CDTH Chapters 10-19

Chapter 10

On the way to Kayla’s loft, both Steve and Kayla reflected on how quiet the other was being. Steve’s mind was running a mile a minute. What happened back at Victor’s had been something he had never dared to dream. Not just kissing Kayla but her response told him she wanted him too, it was too good to be true How could this amazing, caring, gorgeous woman even want to touch him, much less kiss him? Steve had seen hints of Kayla’s passion but what happened in the pantry surprised him. Knowing now that she was just as passionate in the physical sense as she was when arguing with him was causing Steve to fight back desires stronger then he felt in a long time. He wasn’t sure walking her up to her loft was such a good idea yet he couldn’t bring himself to leave her either.

Meanwhile, Kayla’s silence was her debating whether she should confront Steve on what happened or run away. Most of Steve’s attitude towards her up to this point had been easily dismissed by Kayla as a man who enjoyed making a show of himself for shock value. He also knew exactly how to push Kayla’s buttons to get her angry and she fell for it every time. Now Steve had found another way to get her worked up and she was really worried it meant no more to him than his usual behavior around her.

No man could kiss like that and not feel something,
Kayla thought. Her logical mind argued with it though, concentrating on his trying to intimidate her, saying those horrible remarks, blowing in her hair, and usually mocking everyone he saw. Daring to glance at him, thoughts of him saving Bo, his vulnerability with the patch, the roses and what he could do in the kitchen was defeating the logical points of her mind.

Sweetness, I’m an expert at two rooms in a house, and the kitchen is the other one.

Hearing Steve’s voice in her mind increased her will to be home already. She needed to be alone to think about this, being around Steve was too distracting. The only problem with getting away from Steve was it meant getting away from Steve.

Arriving at the door to the loft, Steve waited for Kayla to get off the elevator and he followed. Watching her unlock the door, he fought back the will to touch her. Realizing he actually was still holding her purse, he waited until she faced him to hand it to her.

“Oh,” Kayla said surprised, “I had forgotten…it was nice of you to carry it.”

“Yeah, well, Hope nearly threw it at me, so I had no choice,” he said while still staring purposely not making eye contact.

Kayla wanted to take that as a sign. Talking to Steve was one of the most impossible tasks any sane person could attempt, but before she could stop herself, she said, “We need to talk. Talk about what happened.”

Hearing Kayla say that, Steve felt bothered. Thinking her matter of fact tone meant she was going to give him the brush off, Steve’s ego answered her, “I didn’t think it was talking that you wanted to do, Sweetness.”

Kayla felt heat flush inside her. “Stop it, Steve. There was more to that kiss then just…then just…” Kayla struggled for the right words.

“Sex?” Steve said with a smile. Watching her eyes light up reminded him of the fire he felt back at Victor’s and his body took a step towards her, inside the loft, “What exactly did you have in mind?”

“Don’t come in here!” she said quickly. Too quickly. If Steve came in she might not be able to get him to leave and when that thought appealed to her she moved to fight it by keeping him out.

Steve, hurt by Kayla’s outburst, realized he was being foolish for even being around Kayla, much less expecting anything else. Glaring at her, he took a step back, “Oh, I’m sorry, Miss Brady. I didn’t mean to overstep by bounds. I guess it’s okay to maul me in a pantry, but once we are on your turf it’s back to me being scary Patch.”

“I would never call you that,” Kayla said, “and I’m not scared of you. I just want to talk to you about…”

“Don’t worry about it, Sweetness,” Steve said, turning his back on her. He was getting in the elevator, knowing he needed to get away from Kayla as fast as possible. “If you think you are the only girl who can keep me company for the night, you really are naive.”

Seething now, Kayla said, “Fine, go pick up one of your many girls. Call them next time you wind up getting beaten up!”

“I will!” Steve yelled back, then closed the elevator door.

Kayla slammed the loft door. She then threw the purse down onto the counter and held her head. She held back tears. She hadn’t wanted to send Steve away like that. How can she be arguing with him one second, and then getting the kiss of her life the next? How was she supposed to know who Steve really was if he kept giving her these confusing signals?

Steve stood in the elevator letting the tears come. It was better this way. Kayla was not his type anyway. He wasn’t good enough for her, but she would probably drive him crazy anyway. Stepping out of the elevator, Steve didn’t believe that thought anymore than he thought he could fly, but it was all he had to keep him going.

Chapter 11

Kayla’s eyes flew open as she gasped for breath. Checking the clock, she saw it was only five minutes before her alarm was set to go off. Sitting up, she held her head as she thought about the dream she was experiencing only a few minutes earlier.In it, Steve had came into her bedroom and she told him to take his shirt off. He grinned and lowered himself into her bed and they began to kiss. As Kayla was begging for more, reality cruelly woke her up.Forcing herself out of bed, Kayla went to take a shower. Her mind managed to let the memory of the dream leave, but it was only replaced by the real memory of Steve’s kiss in the pantry. Irritated that she couldn’t stop herself from these thoughts, Kayla flew through her shower and went to work on her hair.Thinking of the last things Steve said to her, Kayla couldn’t help but wonder how Steve’s life had gotten to such a point that kept him from allowing himself to open up to people. He obviously had instincts to be a good person. He didn’t hesitate to save Bo at his own great personal risk. The roses he sent Kayla were obviously meant to thank her for helping him, and Hope was able to get Steve not just drop everything to make sure she was alright but help her out to save face.Finishing up with clothes and make up, Kayla realized if she was going to get to really understand Steve, she was going to just have to grit her teeth, roll up her sleeves and dive in head first. Checking her watch, she knew she had time before she had to be at work. There was only one person she was interested in talking too.


Steve heard knocking and lifted his head out of bed. The knocking was growing louder and Steve managed to walk up the stairs and open the door. There stood Kayla giving him a look that took his breath away.

“Kayla, what are you doing here?”

She took a step towards him, “I felt badly about last night. When I said we needed to talk, what I mean was I wanted to get to know you better.”

Steve couldn’t believe what he was hearing, “No, you don’t. You want me to be like a guy like Chris, well, I’m not, I’m a nobody.”

Kayla shushed him, putting her hand on his lips. “I want to know you, Steve. I want to get to know the real you.”

Steve felt his breath leave as she put her hand down. He dipped his head towards her as she said, “And this is the best way I know how.” Steve’s arms wrapped around her as they kissed. Just as the kiss began to deepen, Steve felt someone jerk him around and suddenly Hope was in front of him yelling, “What are you doing?”

