Getting What You Want

Title: Getting What You Want
Fandom: Law & Order
Beta: [info]slynn6776 & Nolebucgrl
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Mike/Connie
Summary: This story is going to be told from Connie’s POV. I’m a Mike/Connie shipper and I’ve read some great FF on this couple, but I feel like at this time in canon, Connie just isn’t in the same place as Cutter is. I think given how often (and easily) she gets pissed at Cutter, she is too wary to consider being involved with him yet. Mike’s also been too accessible for her in the past year. This story will change that. Big thanks to Slynn6776 and Nolebucgrl for helping beta.

Chapter 1-Connie receives the case

Chapters 2-3 Their best evidence thrown out, Connie and Mike must rearrange their witness list.

Chapter 4-Mike surprises Connie.

Chapter 5-Connie prepares for the trial.

Chapter 6-The case starts to fall apart as a new suspect emerges.

Chapter 7-Connie is upset with Mike.

Chapter 8-Mike gives Connie something.

Chapter 9-Connie gives into temptation

Chapter 10-Things take a different turn

Chapter 11-Mike visits Connie to talk

Chapter 12-The  verdict

Chapter 13-Connie finds Mike at his apartment


2 thoughts on “Getting What You Want

  1. Don’t do this to me, don’t make me want to add another show to my viewing list… I need IMDb open in the next tab to recognise half of these characters but it doesn’t stop me from reading. Melanie Layton? Really?

    Have you checked the link on the front page, it didn’t work for me but it could have also been my poor connection at the time.

  2. Thanks Rameau about the link. I thought I had double checked that.

    I did Melanie Layton for Paxton who also is helping me beta. She loathes her and if I dropped her name in, then Max and Daniel being losers in the story as well. Actually I have a great name for Mrs. Floyd from Twilight.

    As for adding L&O, I really want someone to discuss this couple but then, this show is so vague on couples to begin with. Connie and Mike are different that they have put way more emphasis on them then any other couple in the show’s 20 year history but it’s still not saying much. The episode “For the Defense” is where they made it clear that Cutter has feelings for Connie (though it’s been obvious for some time, however, maybe the point was to make sure Connie knew). Then this season also had “Dignity” which might be tough to watch as it focuses on abortion. From the couple perspective, it clearly illustrates that while Cutter can put their differences aside, Connie can’t, and she actually puts in for a transfer because he makes her that mad. “Reality Bites” this season isn’t necessarily a pro ship episode for them, but there is this hilarious moment between them on the phone that has her threatening to kill him on camera. Hee.

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