CiMWTO Ch. 11-13

Chapter 11

“Do you want…to take this somewhere more comfortable?”

Kayla could barely grasp what Steve was saying. Her mind was too focused on what he was doing to her physically. Gasping for air, Kayla managed to pull away from him slightly and say, “Yes.”

Steve lifted Kayla off the counter while giving her a soul-burning kiss. Pulling back, she followed him over to the couch. As soon as they sat down, Kayla immediately leaned into Steve for more of what they had been doing moments before. He stopped her.

“Whoa, Kayla. I thought you like it slow?”

Taken aback momentarily, Kayla saw the smile on his face but the look in his eye couldn’t hide his insecurities. For all his insistence of being a ladies man, he was just as nervous about this as she was. She answered him with as much passion as she could give.

He leaned back at the force of her kiss and she was able to get on top of him. Feeling his hardness beneath her, Kayla let out a small whimper at the need she felt inside for him.

His hands came up and found their way to her waist. Kayla felt the coldness of air hit her backside as he undid her zipper to her skirt. His hands began massaging that area and Kayla had to stop kissing as she experienced the pleasures from his touch. Steve took advantage of Kayla leaving his mouth to run kisses along her jawline and the nape of her neck.

Kayla hissed, “Please.”

There was no stopping them.


The next morning, Kayla woke up, smiling as she felt Steve under her. As the memories of last night came to mind, she blushed hotly. Glancing up to see Steve still deep in slumber, she smiled at the his form in the early morning.

Pushing hairs off his face, Kayla said out loud, “You really are a tomcat, aren’t you?”

Her voice had him stir a bit and Kayla bit her lip at how cute he looked. She glanced down at his chest and kissed his dagger tattoo lightly. This caused him to stir more and Kayla adjusted herself slightly. As she kissed the tattoo again, Steve mumbled quietly, prompting Kayla to laugh. This woke him up.

“Sweetness!” Steve said tiredly. “You sure know how to wake a man up in the morning.”

She grinned, “Well, you know how to show a girl a good time at night!”

This caused him to blush and Kayla was shocked to see it. “Oh, Steve, you really can dish out the dirty talk but you can’t take it.”

Deciding to change the subject, Steve grinned, “Let me show you what I can take.”

They began kissing and Steve maneuvered them both so Kayla was on her back. Wrapping her legs around Steve’s torso, Kayla decided she was due a sick day at work.


Later that morning, Kayla was in the shower reflecting on her recent behavior. Steve had insisted she should still go into work, albeit late, as their were lots of sick people out there that needed her. Reluctantly she agreed and jumped in the shower. Steve further surprised her though by saying he would make her breakfast.

While in the shower, she thought of her actions in jumping into bed with Steve. She had never really approved of going to bed with a guy on the first date. Was last night even a date? It had started off totally different and Kayla felt guilt creep in when she realized that if Chris found out how her evening ended he would be probably hurt.

Chris was a great guy but he just wasn’t Steve. Maybe Steve wasn’t ready to admit before there was something extraordinary between them but now he would have to. Last night was beyond Kayla’s dreams in what could be shared between a man and a woman and she knew Steve felt the same way. But getting him to admit it was another matter and Kayla knew their issues were far from over.

Done with her shower, Kayla dressed for work. She tried to hurry because whatever Steve was making smelled delicious. While she was doing her hair and makeup, she heard a commotion downstairs.

Heading downstairs, she was shocked to see Steve and Chris fighting in her living room. Imagining what happened, Kayla began yelling for them to stop. Both men ignored her. Not sure what to do, she tried to pull both men off each other. Chris finally pushed Steve off and Kayla took the opportunity to get in between them. Seeing her form finally stopped the men from trying to kill each other.

“Stop it!” Kayla repeated. As both men caught their breaths, Kayla turned to Chris with a sympathetic look. Hating for him to find out this way, Kayla took a deep breath before explaining.

“Chris, I’m sorry, I’m sorry you had to find out this way. Steve came over last night after you left…”

“Yea, I bet he did.” Chris sneered. Kayla was surprised at the anger in his face. She knew Chris might still have feelings for her but she was surprised at the intensity of his look. This was going to be harder than I thought.

“Chris, please, what happened between me and Steve had nothing to do with you.”

“It didn’t?” Chris interrupted again. “Why don’t you tell her Steve how it had everything to do with me.”