Steve woke up with a start! Breathing heavy, he had been having dreams like that all night. He was never going to get any rest if he kept dreaming about Kayla coming to his apartment.

“Like that would happen!” Steve said. Walking over to his small refrigerator, Steve poured a glass of orange juice and drank it practically in one gulp. Standing there, he still couldn’t get Kayla out of his head. Kissing her yesterday was probably the stupidest thing he had ever done. Now knowing what she tasted like and felt like, Kayla was going to be more distracting then ever. Even so, her actions of the last few days told him that Kayla was not just Bo Brady’s sister anymore. Calling her a good person was an understatement. Hope had said it better the other day, Kayla was really special.

Shaking his head, he decided he better head over to Victor and tell him the truth. He can send ten more goons to beat him up, but he wasn’t going to spy on Kayla anymore, and the old man better not send another guy in his place.

Chapter 12

Kayla waited for Hope to walk into the living after being led in by James, the butler.

“Kayla!” greeted Hope. “I am surprised you came by.”

Kayla grinned. Hope looked nervous, like Kayla was going to come in with a bullhorn and ask her if she remembered to take the lobsters out of the oven last night.

“Relax, Hope. How did everything go last night?”

Hope sighed, “Fine. The dinner went well. No one said much about the food but it was really an odd night. I was hardly spoken to. Shortly after dessert almost everyone got up and adjourned to Victor’s private study.” Hope nearly went on some more but decided she didn’t want to get into it. She had already fumed all night on the matter.

Sensing there was another reason Kayla stopped by she asked, “Is something wrong? You look like you have something on your mind.”

“There is,” Kayla said nervously, “I was hoping that you could tell me something. That is, I need to ask about…”

“Steve,” Hope finished. Off Kayla’s look, she couldn’t suppress her smile, “Did you forget how I found the two of you yesterday?

Kayla blushed. She had forgotten Hope’s witnessing it. Clearing her throat, she said, “I’m not sure what it looked like…”

“But you could tell me what it felt like,” Hope said teasingly.

“Hope!” Kayla said now very red.

Hope grinned at her friend, “You might as well get used to lines like that if you are going to hang out with Steve.”

Before Kayla could protest, Hope told her, “Come on, follow me up to the stairs, I was going through some old clothes and can use a woman’s opinion.” Kayla did, feeling so embarrassed she wondered if her ears were red.

Following the brunette into her bedroom, Kayla didn’t know where to start. She decided to let Hope start for her. She sat down on the bed and waited for the other woman to begin. When nothing came out, she looked up and found Hope regarding her with an odd expression on her face.

“Why are you looking at me like that?”

Hope smiled, “You really like Steve don’t you?”

“No, I don’t!” squeaked Kayla. Hearing her friend laugh, she went on, “I mean it! It’s not funny. I just was wondering what it is that makes him so…”

Hope interrupted, “infuriating. He can be. But he can be a decent guy too. At times.”

Kayla looked down not sure if she could ask anymore.

“I have known Steve to do some pretty crummy things,” Hope said, but then smiled, “but when you least expect it, he will be there besides you at your darkest hour. And even then, you didn’t have to ask.”

Kayla sat there not sure if she should ask the question she really wanted to ask. Deciding to bite the bullet, she looked at Hope and asked, “Do you know what happened to Steve’s eye?”

Hope nearly dropped the dresses she was putting in the box. Knowing full well she was the last person who should tell that story to Kayla, she took a deep breath and said, “It’s not for me to tell.”

“So you do know?” Kayla asked tentatively, “I know it’s none of my business, but when I saw under the patch the other day…”

“He let you see under it?”

“Yes, when he was beat up. I had to. It needed cleaning with the sweat and blood on him. He was terrified for me to remove the patch.”

Hope listened to her friend who appeared lost in the memory. Not sure what to tell her, she simply said, “Kayla, I can’t tell you what happened to that. I will say….I will say the experience hurt more than just physically.”

Kayla knew Hope was right, but she was dying to know what events led up to it. “I know Steve can be a real jerk sometimes, well most of the time. But in this little time I have known him, there were a few moments I felt like I could see something in him that has always been there but hidden.”

Kayla laughed a bit at that, but she continued, “I know, I sound starry-eyed. I’m not trying to white wash him to explain away these…whatever it is I feel around him.”

“Attraction, desire,” Hope helpfully reminded her.

“I’m not sure it’s that,” Kayla said, ignoring the snort Hope gave. “I just think the man we see today is the man he knows people expect him to be. Underneath that though is a good man…”

“Kayla,” Hope warned, “I know where you are going with this. I just want to warn you to be careful. I’m not saying what you just said isn’t true, and Lord knows I’m the last person to tell you not to try to date what others perceive as a ‘bad boy’, but don’t go out looking at Steve like he’s a diamond in the rough either.”

“So you are saying I should walk away from Steve?” Kayla said bitterly.

“No, actually I honestly don’t want you to do that either. I have come to care for Steve myself and I would love to see him happy. I just want you to be sure you understand that it won’t be as easy as finding out about his past.”

Kayla nodded. She knew that. She laughed, “I just am trying to get to understand him better, Hope. I want to be a friend to him, but he makes it so hard.”

Hope laughed, “That I can understand. But it looked to me that yesterday you were wanting to be more than friends.”

Again, Kayla blushed, “I can’t deny what you saw yesterday. The way he was when he was cooking, and the roses he sent…”


“Yes,“ Kayla admitted, “Steve was the one that sent those roses. I feel terrible as I just assumed in front of his face they were from Chris. Thank you for suggesting I go…wait! Did you already know they were from him?”

Hope shrugged, “I guessed but didn’t know for sure. He saw me at Shenanigans and he was suddenly interested in our family. I figured it was because of his interest in you. Now I guess it might just be a thank you for you nursing him the other night.”

“Oh,” Kayla answered, feeling slightly disappointed. “Well, I guess I have taken too much of your time, besides I have to get to work.”

The two women said their goodbyes and Kayla headed down the stairs. She was almost out of the door when she heard a familiar voice coming from the main living room. Knowing full well who it was, she stood near the entrance and saw Steve Johnson pacing and gesturing widely towards Victor.

“You heard me,” Steve was going on, “I’m not working for you anymore. I don’t want your money, you can do what you want; you already had me beaten. I’m through.”

“If that’s how you want it, Steven,” Victor said, “if you think losing one thug out of my daily arsenal is going to hurt my business, you obviously overestimated your talents.”

Kayla’s shock at the scene was so strong she let out an audible gasp.

