Gleeky Fun

Sorry I haven’t written in awhile.  My two main shows I’ve blogged about lately have been Heroes and Survivor.  On the former, I honestly can’t imagine expressing anything differently than what my pal Nolebucgrl has already written while on the latter, the majority of the last two episodes have been about rain and contestants named Russell.  Of course, it was sad when Russell was let go, but how can I expand on that?  It was sad, next!

So instead I shall talk about Glee!  I feel the need to squeal a bit.  In spite of some weaknesses, I really enjoy this show.  It’s concept is pretty original and fun.  It’s like Desperate Housewives meets American Idol.  The dark humor takes you by surprise, and for this cynical hard-nosed TV viewer, that’s not easy.  They have created a cast of characters that can be rooted for one minute, or against the next.  Each character also brings a refreshing set of weaknesses to the table, and is a welcome change after having “perfect” characters such as Grissom from CSI, Horatio from CSI: Miami, Marlena from Days and Jack from Lost.  (Did I mention Grissom from CSI?  He needs to be mentioned twice).

That said, I’ve refrained from blogging about it.  It’s such a new show I’m not sure where I stand on current storylines.  A few I love such as Sue’s segment on the news, Glee Club in general, Emma’s weird germophobia, and any singing/dance number.  On the flip side, the pregnancy stories have run their course for me, Emma and Coach getting married is just too OOC and Finn is as dumb as a rock.  Or a stone.  Or a stick.  

But what has inspired me to write this blog is because I loved watching Rachel/Puck together.  Yes, the courtship was rushed way too fast (would it have killed them to allow a snarky moment in an earlier episode?) but the scene in the bathroom was more tender than anything I’ve witnessed between her and Finn.  I can let the Emma/Will coupling go because they are adults who have spent a lot of time together now and gotten to realize they really do click together (though I am not crazy about them either).  But Finn and Rachel make about as much sense as Joey and Rachel did on Friends.  Finn is a great singer and he’s really sweet.  In the end, though, you have someone who is dumb and basically an underacheiver.  I don’t know what Rachel and Finn have in common other than their singing.

I realize Rachel/Puck aren’t exactly the most obvious couple either, but at least there is some common ground between them (religion, singing, can read).  In the last few years, I’ve been pretty much bored with the good girl/bad guy concept, believing it’s never going to get better than the Steve/Kayla romance from the 80s.  But that doesn’t mean I can’t jump on such a ship when the chemistry is right.  And it’s right here.

So, I’m sure I’ve doomed the idea of PuckR (or whatever they could be called) forever by simply hitching my wagon up to it.  Most of the couples I love have gotten screwed in many different ways (see Days, Lost, Heroes).  But hope springs eternal, right?  I bet I could find a showtune somewhere that supports that idea.  Regardless, I just don’t see me ever supporting Rachel/Finn after seeing the alternative. I have compared this show a bit to the Archie comics and I think I’m as doomed because I’m wanting Betty to be with Ronnie instead of Archie, except maybe Finn is actually closer to Moose.