When You Least Expect It

Pairing: Nick/Nicole

Timeline: End of June 2008

Beta: Slynn6776

Background: Nick has accepted Chelsea’s chasing after Daniel. He and Max have made peace with the grant and Max now works part time on it. Nick also is working along side Dr. Trent Robbins. Chelsea and Daniel have agreed to date but are taking things slowly. Nicole has had a fling with EJ but realized he isn’t going to get over Sami. She tried to go after Philip but he slams her down at every turn. She’s decided it’s time to find a new target.

EDITED: This story obviously is removing Max knowing Trent is his father, however, since RB is so deliciously evil, I will include his dark side (with Nicole) in the story.

Episode 1: Meeting

Episode 2: Date from Hell

Episode 3: Pookie

Episode 4: Anniversary Party

Episode 5: Cheating Heart

Episode 6: Let’s be Friends

Episode 7: Fourth of July

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