The sound was enough to make Steve turn around and see Kayla there. She turned and ran away. Steve took one last look at Victor who voiced, “Please don’t slam the door on your way out to catch her.”

Biting back an angry retort, Steve ran out of the house and slammed the door as hard as he could.
Chapter 13

“Kayla! KAYLA!” Steve screamed.

She wasn’t listening. She didn’t want to listen. She had no intention of listening ever. She could hear Steve running up behind her as she made her way off the Kiriakis grounds. He grabbed her arm but she jerked it away.

“Don’t you touch me!” she said. “Don’t you ever touch me again.”

Steve swallowed as he caught his breath. Though his wounds were healing, he couldn’t run like he usually could and Kayla was like the wind. Looking at her he said, “Listen, Kayla, let me explain.”

“Explain? Explain what?” The look Kayla gave him made Steve feel very cold in the summer heat.

“It’s not what it looks like,” he said trying to think what he could tell her.

Kayla wasn’t going to let him try to con her, “Don’t try to tell me that was you simply quitting the freight company? I’m not as stupid as you think I am.”

“I don’t think you are stupid, Sweetness,” he said softly.

“Don’t call me Sweetness!” she yelled at him. Then she began to sneer, “Oh, you do think I’m stupid. I actually felt sorry for you the other night with all those bruises.” At the last word she slugged him slightly in the side, making Steve wince.

“Sweet….Kayla, please, let me explain. What you just saw, what you overheard…”

“Do you know why I was over there? I was visiting Hope. I wanted to know more about you, if she could let me know why you acted like you do…why…” Kayla stopped as tears were coming in. She couldn’t believe she had wasted this much time on a guy like him. “I told Hope I knew you could be a jerk at times but there was a good man underneath.”

Steve didn’t know what to say to that. He hadn’t known Kayla would go to Hope like that. Hadn’t expected it. Certainly didn’t expect her to think about him at all. Why would she even care? Remembering the kiss from the day before made Steve feel more ashamed at the situation. If she only knew what he was doing for Kiriakis.

Kayla turned on her heel and walked off. She needed to get to work. Yelling at Steve on the streets was a waste of time. This whole morning had been a waste of time. She heard Steve behind her. He was still trying to explain.

“I don’t want you to explain.”

“Yes, I worked for Victor. But I’m done now. I quit. That’s why I was there.” Steve kept walking as Kayla said nothing. “Shouldn’t that mean something?”

She whirled around so fast he jumped back, “What did you do for him?”

The look in her eyes scared Steve. He had seen Kayla mad plenty of times before, but this look was not something he liked seeing in her. “What does it matter? I’m done…”

“It does matter. I want to know. What were you doing for him?”

Steve knew very well he didn’t want to tell her what he was really doing. Hearing that he followed her around and reported her movements back to Victor would push her away so that she would never speak to him again. Steve didn’t like the idea of never seeing or speaking to Kayla again. He hated it.


At the lie, Kayla said fine, and then continued walking. He wasn’t going to tell the truth. He hasn’t told her the truth since they met, why should he now?

“Kayla, come on. It’s.. it’s not what you think.”

“What I think is no concern to you.”

“Yes it is!”

“Why?” Kayla asked. Steve didn’t have an answer for that. He didn’t know. He heard her say under her breath, “That’s what I thought.”

“No, Kayla, I want you to understand that whatever happened with Victor, it’s over now. I’m done with him.”

“Again, what did you do for him?” When he didn’t answer, Kayla continued, “Okay, why did you work for him in the first place? See, you don’t want to tell me. That’s fine. I’m sure it’s because I don’t want to know. Which means I really don’t want to know you.”

By now they were at the Emergency Center. Before going in, Kayla stopped and looked at Steve. Trying to say as calmly possible, “I need to go in and get to work. I’m late as it is. Don’t follow me in there. I don’t want to keep talking to you. I don’t want to see you. If you…” she was about to say cared, but choked on the words, “If you planned to hang out here all day, let me assure you that I will call my brother, Roman.”

“I’m not a criminal, Sweetness.”

“How could I know that? The way you act, the way you present yourself to people. I thought it was a front. Obviously I was wrong.”

“Kayla, I…”

“Please leave,” she said, and then she turned and went inside. Steve stood outside the clinic and decided he needed to go. There was nothing he could say at this point. He began walking away, wondering what he could possibly do or say to get Kayla to understand he wasn’t like that.

Chapter 14

Steve never felt so depressed in his life. He stood in front of his locker at the freight company, his supposed “job” and was emptying it out. Not that he had much there. A couple of extra t-shirts and some hygiene products. He wondered if he would have time to run into the bathrooms and pick up some extra rolls of toilet paper for home.Steve had come straight there from the emergency center, Kayla’s words still echoing in his head. It was hard enough to know she was angry at him, but hearing what she said to him bothered him more than he thought it should. It really was none of her business the way he ran his life. Who cared if she hated him? Who cared if she thought he was just some hired street thug? He lived his life not caring what others thought of him; whatever a self-righteous nurse thought of him on the river front was of no concern.“What are you doing? Why aren’t you at work?”Steve turned to the origin of the voice. There stood Bo, looking angry. Steve wondered how his former best friend could be in charge of this “company” yet have no idea who was working when and what position. “I think you should call up, Daddy, Beauregard,” Steve said, “it seems you didn’t know when he hired me to be your foreman and now he didn’t let you know I no longer work here.”Bo snorted, “Fired you, did he?”

Steve slammed the door at that. Glaring at the younger man, he said, “Hardly. I quit.”

Bo’s shock was evident, “Quit? Why would you quit?”

Steve wanted to come back with his usual smart alack retort. Briefly, Kayla’s words came to his mind, and he decided to just be truthful, “Because, Bo, I don’t want to work for that man. I am getting out of his schemes. If you had any brains, you would too.”

Bo became annoyed, “Oh, don’t you even try to lecture me..”

“Lecture?” Steve asked incredulously. “What are you doing here, man? You have a beautiful wife who is pregnant with your baby…”

“You know about that?” Bo asked getting angry.

“Yea, I know, and don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone. But it’s just stupid. If I had a wife like Hope who goes out of her way to do what she does for you…” he trailed off. Bo was an idiot. He just started to walk away.

“Steve, you know nothing about what I’m doing. It’s none of your business…” Bo said.

