The Monster Within

The Monster Within

Beta’d by: Paxton, Nolebucgrl, Ellie and several more

Rating: PG-13
Timeline: Late summer, 2008

Disclaimer: None of these characters are mine but if they were…

Synopsis: Chelsea drops everything to rush to Nick’s side after he’s shot while in Europe.

Ok, so, like The Awakening was for Steve/Kayla, this story will be my epic Chick story.  I’ve not really written for them before.  Just a couple of in between chapters that could come between scenes on the show.

But now that it’s been a year since Blake performed so wonderfully as the insane Nick, I decided to honor him by doing true justice the story, and using it to reunite Chick so they can have their happy ending.

The purpose of this story was to actually confront issues with the couple, specifically Chelsea’s past treatment of him.  I believe she has always loved him, but she’s such a selfish and inconsiderate character, and that needed to be dealt with.  Also, I wanted a triangle with Nick at the center so we do have Melanie here.

I’ve tried to pull in as many other Salemnites as possible into this story, Stephanie, Philip, Steve, Kayla, Kate, Marlena, Bo and Hope.  I also am bringing back Jessica Fallon for a couple of chapters and in my mind she’s played by Jenson Buchanan.

Lastly, the story isn’t perfect.  First, I made up the drug Nick was taking and I refuse to apologize for it.  The show has taken far worse liberties and I’d rather make up a drug and let it fit my needs then forcing a real drug to do so, possibly misinforming people which I’d rather not risk.

As a crime drama lover, I also feel the need to apologize for Nick’s hearing in this story.  Because Salem has it’s own unique form of crime and punishment, I had to change the form of the courtroom to match what we’ve seen on the show, and not what really happens.

Anyway, all that said, I do hope you enjoy.  It was fun to write and now in my mind, this is what really happened.  Big thanks to my long suffering beta readers who suffered through the early stages of this story.  I can’t thank them enough.

Chapters 1-10

Chapters 11-20

Chapters 21-29

Chapters 30-39

Chapters 40-49

Chapters 50-55


5 thoughts on “The Monster Within

  1. I’m so excited that you wrote this. I’m just getting started in the reading, but I know I’m going to enjoy it.

    Chapter one here I come. ^..^

  2. Just what I needed for a long Sunday with nothing to do.

    I know it will be miles better than anything we got or anything coming up on the show now masquerading as DOOL.

    Thanks Tripp

  3. An excellent read so far! I just couldn’t stop and wound up staying up most of Saturday night and Sunday morning. Every time I would finish a chapter and telll myself to go to bed, I would wind up coming back for more.

    You’ve nailed all the characters and their emotions and their actions all make sense. This is so much better then what Days’ gave us. How wonderful it would be to see BB, RM, MB, SH and all the other actors perform this.

    I haven’t had time to go and finish it yet, but I’m so looking forward to getting back to it. Right now my heart is breaking for Nick and I can’t wait to see how you get our Chick back together.

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