Regrets: Ok, this was my first fanfiction. Please be kind. I LOVED this scene but I couldn’t help but wonder what motivated Sara to offer to take Greg out for celebrating.

Disclaimer: I own no one from the show, CSI.

Sara stood there reading the case file with an impressed smile on her face. He did it. Greg managed to solve the case; he could finally pass and become a full CSI agent.

If someone had told Sara back when she first met Greg that he would become a Crime Scene Investigator (and that she would be his biggest champion) she would have thought that person crazy. Greg back then was so…young. He was goofy and wanted attention constantly. Then there was his obvious crush on her which tended to annoy her more than flatter her. That Greg was someone she tried to avoid more often then not, he was a kid who would never grow up.

Sara stood now outside the lab where Greg was working, finalizing his work on the Sherlock case. She watched him and realized he was no longer a kid. He still had his little eccentric habits, she thought to herself, but they had grown on her. His growing maturity had also given him a confidence boost. Everyone in the office by now had heard how Greg had stood up to Grissom about questioning Mia’s work. That had REALLY impressed Sara. Taking it all in, Sara was watching him now with a large smile on her face. Since he officially started his evaluations, Sara had wanted him to pass because she knew it was important to him. Standing there, it dawned on Sara that it was important for her too, she wanted to work with him like this. She felt a thrill as she thought how close he was to becoming an official CSI agent.

Sara then walked into the lab, “DNA confirmed that the blood on Watson’s shoe is a match to your vic…we got him.”

Before Sara knew what she was doing, she said, “Want to celebrate after shift?”

With no response from Greg, Sara felt the disappointment well up inside her, quickly she added, “I’m buying.” She was aware at how much she wanted him to take her up on her offer.

“These blood drops aren’t uniform,” Greg said matter-of-factly. It took a moment for what he said to sink in, she was expecting him to say yes or no, not to disprove their theory that Watson had murdered the victim.

As they left the lab to continue working on the case, Sara told herself the regret she felt was only the failure to prove Watson had done it. Nothing more to it.

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