“No, it’s not. Is it?” Steve said, “But Hope and the Brady’s are your business and what you’re doing here with Victor is hurting them. Putting Victor first over them is just so….even with his money. I know to expect this behavior from you but they…”

The last sentence was the last straw, Bo threw Steve up against the lockers, getting in his face. He started to say something but realized it was pointless. When he stepped away from Steve, he noticed a weird look on his face. It disappeared quickly though as Steve reached down to pick up the items he dropped.

“I have to go now,” Steve said weirdly. He left so quickly Bo wondered what had happened.

Getting outside, Steve looked and walked around to the side in the nearby ally. Putting down his items, he pulled out the one thing that wasn’t his. A tape recorder. When Bo threw him against the wall, Steve’s hands had gone into a defensive position and Steve felt it there in Bo’s jacket pocket. Thinking fast, he quickly picked it. At the time, he wasn’t sure what it was but something inside him told him to do it.

Not being one to wait for anything, Steve rewound it some and then pushed play. Instantly he heard voices. One was notably Victor’s but the others weren’t. They were talking about a shipment arriving which needed special attention. Victor was negotiating how his men would unload the cargo at a “special time” but needed to be assured he was going to be remembered for this favor.

Steve didn’t have time to listen to anymore when he felt a hand on his back yank him around. There stood Bo looking red. “Give me that!” he said and grabbed the tape recorder out of Steve’s hand.

Watching Bo check it out to make sure the tape was still in it, Steve was beginning to view Bo very different than he had a few minutes before.
“Bo, what have you got yourself into?”

“It’s none of your business,” he spat back.

A small smile formed on Steve’s lips as everything started sinking in. “Are you really trying to take down Victor all by yourself? Oh, Bo, that’s just so….stupid.”

Bo shushed Steve then attempted to throw him against the wall again, but Steve had enough of letting Junior push him around. Side stepping Bo, Steve reversed the situation and now held Bo’s back to the wall.

“Let me go!” Bo ordered.

“I don’t work for you anymore, so no. Not until you tell me what the hell you are doing!” Steve said.

Bo pushed Steve off him. What was he to do now? Steve knowing could jeopardize this whole thing. Looking down he groaned when he saw Steve had the tape recorder back. How the hell does he do that?

Steve laughed at Bo’s frustration and said, “Better tell me what you are doing. I’m not going away quietly if you don’t.”

Knowing he had no choice, Bo began to tell him.

Chapter 15

Steve listened to Bo in the alley beside Victor’s company. They had moved back out of sight from anyone passing by. Bo began to tell Steve his initial plan of getting close to Victor but as details started to come out, the relief Bo felt at finally sharing propelled him to go on. For a little while, as Steve simply kept his mouth shut, it felt like old times.Until Bo got done. Now knowing he had jeopardized his operation, Bo couldn’t risk Steve screwing it up. Bo’s face turned hard as he said, “Now, how much?”Confused, Steve asked, “How much what?”“How much do I have to pay you to keep you from going to my father with this?”Steve started to lunge at Bo but caught himself in time, he replied, “You think I would do that?”


“I just told you, Junior, that I’m through with working for the old man. I meant it. And anyway,” Steve said starting to smile, “telling Victor this information will defeat the purpose.”

Bo became suspicious, “What purpose?”

“Of helping you.”

“No,” Bo said firmly, “you are not going to be helping me. No! Get that thought right out of your head.”

Steve leaned back onto the wall, “Now, with what you told me about this shipment coming in…”

“Forget about that,” Bo said, realizing Steve was completely serious. “You aren’t going to help with anything. I got this covered.”

Steve laughed hard at that. Quieting down, he replied, “Oh, yeah. You got things covered. You and your tape recorder. What, did you have this thing taped under the table while Victor was having his meetings?”

Bo’s silence spoke volumes which made Steve chuckle more. He couldn’t help but say, “God help this baby of yours coming. Between you and Hope’s thorough planning that kid is in big trouble.”

“What are you talking about?” Bo asked feeling very weary.

“Nothing. Listen, you need my help. Admit it. This thing Vic has planned for tomorrow night is too big for you to take on by yourself. If you show up there it’s going to be suspicious. Let me go and handle this for you, that way if I get caught, you won’t be suspected.”

Bo knew Steve was making sense. When he initially heard the conversation he knew it was a perfect opportunity to wreak havoc in not just Victor’s organization but others as well. The problem was there was no way that he would be able to sneak into the warehouse where the delivery would take place. Victor kept tabs on Bo at night not to mention explaining to Hope where he was going.

However, Bo still didn’t trust Steve. “How do I know you won’t get caught accidentally on purpose?”

“Because I told you I won’t!” Steve spat at him.

“I’m afraid that isn’t good enough, Steve,” Bo said, “I’m not going to risk this whole thing…”

“Man, what are you going to do? Go in there yourself? Listen, Bo,” Steve pleaded, “let me help you. Really. I know, I know I haven’t given you much reason to trust me, but I want to help. I do.”

Steve felt almost foolish. What was wrong with him? He wasn’t sure what was driving him to help Bo other than bringing Victor down. Bo reluctantly agreed, knowing he didn’t have a choice. He told Steve he would meet him the next day and go over the details then.

Steve walked away, almost forgetting his personal items he came for in the first place. Steve’s mind focused on Kayla and he started smiling. Life didn’t seem nearly as depressing as it was before.

Chapter 16

The next afternoon, Bo arrived at Steve’s place to go over the plan. Bo was still nervous, not anywhere near having the trust in Steve that was required. Steve decided for once he would keep his opinions to himself. Waking up that morning, Steve was determined to help out in this plan hoping that maybe bringing down Victor, Steve could make up working for the old man in the past.“So you’re sure you got everything figured out?” Bo asked.Steve nodded, they had only gone over it a hundred times. “Yes, Bo, I think I know how to spy on someone without them noticing.”Bo sighed, “Steve, the spying isn’t the only thing you are doing. That’s for evidence to give to the police later, but you have got to find a way to ruin the ship-”“I know!” Steve said, “I don’t want this stuff floating around anymore than you do, Bo.”

Bo looked at his watch, “Okay, well, I have to go now. Remember, when you are done, don’t forget about the signal so I know it was successful.

Steve nodded. The signal was probably the thing Steve liked least. He tried to tell Bo they shouldn’t be seen anywhere near each other that night, but he was insistent. He wasn’t about to let Steve “help” if he didn’t agree to come by Shenanigans after he was finished. He would leave the photos in a marked spot and nod to Bo who would be dining there with Hope. Any problems, Steve would have another signal to let him know. Steve kept his mouth shut that if there were any real problems he probably won’t make it to Shenanigans.

