂 How is life? Any way to speed Paula up? hehe hehe hehe I’m relentless, aren’t I? Like a dog with a bone

  7. Yo, Shannon?

    Just dropping in to wish you many happy returns!!

    Will you even see this?

    Well, the thought’s there…and I do hope you had a great day!

    Did you get chocolate? Give me some!

    Kris-who thinks it’s time to check out more of Shannon’s fanfiction.

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