Kayla was confused and looked from him to Steve. Steve looked away. Not understanding, Kayla shook her head, “Listen, Chris. I don’t know what you are talking about…”

“Kayla, the reason I left last night was because someone tampered with the men’s restroom. The mess that resulted was caused by someone that was seen in the bathroom right before.”

Kayla stared at Chris, forgetting the situation for a moment. “Who would sabotage the men’s restroom?”

“Why don’t’ you ask Steve? He was the one that was seen leaving right before.”

Kayla turned and looked at her lover. The look on his face told Kayla what Chris said was true. Steve shook his head not being able to meet Kayla’s eyes, “Kayla, let me explain…”

Chapter 12

Steve had to shake his head at the lack of food in Kayla’s kitchen. She obviously wasn’t much of a cook. Luckily she did have some eggs and a few seasonings so he was trying to be creative with the scrambled eggs he was making.

He still couldn’t believe where he was. When he agreed to stay last night for dinner, he never believed he would still be here the next morning. Nor did he expect what did happen between them would be so…raw and passionate. Hell, it was making him blush now the next morning!

Kayla did wake him up but he had briefly woken earlier that morning. Glancing down, he watched Kayla as she slept cuddled up on his chest. He was surprised the pace of his heartbeat wasn’t enough to jar her awake.

Seeing her in the early morning was a thrill he never thought he would get to experience. Watching her sleep, he could finally observe her features unabashed instead of trying to sneak looks from far away. She really did fit the Sweetness nickname, in not just her personality but in her looks and how she tasted. Thinking of kissing her again, it was all Steve could do to finish making breakfast and not join Kayla in the shower.

A knock at the door jarred him from his thoughts and cooking. Opening the door without asking who it was, he was surprised to see Chris standing on the other side. Chris’ reaction to Steve being at Kayla’s loft so early in the morning was a bit more aggressive.

“You!” yelled Chris.

Trying to play it cool, Steve shrugged, “Me!”

Barging in, Chris looked around the apartment and seeing no sign of Kayla asked Steve where the hell she was.

“You shouldn’t swear, Kositchek. Especially if you want to attract more clients to that lawyer business you got running.”

“You son of a female dog,” Chris said, glaring at Steve. “You did this to get me out of here last night!”

Playing dumb, Steve asked innocently, “Did what?”

Grabbing Steve by his collar, he slung him around, “Do you know how much your stunt cost me last night? I had to close the restaurant down to clean up the restroom.”

Not expecting that, the blond man tried to cover, “Sounds to me like you have a management problem.”

Unable to control his anger, Chris smacked Steve with his fist. Immediately, both men started a war in the middle of Kayla’s living room. Steve wasn’t sure how long the fight lasted but he stopped when Kayla appeared between them.

“Stop it!” Kayla said.

Steve watched as Kayla turned to Chris and said gently, “Chris, I’m sorry, I’m sorry you had to find out this way. Steve came over last night after you left… “

For a split second, Steve hoped that Kayla wanting him instead of Kositchek would make everything okay. That he wasn’t doomed. However his hopes were dashed when Chris interrupted her.

“Yeah, I bet he did.”

“Chris, please, what happened between me and Steve had nothing to do with you.”

“It didn’t?” Chris interrupted again. “Why don’t you tell her, Steve, how it had everything to do with me.”

Kayla’s confused look forced Steve to look away from her. He didn’t want her to see the tears. He knew last night was too good to be true. Steve didn’t exactly hear what Kayla said next but Chris’s remarks were as loud as if the man had used a megaphone.

“Why don’t’ you ask Steve? He was the one that was seen leaving right before it happened.”

Forcing himself to look at Kayla, he saw the look of disappointment come across her face and before he knew it, he said, “Kayla, let me explain…”

Chris’s glare was easy to ignore, but Steve hated the way Kayla was looking at him. It was like she was going over the events of last night and realized it didn’t happen by chance.

“I saw Chris get ready for his date with you…”

“You spied on me,” Chris said.

Losing his temper, “Man, shut up!”

“Steve, what did you do?” The tone in her voice scared him.

“Sweetness, I…”

“Her name is Kayla, Patch!” Chris said.

Having enough, Steve lunged again at Chris. Again, Kayla got between them. She turned to Chris and said, “Chris, I need to talk to Steve alone so if you don’t mind…”

“No, I’ll leave you two alone,” Steve said, realizing there was no point. He was stupid to even think he explain his way out of this one. Walking out the door, he ignored Kayla’s cries for him to stay. As fast as he could, he took the elevator and was out of the building.