Watching Bo leave, Steve felt anxious and almost giddy. He decided that he was hungry, leaving his apartment he headed up the stairs to the restaurant.

Walking in, Steve noticed there was no room at the bar so he sat down at a nearby table. The waiter came over and got Steve’s order, and Steve waited while drumming on the table. Looking to his right, he saw a kid, about nine years old, sitting at the table who was just staring at Steve. Steve stared back, and then grinned. The kid grinned wider.

His mother wasn’t paying attention to him but he had a toy train he was scooting along the table deck. Seeing the train reminded Steve of his own toy train back in his memory box. It was the only tangible thing he had left of when he was with his parents and Billy. It seemed even as a kid, Steve started out in a hole.

Hearing the boy’s mother tell her son to remain where he was as she was going to bathroom brought Steve back to the present. The kid began pushing his train but looked bored. Not being able to resist, Steve moved his chair a little closer and began mimicking a train whistle on his harmonica. Hearing the “train” sounds, the boy was delighted and began pushing his train around the table. Steve had to keep from laughing as he kept playing and the kid kept pushing the train around and around.

It all came to a stop when the mother walked up and glared at him. “What are you doing?” she asked angrily.

Steve was surprised and stammered a little, “Well, the kid was kind of bored so I…”

The woman took her son’s hand and said, “Come along, Arnold. Let’s get out of here.” As they walked out, Steve could hear the woman admonishing the child for talking to strangers. Sighing, he suddenly had lost his appetite and told Joe at the bar to forget about his order.

Steve didn’t notice that Kayla was sitting in the corner watching the whole time. The minute Steve walked in she had cowardly hid behind her newspaper. Since yesterday, Kayla had tried to think about anything else other than Steve Johnson. She failed miserably.

Her anger from before wasn’t directed so much at him as it was at herself. How she allowed herself to believe Steve was anything more than a street thug was disappointing to say the least. In some ways, she was glad she had stumbled upon Steve’s resignation to Victor so she could see what kind of company he kept. The memory of that helped block out the recent positive memories of Steve.

On the other hand, it didn’t block out what her body felt about Steve, thanks to that stupid kiss. She dreamed about him again the night before and Kayla wondered how long she was going to put up with whatever this was. However, that was before seeing Steve walk into Shenanigans.

Watching him with the boy, Kayla couldn’t keep the smile off her face. The train whistle was adorable, how he ever came up with figuring out how to play it on the harmonica she would never know. The mother’s attitude towards Steve was extreme and Kayla had to stop herself from saying something to the woman when she was on her way out the door. If anyone other person had simply entertained the kid from a table away the woman probably would have thanked them, but because of Steve’s unique look, the woman freaked out unnecessarily. Seeing the change in Steve was obvious and Kayla again found herself drawn to him. How could this man do that? One minute he had her so angry and disgusted and the next he could show such vulnerability and compassion. In this case he didn’t even know she was there.

Paying her tab, Kayla got up to go back to work. Her lunch break was over and she didn’t want to spend the day thinking anymore on Steve Johnson. It was exhausting.

Chapter 17

“It’s almost eleven, Bo, we need to go home,” Hope said annoyed. When her husband mentioned taking her out to dinner, she had happily agreed, thinking for once they could forget the recent nightmares that had been following their families and just be with each other for a change.The evening was fine until about an hour earlier. They were ordering dessert and Bo started acting anxious; checking the doorway, looking at his watch. Hope was irritated because she knew he was keeping something from her, but whatever it was, she had no idea.Hearing his wife mention the time, Bo tried to be as nonchalant as possible when he said, “Already? I feel like dancing, don’t you feel like dancing?”Hope glared at Bo. She hated it when he was acting like this, “You’ve been acting anxious all evening but since ten you have been acting like you would prefer to be somewhere else. What’s going on, Brady?”Bo smiled, he knew by her tone he was in trouble but seeing his wife’s beautiful face looking angry at him brought back some old times. Trying to change the subject, he said, “Do you remember the first time you called me, Brady?”

“Bo!” Hope yelled throwing her napkin on the table. “Don’t change the subject. What is going on?”


“I know you better than that.”

“I just thought I saw someone I knew, that’s all,” Bo said, cursing Steve under his breath. Where was the lunkhead? He should have been back at least an hour ago. Either something went wrong or worse, Steve double-crossed him. Realizing it could have been the latter, Bo decided he was going to have to risk his pregnant wife’s wrath by finding out what happened.

“Fancy-face, I’m sorry,” he said, getting up. “I know you are angry with me. I just need….I need to go run an errand.”

“An errand?” Hope repeated.

Bo threw some money on the table, and said, “Listen, if Victor asks where I am, tell him I decided to go over paperwork at the company because I remembered an incorrect invoice and I couldn’t leave it alone until I fixed it.” Leaving, Bo knew whatever he had to do to deal with Steve was going to be a piece of cake to what Hope would have in store for him when he got home.

Hope tried to call after him but he was out the door. She couldn’t believe it. He just ditched her. She thought this dinner was going to be about them. Feeling defeated, she got up from the table. She knew it was late but she did not want to return to that mansion without Bo. Asking to use the phone at the bar, she dialed a familiar number. “Kayla? Did I wake you? Good, can I come over? Please? I’d like to just spend the night there if I can.”

Bo walked quietly on the docks, headed to pier 14 which was supposed to be where the drop off was. Not surprisingly, the docks were deserted but to be on the safe side Bo crept cautiously around the storage warehouses which was something that came naturally to him. Getting closer, he found the window that led into the storage building where Steve was supposed to be. He reached up to the window to pull himself in but jerked his hand back when he felt blood.

“Damn, Steve, what happened?” Bo said out loud.

“Bo?” he heard a voice answer him. Turning to the sound, he wandered around to another dead end alleyway to find Steve lying on his side. Forgetting he was supposed to be quiet, Bo yelled, “What the hell happened to you?” Steve shushed him.

“It’s a long story,” Steve said. He tried to get up but fell back down.

Bo reached down and said, “Well, everyone is gone now. Did they see you? Did you get the pictures? Where’s my camera?”

Irritated at Bo’s priorities, Steve answered, “I got the pictures, my damn leg has nearly come off, but by God I have those pictures.”

“What happened?”

Sighing, Steve wasn’t sure he should get into it. He arrived early to get into place to make sure he could get angles of all the men located there. The warehouse was big and large, with multiple storage boxes stacked high into the rafters. He had managed to climb up on top of these boxed columns, hoping if needed he could jump around undetected.

