This is just an idea.  It will never happen on this show but the good (geeky) guy/bad girl pairing really is popular and if the show wanted to revisit it, I think this couple be really intriguing.  Before you say Nick doesn’t have the stomach to handle Chelsea, this is before their breakup.  I think Post Chelsea Nick can be much more ready for Nicole than Pre Chelsea Nick.

Nicole sat down at the Chez Rouge bar while ordering, annoyance from the long day clearly visible on her face. Her quest to snag Philip as her next husband wasn’t going anywhere near to plan. He was so much more on guard with her then his old man was and that tramp Chloe wasn’t making things any easier. Since returning from freshly divorcing Brady, she was practically joined at the hip to Philip and their lips were too. As the bartender gave her the drink she ordered, she heard him ask the guy seated next to her if he would like another. He must have nodded because he immediately refilled the glass. Glancing quickly to see if he was of any interest, Nicole immediately felt the answer was no.

But he was hard to ignore.

“You know, Jimmy,” the guy said, not so much drunk but sounding very bitter, “there is that question…would you rather love or be loved? I now know, loving someone who don’t love you back pretty much sucks, and they drop you for someone they can love themselves.”

Nicole turned back around and looked at the guy. She didn’t know who he was but he seemed so young to sound so cynical, not that she cared. Jimmy shrugged his shoulders, responding, “Sorry, Nick.” Nicole watched as the young man sipped from his glass and looked like a little lost puppy. Nicole usually could have cared less for poor saps who were stupid enough to let love disappoint them, but the puppy dog look made her think of her poor departed chihuahua. It gave her a bit more sympathy then she usually had.

“Excuse me,” she said, he turned and looked at her surprised she was talking to him. She had to hold back a grin, clearly he wasn’t used to speaking to women much. “I just thought I would let you know as I have been in this world longer…that whole ‘it’s better to have loved and lost than not to have loved at all’ is wrong to begin with. Love ain’t worth it and the quicker you accept that at this stage of your life, the happier you will be for the rest of it.” With that she turned back around.

Nick’s jaw dropped open. First, he had no idea who this woman was sitting next to him and advising him. Second, his gut was screaming at him to run like the devil. Third, he greatly disagreed with her. “I’m sorry, Miss….I don’t believe I know your name?”

“Mrs. Kiriakis, I mean Walker. Actually you can just call me Nicole, everybody else does.” Some other names that people have called her went through her mind, but she quickly pushed those thoughts aside.

“You’re Nicole Walker?

Nicole couldn’t help but smile, she was sure this guy hadn’t heard anything good about her, but she loved being notorious in Salem. She asked, “You’ve heard of me?”

Nick sure had. Chelsea had told him briefly about her past with her grandfather after she returned to Salem but remembering her story reminded him of why he was back at Chez Rouge drinking anyway. Extending his hand, Nick introduced himself, “I have. Nice to meet you, I’m Nick Fallon.”

Nicole giggled a bit, he was so formal. Really, did he step out of a Norman Rockwell painting? He sure did look like he did. As she took his hand, she remembered where she had heard of him, “Ohhh, you were Chelsea’s old boyfriend! The one she dumped for that hot doctor.”

Pain flashed across his face and Nicole realized she probably should have at least not said the last sentence outloud. “Sorry,” she said while turning back to her drink.

“No problem,” Nick said, steeling himself. He concentrated on what he had really wanted to say, “I just wanted to say I think you’re wrong.”

She was shocked at that, was the boy delusional? “I’m wrong? She didn’t dump you for Dr. McDreamy?”

“No, I mean you are wrong about love,” Nick said, feeling annoyed and wondering why he was bothering with this person at all.

“Am I? Oh do tell!”

Nicole had turned her stool to fully face him and suddenly Nick lost his confidence. He looked back towards the barman who was eyeing them with amusement. Realizing he was commited now, Nick explained, “You basically said love was overrated which I disagree. If you find the right person who loves you back wholeheartedly, then there is nothing else better in this world.”

“Chelsea loved you back wholeheartedly?” Nicole asked sincerely. She knew the question would hurt him but it had to be asked. This guy couldn’t be more than 24 or 25 years old and he just didn’t look like somebody who had been around the block like she had. What could he possibly know about love?

Nick shook his head, “Maybe she did, maybe she didn’t, but I’m not willing to let this…to let that ruin me on the dream of finding the person I was meant to be with forever.”

Laughing, Nicole said, “My God, you are out of a painting!”


“Nothing,” she said while taking her drink to get away from him, she really hadn’t meant to be drawn into a conversation such as this tonight, she needed time to come up with her plan to marry Philip and this Nick was too much of a distraction, “it was just some advice. Take it or leave it. I do think I know more about life then you do, I’ve been in love before and when it was all said and done, let me just say I’ve been just as happy with sharing my life with the more expensive things in life.”

Nick watched her walk away, for some reason unable to let his eyes leave her departing form. Jimmy snapped him out of his stare, “Be careful of that one, Nick, she’s bad news.”

“Oh, don’t you worry,” he said, laughing at the very thought of getting hooked up with such a woman. “I’ve had enough to do with women who only think about themselves.”

4 thoughts on “Introductions

  1. Ok the thought of Nick and Nicole is a pairing I would never have thought of. I can’t really see it, but you do have me interested enough to see what you have up your sleeve. You wouldn’t let Nicole hurt our boy, would you? You know how I want to see strong and self-confident Nick come back.

  2. Ooh, you’ve intrigued me, Tripp! I think this could be a lot of fun. I love the contrast of Nicole’s flip cynicism and Nick’s sincerity.

  3. brilliant, Tripp. If only the show would consider this as an option. AZ and BB could be great together.

  4. So cute, and bittersweet. It would have been interesting to see this dynamic play out…the worldly Nicole and the naive Nick. They both would have had a lot to teach each other.

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