Back at his apartment, Steve sat down on his bed playing his harmonica. It grew too sad and he had to stop. Just an hour ago he was so happy, why did fate always kick him like this?

Because you don’t deserve a woman like Kayla!

That was true. He had dared to believe for one night he could have the woman of his dreams but reality came too soon this morning.

“It’s better this way,” Steve said, trying to convince himself. It was better for them to stop now instead of later. She could go back to her life and he could go back to the monster he usually was.

Looking around the room, he thought about life and seeing Kayla around town. The one night he had should have sustained him for life but instead it only made him hungry for her all the more. Knowing he couldn’t go on torturing himself watching her from afar, he got up and grabbed his bag from under the bed.

“It’s time I got out of Salem,” he said. He didn’t know where to go but he was out of here. He had to get away, had to get away from Kayla.

It didn’t take long to pack. In reality he had nothing to pack, just a few clothes and his shoebox. Heading up the stairs with his bag, he opened to the door and came face to face with Kayla.

She took one look at him and one look at the bag and said, “Where the hell do you think you’re going?”

Chapter 13

Steve was a bit dumbfounded to find Kayla at his door but if she thought he would stick around to chew him out, she was wrong.

“Nice to see you, Sweetness,” he said while hugging his bag, “but I’m afraid you have come at a bad time. I’m on my way out of town.”

Kayla bit her lip. She should have expected this. Determined for him to listen to her, she poked her hand into his chest and pushed him back He offered little resistance and she took that as a good sign.

“Give me that,” she said, pointing at the bag.

“Why?” Steve was irritated but intrigued nonetheless.

Not answering him, she pulled the bag off his shoulder and walked down his stairs. She tossed it on the table and turned to him . He could see the anger in her eyes, that was clear.

“Listen, Kayla, if you came here to go off on me for yesterday…”

“I came here to talk to you, Steve. I didn’t come here to go off about anything.”

Steve scoffed, “Please, Kayla. It’s written all over your face. You are upset with me and what I did to Chris’ restaurant and you’ve come over to tell me…”

“I’m not happy about that, Steve, but if you think I would be willing to end what we have over your trivial prank, you are greatly mistaken.”

Steve wasn’t expecting that. He hadn’t expected her to say that at all. He felt elation that she still wanted to be with him, but his defense mechanisms kicked in before he could stop himself, “I don’t do pranks, Sweetness. I’m not like those fraternity guys you are used to dating, don’t forget that.”

“No, you aren’t,” she said walking up to him. “Unlike you, they don’t turn and run at the first hint of trouble.”

Angry, Steve shot back, “Don’t flatter yourself, baby. I’m not leaving town because of you.”

Now it was Kayla’s turn to scoff. “So you were planning to leave anyway?”

“Maybe I was.”

“So you planned on sleeping with me and then leaving town the next day.” Kayla’s tried to keep her voice as steady as possible.

“Yea. No! No…I…” Steve stammered completely caught off guard. Damn, how does she do this. Sighing he turned away, “I never planned on sleeping with you last night.”

Kayla walked around Steve so she could get in front of him. “What did last night mean to you?”

She watched as Steve started to say something but obviously changed his mind. He shrugged and said, “It doesn’t matter.”


“Because Kayla,” Steve explained, “this isn’t going to work. You and I are from two different worlds and…”

Placing her hand on his mouth to quiet him, Kayla peered hard into his eye and could see the desire there. “Steve, I have had many different opinions of you since we met. And in many ways, you have surprised me with the guy you really are underneath.”

He took her hand off his face and said, “Kayla, you don’t want to get involved with a guy like me.”

“No, see, I think it’s that you don’t want to get involved with a girl like me.”

Steve started to reply but Kayla interrupted him, “Let me finish. I was saying when I met you there was a lot that I didn’t know but assumed about you. Most of it was untrue but there was one thing I think I’m still right about.”


She leaned in while whispering, “You aren’t happy, I always could tell you weren’t ever happy. Why don’t you let me try and make you happy.”

She kissed Steve on the cheek. He felt the wind rush out of him. He kept resisting, “I don’t think I can make you happy.”

“You made me happy last night.”