Unfortunately, Bo had neglected to tell him that the shipment that came in was going to use some of these boxes in the warehouse to transport the materials across the country. After Steve had gotten one good roll of pictures he chose a bad moment to direct his attention away from the actions below so he could switch the film. He heard a fork lift coming but didn’t realize it was for his column until it was too late.

The good news or bad news depending on how you looked at it, was Steve’s distraction wasn’t noticed because the idiot who moved the crates didn’t know what he was doing and had chose the wrong box to bring to the floor to pack the drugs in. His bad choice led to the boxes falling which would have happened anyway, but Steve’s presence meant he would fall with them, but Steve managed to jump through some columns and push a few more boxes from other columns.

The goons that were being used by Victor and his associates to unload the drugs from the ship were fooled but unfortunately Steve wound up breaking the camera and injuring his leg in the fall. Hobbling between boxes now, Steve was helpless to wait and watch as Victor came in with a couple of other mob bosses and inspected the contents. Steve could have swore when he knew he would have had a perfect picture of Victor right in the act if he had only paid more attention or Forkbrains had known what he was doing with the fork lift.

After everyone was gone, getting out of the warehouse was harder than getting in since he couldn’t use his legs to climb out. The window wasn’t too high but required a small jump which Steve kept failing to do. He finally got out but only through scraping his hands raw hence the blood Bo felt. After he climbed out of the building, Steve managed to make it around the corner but the pain in his leg was too much for him, especially given he was still hurting with busted ribs from days before. That’s when Bo showed up.

But there wasn’t time to get into that now. They needed to get out of here. Steve shook his head, “Later, I have some pictures but I’m afraid the rest of the job was a bust,” off the glare Bo gave him, “Look, FIRE me! Just, just help me get home. I’ll tell you everything there.”

Bo finally took pity on his old friend, when he saw the pain that was evident on his face when he tried to stand. Shaking his head, he said, “No, you don’t need to go home. We have to get you to a hospital.”

“I can’t go to a hospital!” Steve answered.

Bo glared, “I thought you said you weren’t seen!”

“I wasn’t, but I think they are going to find some…” Steve decided to not mention the camera parts on the floor and just go with other evidence, “blood and know someone was here last night. It would be best if we just skip the hospital to play it safe.” Steve grunted at the last word as Bo helped him up.

“You’re right, but you need someone to look at you. I guess lucky for you her loft isn’t far away.”

Steve’s heart leaped as he knew exactly who Bo was talking about. He hoped the darkness hid the smile he had so Bo couldn’t see it.

Chapter 18

Kayla picked up the ice cream cartons as Hope went upstairs for a shower. It was now after midnight and Kayla was glad to finally have a reason to stay up other than worry about what she would dream about. She was off the next day so it wasn’t like she necessarily needed the sleep. Having Hope here allowed her mind to occupy itself on something other than Steve for a change. She had no idea what had gotten into her little brother, she could understand his isolation from the Brady family thanks to mom’s affair with Victor all those years ago, but why push Hope away like this? It didn’t make sense. She knew he loved her more than anything, so why act this way?Finishing up, Kayla heard a knock at the door and Kayla’s mind wondered who in the world it could be. Hesitantly, she asked who it was. Hearing Bo yell through the door, Kayla looked up towards where Hope had gone, and believed he had come to get his wife. Feeling protective of her best friend, Kayla charged at the door, fully intending to give Bo a piece of her mind.When she opened the door, the shock at seeing Steve leaning on Bo, breathing heavily and the sight of blood, Kayla changed her mind. “What… what happened?” Kayla asked as she immediately ran to Steve’s other side, checking him out for injuries.Steve laughed, though obviously in pain, “Well, we were in the neighborhood, so we thought we’d stop by.”“Shut up, Steve,” Bo said, in no mood to hear Steve’s lip after carrying him for several blocks.

After getting Steve to her couch, Kayla looked towards her brother, repeating, “What happened?”

Bo gave a quick glance to Steve. He had already talked to him about not sharing the truth with Kayla. Steve agreed, so together they came up with a story. Bo smiled, “I had a hard day at work today, so I decided to blow off some steam and ran into Steve outside the Cheating Heart. He had to run his mouth like he usually does, and the next thing I know I pushed him.”

Steve answered, trying to sound angry, “Right down some stairs if you can believe it, baby.”

Even without knowing what Hope said earlier, Kayla knew it was a lie, but playing along, she asked Steve, “What did you say?”

Steve smirked, “It’s not polite to say in mixed company, Sweetness.”

Walking over to get her first aid kid, Kayla walked back, “So…what made you say it?”

“Oh, Steve, he had several beers in him, I had several beers in me. Things just got out of hand. Can you please just patch him up so we can get out of here and I can get home?”

“Back to your wife, you mean?” Kayla said, glaring at Bo. “Did you tell her where you were going?”

Bo shrugged, not expecting the question, “Oh, just out. I mean, I told her I had had a bad day and I was going to get a few drinks. You know, she is probably really worried about me and I need to call home.” He walked over to the phone but Steve stopped him.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea, man,” Steve said.

Bo looked at Steve like he was nuts, “Why not?”

“Because, you know, you could wake up the whole household…” he said as subtly as possible.

Bo realizing what Steve meant, put the receiver down and came back, “Yea, I guess you’re right.”

Kayla was working on Steve’s cuts on his fingers. She had no idea what the two had been up to, but this act they were doing was over. She demanded, “Great performance, guys, now tell me, where were you really?”

Bo looked like he was hurt, “My sister doesn’t believe me? Kay, c’mon, I’m telling you the truth.”

“Really,” Kayla said, giving her brother her stare down that she knew he hated since they were kids. Steve couldn’t stop the smile on his lips; he loved watching Kayla handling Bo. “Do you think I’m stupid? I know he does,” she said, referring to Steve.

Angry she was bringing that up again, Steve shook his head, “Kayla, I do not think you are stup-“

Interrupting Steve, Kayla began shouting, “You guys come in here in the middle of the night and Steve looks like he was dragged under a truck. A look, it seems, he is trying to perfect by the way. There isn’t a scratch on you, Bo, are you really telling me that you guys got rough with each other and Bo doesn’t have a mark on him?”

“I’m a tough guy.”

Steve snorted at that, not liking the implication he couldn’t handle Junior. “Listen, Sweetness… ”

Again, Kayla interrupted him, “Not to mention, neither one of you smell like alcohol.” This shut them up, both looking at each other wondering how that obvious detail slipped by them. They both started talking at the same time, but another voice stopped them.

“Bo Brady!” Hope said, glaring at her husband.

