Heroes: Hit/Miss

Everyone knows I was greatly disappointed with Heroes last fall, the volume of Villains had such potential but fell flat all the way ’round.  Fugitives is certainly an improvement, though I’m not sure that’s saying a lot.  Some things about this season are still making me grit my teeth but luckily the good stuff is more than making up for it.

Of course, Sylar was the one bright (evil) spot last season.  He still is, sort of, though I’m not really pleased about his little sidekick, though that might upset my pal, Nolebucgrl.  During their drive, I shared in Sylar’s annoyance with the teenager, who, when he wasn’t complaining that his mom never let him do anything, would attempt to toy with our favorite psycho using little tidbits of his father.  Sylar being a relunctant mentor is intriguing, sort of a brain sucking Yoda to another version of an irritating Luke, but then once he got going, Sylar wouldn’t shut up, (“Keep a clear head, don’t let your emotions…”).  When he got around to sharing his own personal motivations, instead of telling him to shut up or he would crack his head open (literally),  I had to roll my eyes.  Relief came when Sylar drove away, leaving the kid there, but that was unfortunately short-lived as he damn well came back.  I don’t know why he had to take him.  Luke’s uselfullness has come to an end and Sylar leaving him alive proves he’s only mostly evil, but instead he takes him.  Luckily, the shot of Zack  walking with the kid draped  over one shoulder while carrying a bloody Dell rugged notebook in his other hand more then made up for it.

Don't mess with me, I'm a the new bad-ass.

Meanwhile, I’m loving “The Hunter”/Danko, played excellently by Zeljko Ivanek,  who should have been hired a long time ago by the series.  It was no shock to me that he would let Tracy out of her chains so she could convince Moira Kelly’s character (who hopefully will go further in this administration than on The West Wing) that humans with powers are wacko and dangerous.  For a brief second, I hoped that Danko was the mysterious “Rebel” who was sending text messages to Claire. Not because he wanted to help anyone, but instead try to trip Claire up, expose her as the uncontrollable daughter of HRG and Nathan so she can be locked up with the rest of the fugitives. Unfortunately, the fact “Rebel” has now contacted Hiro and Ando, and no way Danko is that uncool.

The last thing I loved about this episode was the very end, the Freaky Five kidnapped HRG and this is the best move they have made all series long.  I hope the show lets HRG take his rightful place with these morons, heroes, who have great potential and of course good intentions, but are the stupidest bunch of characters this side of Salem, U.S.A.

The rest of the episode was “meh”.  I really can’t stand Hiro anymore and couldn’t believe that we were listening to him whine to Ando that it should have been him to save the useless bride.  Obviously, we still have Tracy hanging around, and to have her in a giant sauna is probably some producer’s wet dream in having Ali Larter sweat it up for her entire screentime.  And while I usually adore HRG and root for him to be always a couple of cards short of a morality deck, I’m not exactly sure why he was keeping what he was doing from Mrs. HRG.  I  could see him lie to her about Claire getting involved into the crashing of a airplane, but everything he’s doing job wise? Do men never learn? Lastly, I’m not sure about this new guy in Claire’s life.  I appreciate their drive to make him geeky (I’m sure that’s just to impress me) but he honestly looks too much like Gabriel Gray.


3 thoughts on “Heroes: Hit/Miss

  1. Silly, Tripp, it’s not about Luke. My interest in Luke has nothing to do with him and everything to do with Sylar. Though I do not think he’s as annoying as West, I am sitting back and waiting for the moment when Sylar thinks the kid has outlived his usefulness and he opens that head and goes to town. Do you think I would honestly want the kid to live forever when my own Elle did not? If Elle had to die, everybody else Sylar bonds with has to die except for Peter (yes, I still hold out hope!) I laughed when he left the kid behind but I was also thrilled when he came back for him; not for his sake but for the message I feel he was sending to the baddies. Send your dudes after me and they die. ALL OF THEM. That’s hot. I intend to expand upon that in my own blog, thank you very much.

    Color me impressed and thrilled with Peter and Parkman and Mohinder nabbed HRG. Clearly this was Parkman’s doing, he’s the only one who’s shown a semblance of a brain from time to time. But what’s with Hiro getting a fax about saving Parkman while he’s in India? And what was the point of that India thing anyway? Did they learn one thing that was useful? If they did, I missed it. I’ll try to catch it on rewatch.

    Alex was kinda cute in a nerdy way. I did see a bit of Sylar look there but I didn’t mind; he’s better than West. His power is kinda boring but what can you do?

  2. I admit that Luke getting Sylar to admit he was a serial killer was funny, but I just am not interested in seeing Sylar bond with a teenage brat. It’s sad I’m starting to understand why his mom treated him the way she did.

    Yea, the wedding was stupid and I have no idea what the point of it was but that is so consistent with Hiro anyway.

    I liked Alex. His power probably can be useful for anything underwater as at this point, I think going under water would be the one thing the other heroes would be hindered by.

  3. Eh, I don’t know that he’s bonding with Luke at this point. I don’t think he likes him, I think right now he’s just interested in what he knows and what he’s hiding from him. Plus I’m betting on the sibling angle and I’m betting that Sylar has thought of that possibility as well. Luke’s only around for as long as Sylar needs him so I’m not too worried about it. Sylar actually liked Elle and look where that got her? Unless he decides not to kill him because they’re related, that kid is not long for the world.

    I guess the point of the wedding was to show Hiro that he could be a hero without a power. But that’s just stupid, why send him all the way to break up some random Indian wedding for that? I don’t think any of those people were powered so it was stupid. They should just kill Hiro off if his storyline is going to be so far removed from the rest of them.

    I liked Alex as well. I just think his power is boring. And why stay with Claire, why doesn’t he just go swim in the ocean til he’s hungry? haha I’m sure he’ll have to use his power at some point, it seems like he may be staying around. Perhaps if they put the heroes on an island when they’re captured, he can swim and get help or some thing. I dunno. Aquaman just never appealed to me!

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