Blushing, Steve couldn’t stop the grin. “I don’t mean like that, Sweetness, I mean like during the day…”

Brushing her lips against him, Kayla whispered, “We can’t repeat what we did last night during the day?”

“Kayla,” Steve moaned and Kayla grinned. She had never felt so much in control but on the brink of losing it herself.

“It’s up to you, Steve. Be the man you say you are and stay. Stay, and let’s see where this goes.”

Giving in, Steve kissed Kayla and her body sunk into him. Running her hands through his hair, she groaned at the pleasures he was giving her. His hands drew up and cradled her face. After several moments, Steve pulled away.

Kayla started to say something but realized she had lost her train of thought.

Grinning, Steve said, “Cat got your tongue, Sweetness?”

“Yea, a tomcat.”

Steve laughed. God, could he really make her happy? Why would she be interested in a guy like him? “What about Kositchek?”

Kayla leaned back. “Chris and I are through.”

Snorting, Steve said, “Does he know that?”

“Yes, Steve.”

“Didn’t look that way to me…”

“Steve, he wasn’t happy seeing us but Chris admitted that he and I weren’t going anywhere anyway. It’s over. The anger you saw this morning was more on the business your stunt cost him.”

Not convinced, Steve folded her arms across his chest. “Really?”

“Yes, Steve, really.” Kayla answered. “Chris’ law practice isn’t exactly thriving right now so his main source of income is Shenanigan’s. A couple hours of the place being closed is a big deal.”

“I’m sure Mr. Law Office can afford it,” Steve said while turning around and emptying his bag.

Trying to hide her delight at Steve’s actions, Kayla focuses on the matter at hand, “Steve, you know it isn’t right to let him eat that bill.”

“What do you want me to do?”

“Pay him back.”

Steve stopped and turned to look at her, “With what? I have no money. And I’m sure his insurance will pay for it.”

“That isn’t the point.”

Getting angry, “Listen you can’t change me into something I’m not. I’m not sorry for what I did there but if you want to keep dating me…then this is the last we will talk of that.”

Kayla didn’t say anything, she just kept staring at him.

Not being able to meet her eyes, he kept unpacking. Kayla’s continued silence on the matter was deafening.

Turning back around, Steve asked, “So you are willing to give up on us over something as trivial as this?”

“Doing the right thing is never trivial, Steve.”

Laughing, Steve shook his head, “You aren’t going to change my mind, Baby. So if you want to continue seeing me….”

“Maybe you can pay back Chris in other ways.”


“You could work some late shifts as a dishwasher. Pay it off that way. It won’t cost you anything and no one will see you so your pride won’t be hurt.”

“Chris will see me.”

“He already knows, Steve. Come on, don’t you think you owe him given that you wound up taking over his date with me, eating the food he brought, and then taking me to bed. Swallowing your pride a little and make up for the damage you caused seems so much easier by comparison.”

For once Steve kept his mouth shut and thought about what Kayla said. Truth be told, he had way more guilt in eating the food that Chris had brought than for whatever damage he caused at Shenanigan’s. Quietly Steve admitted, “I never actually intended to come up there. I just wanted to get him out of your loft. I hated thinking you two were…”

Kayla walked over to Steve and placed her hand on his cheek, caressing it. “I know that.”

“And then I thought I better make sure he was really gone so that’s why I came up there and then you looked so beautiful and…”

Kayla kissed Steve gently. It was a soft kiss but still enough to make Steve slightly dizzy.

“I must be out of my mind,” Steve said,

Confused, Kayla asked, “How?”

“I must be out of my mind to agree to work for Kositchek in any way, shape or form.”

In spite of not liking it, seeing Kayla smile made Steve feel a bit better.

“So you will work off the damage?” Kayla asked with her own smile.

Before he could answer, Kayla kissed him again and they lingered there for a while. “I suppose, if I have to,” Steve finally remembered to say.

Hugging him, Kayla said, “I’m glad. You won’t regret it.”

“Oh, I am not sure about that,” Steve said while rolling his eye.

“Well, let me start by making it up to you,” she said while kissing his neck.

Laughing, Steve said, “Don’t you have to get to the clinic?”

“No, I went ahead and called in sick, like I wanted to do in the first place.”

“Oh, Sweetness,” Steve said while nibbling on her ear. “What am I going to do with you?”

Pulling away, Kayla said, “Let’s find out.”

Together they went to his bed, both knowing they would do anything to not mess this up. It was too good.


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