“Hope!” Bo said, clearly shocked to see his wife. “What are you doing…”

“Oh nooooooo! You don’t get to ask me where I have been, Brady. I have put up with a lot, and now I see who you left me for at dinner, now I want to know exactly what is going on.”

Bo stammered, “Okay, I know there is a good explanation.”

Steve tried to listen to the delightful show of Hope yelling at Bo but Kayla’s checking out his leg was distracting him completely. While the married couple were still fighting, Steve said, “Is it broken?”

Kayla tried to keep her voice steady as she replied, “No, but its sprained good.”

She turned to look at him and Steve felt his mouth go dry. What was it about her that had such an effect on him? She asked him what happened again. He opened his mouth to tell her, but then realized it wasn’t his secret to tell. He promised Bo.

“I can’t say,” and he looked towards Bo. Kayla followed his gaze and realized Hope would yell at Bo all night at this rate.

“Hope,” she said interrupting. “Let’s let Bo explain, he’s just going to have to come clean about this. I’m sure there is a reason you brought Steve here instead of taking him to the hospital and if you want me to keep quiet I expect to get the truth.”

Realizing he was busted, Bo knew there was no way around it. Sitting down on a nearby stool, Bo started telling the whole story of what he said to Steve the other day. Kayla and Hope listened but couldn’t help giving up little “Why didn’t you tell me?” type questions during the story. Steve then gave his account of the warehouse which was the first time Bo had heard it. Kayla was moved that Steve would help her brother in this but Bo, learning what happened to his camera, wasn’t so happy.

“Do you know much that thing cost me?” Bo asked.

Another argument happened but this time it was between Bo and Steve. Hope and Kayla finally settled them down after a few minutes. Hope, realizing it was nearly one in the morning, grabbed Bo’s hand, “C’mon, Bo, let’s go home.”

“What? Wait, we need to get Steve home,” Bo said, not about to leave Steve there at his sister’s place.

“Oh, no we don’t. I’m tired, Victor probably knows that we never returned home and we need to get home together. We’ll let him know we were having a night on the town, but Steve can just stay here as it’s not good for him to walk on that leg anymore tonight.”

Bo couldn’t believe he was going to give in, but the exhaustion and the fact that Steve could hardly walk on his own made him do so. Before leaving, he gave a quick thank you kiss to his sister, but followed it up with a long warning look to Steve.

Kayla shut the door. Bo and Hope had left so quickly, she could hardly believe what just happened. All of it, in fact, from Steve and Bo coming in, and then realizing Steve was going to spend the night.

Still facing the door, Kayla heard Steve say, “So, which way to your bedroom, Sweetness?”

Turning around with a look that Steve knew all too well, Kayla answered, “You are going to be staying right there on the couch.”

Steve started to protest, but the throbbing from his leg made him realize tonight wasn’t a good night to tease Kayla. No matter how much he wanted her to give in and let him accompany her.

“Ok, Sweetness, you win, but I hope you won’t wake me up too early, I need my beauty sleep.”

Kayla ignored his remarks and grabbed a pillow and blanket. Watching him take his boots and shirt off, Kayla tried to think about Grandma Brady plucking out her chin hairs to keep her libido in check. It wasn’t working.

As she covered him, Steve smiled, “You are awfully quiet.”

“I’m tired,” Kayla said as she handed him the pillow. She was about three feet away and it was as close as she would dare get with him. He took the pillow and put it under his head. Kayla began walking to the staircase, turning the light off on her way.

“Goodnight, Steve,” Kayla said softly.

“Sweet dreams, Kayla,” Steve returned.

Chapter 19

Kayla awoke to a wonderful smell. The aroma was filling her upstairs bedroom and had her stomach growling. Taking a second to remember the events of the night before, Kayla’s cheeks flushed when she realized that Steve must be cooking downstairs. Knowing how good he was in the kitchen she wondered what he could have possibly found in hers to cook.

Sweetness, I’m an expert at two rooms in a house, and the kitchen is the other one.

Trying to pull herself together Kayla took a deep breath and headed down the stairs. Just as she guessed, Steve was in the kitchen over her stove. He had made quite a mess actually, but the smell was so good Kayla didn’t mind.

“Morning, Sweetness,” Steve said with a grin. Seeing Kayla emerge down the steps straight out of bed took his breath away, but he recovered enough to get the greeting out.

Kayla walked up and surprise was on her face, as she said, “What are you making?”


“I don’t have enough food to make omelets.”

Steve laughed, clearly Kayla didn’t know what she had in her kitchen. He looked at her confused look and smirked, “You didn’t have much, but there is enough for my specialty omelet. It’s an original Patch-tastic recipe.”

Kayla hated that nickname, but in spite of the use of it, Steve’s adorable grin made her giggle. Recovering herself, she sat on a stool and said, “You shouldn’t call it that. I think Steve-tastic would be better.”

Steve’s face went somber and Kayla worried she might have hurt his feelings, something that was easy to forget was possible. She stammered, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to…”

“Why don’t you call me Patch?” Steve asked. “Everyone else does.”

“Everyone doesn’t call you Patch. Hope doesn’t.”

“She does when she’s mad at me.”

Kayla’s voice went quiet as she said, “Oh.” Not being able to look at him, she simply said, “Well, I just won’t.” She really didn’t want to get into it.

“Kayla, why? You’ve been mad at me a lot.”

Kayla couldn’t help but smile at this, but as the omelets were ready Kayla jumped off the stool and began getting plates and silverware. Steve emptied the skillet and he and Kayla sat down at the kitchen counter.

Kayla took a bite of the food and was pleased to find it was just as delicious as his lobster. Saying so, Kayla finally took the moment to look in Steve’s eye. He obviously was still waiting on an answer. Deciding he deserved to know the truth, Kayla said, “Patch is a horrible nickname. To call you that because of your…handicap is just cruel. It implies that the way you look is who you are, and that is not true.”

Steve’s heart was racing. Since he lost his eye, Steve had actually introduced himself as Patch, he felt it fit his personality while others guessed on their own. Kayla’s insistence that he wasn’t about his patch made his mouth go dry and he started drinking the juice she had poured for him.

Putting down the glass, he looked at Kayla, never feeling more serious in his life, “Thank you. Thank you for that.” Damn, he was blinking back tears.

Feeling like she could cry herself, Kayla decided to go with what she thought would be a safer topic, “So, where did you learn to cook like this?”

Steve nearly choked at the sudden question, and then he laughed. Kayla couldn’t help but laugh with him, “What’s so funny?”

“Nothing,” he said, “you just make it sound like I took a cooking class in a community college.”

“No, I wouldn’t think that. You hardly learn to cook lobster at a community college.”

“That’s right, baby.” Steve said, glad to be on a safer topic.

Sighing, Kayla persisted, “Seriously, where did you learn?”

“It’s not important.”

“Why won’t you tell me?”

Steve’s shrug made Kayla a bit irritable. Why won’t he just tell her? Eating faster, Kayla said, “Steve, I told you why I won’t call you Patch, surely you can have enough courage to tell me where you learned…”

“I learned from a hooker.” As Steve expected, that shut Kayla up. He knew it would. “It was years ago, but I lived under her roof for awhile. She loved to cook. One of the few things in life she liked.” Steve managed to think back to that time. It was right after he left the orphanage when he was declared an emancipated minor and had been allowed to live on his own.

Glancing back at Kayla, he felt that life was worlds away. Feeling the return of old habits, Steve smirked, “Want to know what else she taught me, baby?”

That made Kayla mad, throwing her fork down, “Why do you do that?”

“Do what?” he asked.

“Turn a nice conversation into something sleazy?”

“I think it’s pretty rude for you to think just ‘cause she was a hooker meant…”

Kayla stood up, and walked to the other side of the kitchen with her plate, “You know what I mean, Steve. Honestly, the way you hide behind this act…”

Now Steve was annoyed. Who was she to insist that he was hiding behind anything? “Listen, Kayla, just because you have patched me up a few times doesn’t mean you know me. I can assure you…”

“I know you better than you think!” Kayla said, fighting the urge to throw a plate at his head.

Steve laughed at that. Pushing his plate to her, he got up and hobbled towards her spiral staircase. He heard her ask where he was going. “If you know me so well, why don’t you guess?”

“Steve!” she yelled.

At the bottom of the stairs, Steve smiled and said, “I need a shower, baby. I thought I would just head up the stairs…”

“Without asking if you can use it?”

“Yup.” Steve glared back at Kayla, not about to let that look she was giving him intimidate him.

“Fine, take a shower, but use the other bathroom. It’s in the guestroom, it’s that way.” Kayla demanded.

Steve almost wanted to head up to Kayla’s bathroom in spite of her demand, but he decided to just let it go. Limping towards the other room, he mumbled it would have been nice if she had offered up this bedroom instead of the couch.

Kayla glared as she stomped up to her own bedroom to change for the day.


Later, Kayla began cleaning up in the kitchen. She felt like the worst nurse in the world because she had forgotten all about Steve’s leg until they had started to fight. Her ego wouldn’t allow her to run to him when she saw him limping, but it couldn’t stop her from worrying. She just hoped she hadn’t made things worse.

As she put things away, Kayla thought over her conversation with Steve. He could deny it all he wanted, but this was an act. She was certain of that. She was also certain he had been hurt badly all his life. That defense mechanism of pretending to be sleazy was strong and Kayla wasn’t sure she could fight for much longer. How could he go from going out of his way to help her and her brother to acting like he had no concern for anyone else but himself? What pains in his life could have created such an enigma of a man?


Not hearing Steve approach, Kayla jumped up and saw he was back. His hair was wet, and he had put on his clothes but his shirt was still off. He must have forgotten to take it up the stairs with him. Looking back at the dishes, Kayla said nothing.

“I didn’t mean to scare you,” Steve said. He had calmed down in the shower, and he was glad she probably couldn’t hear him banging his head up against the shower wall.

“You didn’t, you just startled me, that’s all.”

Steve came down the steps and grabbed his shirt off the couch. Knowing he better get out of there before anything else happened, Steve decided he should really thank Kayla. She deserved that. Clearing his throat, he said, “Kayla, I need to get going.”

At that, Kayla stopped doing the dishes, “You’re leaving?”

He nearly smiled; he was going to have leave sometime. Steeling himself to get this out, Steve looked at the shirt he was holding, “This is the second time you have taken care of me. You scraped me off the pier last time and last night…”

“Actually, I meant to ask about your leg this morning,” she said, walking closer to Steve.

Her walking closer distracted Steve and for a second he lost his train of thought. Gathering his thoughts, he tried to continue, “The leg is fine. I, um, I just wanted to thank you.”

Kayla’s legs kept bringing her closer to Steve. Not thinking about what she was doing, Kayla simply said, “I need to thank you, too.”


“Yes, you!” she smiled at his surprise. “You were helping my brother out. To try to bring Victor down and got hurt. You are a good…” she paused at the right word, “friend.”

Steve hoarsely repeated, “Friend.”

Now that she was face to face with him, Kayla leaned up towards Steve’s side, the side with the patch. Not knowing what she was doing, Steve jerked back but Kayla’s hand held his arm which made him stop. She leaned up and kissed him on the cheek just under the patch. That simple gesture emptied the air out of Steve’s gut, and he forced his free hand behind his back to keep himself from touching her face.

Kayla was going to step away at that, she meant to, but she was so close to Steve, as close as she was in the pantry. The memory of the pantry pushed her body to lean forward and before she knew it, Kayla’s lips touched Steve’s.

His lips opened for her and together their arms wrapped around each other’s bodies. Steve was leaning up on the arm of the couch, which was enough for him to keep his weight off his bad leg. Not that he was thinking about that while kissing Kayla, it was as if his mind was absolutely blank. He groaned as he felt her hands rub around his bare torso. Feeling her fingers on his skin was driving Steve to madness.

Kayla herself didn’t know what had overcome her. She didn’t care. Feeling Steve’s chest and back, she had lost all control of her will power. Steve’s kisses were making her dizzy and she pulled herself closer to him. With his shirt off, Kayla could feel the heat from his body and desired to remove her own clothing as well. Luckily, Steve started to help her with that.

Steve started to unbutton her blouse and Kayla gasped as she felt his bare hand touch her stomach. Using her own hand, she unbuttoned the blouse more so Steve would have more room to touch her and she was rewarded with him doing just that. His hand worked its way around to her back and Kayla groaned as his mouth slid down the side of neck.

Hearing “GET YOUR HANDS OFF HER!!!!” startled both Steve and Kayla but neither had time to react before Kayla was jerked back and she saw a fist hit Steve square in the jaw, sending him backwards onto the couch.

Kayla still felt like a trance so it took her a second or two to recognize it was Bo who was yelling obscenities at Steve. Looking to her right, she saw Hope yell at Bo to stop, but by now Steve had his senses back and he greeted Bo in the same manner.


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